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  1. I mostly just tried to woo girls in my extended group of friends through most of high school, so there weren't a lot of dates. First was at age 17 with Traci, who came to be known as my High School Girlfriend. She was more or less one of these friends, and we'd kind of been circling each other for a little while, running in the same circle and gradually spending more and more time together. For the date, I took her to a park downtown that was having an open-air screening of Casablanca. We then went for coffee and dessert and were, on our way into the coffeeshop, serenaded by two homeless guys sharing a guitar and playing assorted love standards. I bought our drinks with a $10 and gave one of the guys the change since he was, in a slightly alcohol-soured homeless way, helping me get my mack on. We went to the beach after that and then walked down the shoreline together for an hour or so before I brought her home.


    Somehow, despite hitting it off instantly and being more or less inseparable for the duration of high school, we never slept together. I guess it was high school nervousness, deep-seated Catholicism, and the fact that neither of us had any significant sexual experience up to that point. Some remarkable hand jobs, though, which seemed so very cool back then. I see her every year or so with several other friends when I head home for the holidays. She studies rare bugs now!

  2. Chris Canty is a Giant, at $42 million over 6 years. At that kind of money, they're probably going to start him at DT, even if his build is more of pass-rusher than an interior run-stuffer. He'd definitely be one of the most athletic and agile DTs in the league in that role.


    As good as Kiwanuka was at the end spot last year, it's probably time to get him back to LB as long as Tuck and Umeniyora are healthy.

  3. This will make my wife sad, as they were her favorite band. They've got some decent stuff, but I haven't cared for most of there recent music, so I agree with the Jay Sherman comment. And Page is kind of a fuckhead anyway, so I think they'll be better off without him.

    My sister will be heartbroken. This has been her favorite band since "One Week" was a hit.


  4. The ridiculous amount of slow-mo should have been expected considering it seemed like 300 was in slow-mo 30% of the time.


    Well, that's Zack Snyder for you. Slooooowwww FAST Slooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww FASTSLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...

    He didn't do much of it in the Dawn of the Dead remake, and it looks like that'll remain the best thing he's made.

  5. Filed under "bizarre": The Thunder have rescinded the trade for Tyson Chandler after he failed a physical. Must have been something major or some very weird buyer's remorse, given that they seemed to be getting the much better end of that deal.

  6. I think the criticism re: no 5-star for TVOTR was meant as more a general example; newly released music does not get 5-star ratings on allmusic, period. I think it's helpful to give an album a bit of time, but you don't need to wait 5 years to decide if something's great.


    For that reason, I don't put much stock in the scores on reviews, since they tend to skew either towards laudatory ejaculations or conservative wait-and-see. It appears painfully hard to write reviews for interesting things that fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. I don't really look for star ratings; to answer your first question, I'm most interested in a combination of the second and third choices you gave. If I'm reading a review, it's cause I want an understanding of what the album's like, an idea of what songs stand out or are particularly representative, and, if possible, some good writing in general.

  7. I dunno about crazy. Taylor's a good runner who's getting up there and can still contribute, but I don't think you pay an aging committee RB $6 million. That's just too much for a guy only going to touch the ball 150-200 times in a season. Even though no Jacksonville RB besides Taylor or Jones-Drew made a significant contribution last year, Taylor's highly replaceable at that salary, either through the draft or through the acquisition of some journeyman RB types.

  8. It'd be particularly awful given how inconsistent celebration calls are now. The first time a guy gets a flag after he high-steps to break a shoestring tackle at the 10 and then finishes it all the way to the endzone, or dives to reach the endzone in a similar situation, it'd be dead. If the rule ever happens (and I don't think it will), it'll be gone the next offseason.

  9. I generally agree. The sidekick dynamic is a huge pain; the AI for your partner does not seem to be very good and having to constantly protect her (way to get yourself chainsawed and end my game, lady) turns the gameplay into something I don't think it's supposed to be. No tension, and loose, sluggish controls that are similar to but feel like a step back from RE4.

  10. Shooting supplementary material after episodes have already been filmed and finished yields some interesting results, such as Jack neglecting to mention at any point in 7 hours that he was previously in Sangala and actually saved a bunch of kids from these warlord d-bags. You'd think they could have afforded one day of reshoots.