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  1. The Kelly Clarkson song is pretty catchy, but I think it sounds way too much like Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" to achieve that perfect-pop "Since U Been Gone" glory. Programming a drum machine fill at a climactic moment (3:01, I think) was a weird choice.


    Having gone through the Animal Collective album another couple of times, it's not sticking with me much. "In the Flowers" and "My Girls" are tremendous but I don't know if the album catches back up with those for the next 45 minutes. It's either a long-term grower or by far the least impressive of their albums.

  2. I actually haven't listened to one of their albums since I turned 25, either. I don't think I'd outright dismiss them though. Check Your Head was always my favorite, and one I loved from probably 10th grade forward; "The Blue Nun" has found its way onto many a mix disc as either a transitional piece or a completely confusing opener (I thought that using it to lead into M83's "Don't Save Us From The Flames" was particularly jarring). I have never once listened to anything on To the Five Boroughs except the first single.

  3. How long do songs stay in your "Recently Added" playlist on iTunes for? I have almost 200 songs in mine.

    It's a smart playlist. You can change the conditions by right-clicking on the playlist, but I think the default is something like 2 weeks.

  4. 3 - My understanding of what he was saying was that they should just call it a 26 billion stimulus package and worry about the other 799 billion later instead of lumping it all together for the next 10 years and calling it a 825 billion stimulus package when the bulk of the stimulus isn't happening for at least a couple years. After all the talk of this being what was needed to fix things and it comes out as only being 26 billion for this year, it seems very much like the Obama administration isn't showing much confidence in the ability of the 26 billion to do anything if they need to spend over twice as much in 10 years for economic stimulation as they are this year. If they were really trying to accomplish something that would have a positive impact on the economy in a timely matter you would think there would be more money going to stimulate the economy now, not 10 years from now.

    You misunderstand, as do most of the people reciting that talking point, Glenn Beck included. That's why it's called a talking point and not a "research/reading the news" point. The Congressional Budget Office figure you're citing only accounted for something like $300 billion of the stimulus funds, first off. Secondly, the real impact of something like this isn't based on the actual cash spent, but on the contracts awarded for it. The contracts provide long-term assurances to banks/contractors/whomever the stimulus is meant to support, based on government contractual authority, which allows for improved financing and (I believe) significantly less agony over credit. The value of the contracts as budgeted will likely account for most of the stimulus, although the actual cash distribution will be done over time. Peter Orszag, the director of the Budget and Management offices, thinks 75% of the funds will be spent within the first 18 months.


    This is my very novice understanding of it, but it seems pretty sound; if you amortize funds, even over a relatively brief term like 3 years, then you somewhat artificially ensure that the industries being supported will have that support through the life of their contracts with gradual adjustments. Throw it out there in one big pile, and who knows how (and how effectively) it'll be used.

  5. Also, a national sales tax would be great, but I imagine at some point one will be instituted even though you'll still have taxes taken out of your paycheck. Most states do it that way and its just a matter of time before the federal government goes down that road too.

    What exactly do you mean "most states do it that way"? Only 7 states don't levy income tax, if that's what you're suggesting.


    I'm not entirely sure I see a reason for a national sales tax either, given that government expenditures in largely populated or heavily urban states are likely to be significantly higher than in, say, Wyoming. I assume you'd also want to eliminate the ability for cities/counties to charge supplementary taxes based on their own expenditures, which is how big cities like New York City can properly account for their state tax burden versus that of Utica. While a standardized national sales tax might be convenient or easy to remember, it probably wouldn't be very efficient.

  6. Pulp

    Also, what's everyone's opinion re: best song on Different Class?

    They're all awesome, but yeah, hard to deny "Disco 2000." That's one of my favorite songs, period. I think "Underwear" is actually #2 for me. SomeBAHDDY else's room!

  7. Pulp

    A pair of my favorites (the second is just the song, the first a great live performance):



    Jarvis is pretty much the pinnacle of the performative and dramatic frontman, pulling it all off without becoming a parody. Someday I'll lose 40 pounds and be him for Halloween.

  8. I use to feel that way too--too cutesy, too whimsical--but they're one of my favorite bands now. My progression was: hear Sung Tongs, think it's okay but eh, get into Feels towards the end of college, start putting "Turn Into Something" at the end of several mix discs, go back to Sung Tongs and suddenly love it, get Strawberry Jam and listen to "Peacebone" and "Fireworks" like 40 times each in a week, and then go see them live, where they put on a pretty astonishing almost 2-hour show. They've definitely become one of my go-to "it's Saturday afternoon and I'm doing absolutely nothing" listens.

  9. In no particular order...For some reason, the desert island disc I made a week ago is a bit different from this one. And its not all based on my tastes changing rapidly.


    David Bowie- Station to Station ( I know coked up, blue eyed soul period Bowie isn't very popular on here but it's my favorite era of his)

    I'm not sure I'd say that. That album rules. Yeah, I think conventional wisdom gives Low, Hunky Dory, Ziggy, and maybe Scary Monsters more standing in his catalog, but you can't go wrong with IT'S NOT THE SIDE EFFECTS OF THE COCAINE I'M THINKIN THAT IT MUST BE LOVE.

  10. I'm giving it a first listen as well, and finding the whole album to be ridiculously dense. A little frustrated that all the tracks seem to be about the same tempo--that they roll together so easily adds to the overwhelming feel of it all. One other weird thing for me is that I remember the entire first half of the album from when I saw them live a year and a half ago; the arrangements have changed some, but it was kind of surprising to have consistent moments of recognition for 25 minutes or so. On the plus side so far, I too love "My Girls," and "Bluish" is awfully pretty.