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  1. I feel worst for the Palestinians who didn't vote for Hamas. Like, I would have been pissed if McCain had won our election, but ouch.


    The whole thing's a mess and I have no sympathy for Hamas, but as Czech and Byron have pointed out, this form of retaliation is going to be completely ineffective unless you actually want every person in Gaza dead, which is a pretty awful solution grounded almost completely in rather bankrupt nationalism.

  2. Titans, Steelers, Giants, Cardinals. The one thing that hurt the Cardinals when they played @ CAR earlier this year was the complete absence of a running game. With James finding his legs again, I think they pull the hilarious upset.


    The pick I'm most confident in is the Giants. Eagles played them tough both games and won in week 14, but the week off to gameplan and rest will be a big help. Giants get up 14-0 early on the run game, and end up holding on something like 27-20. As for the AFC, I think the Chargers are going to get rolled and the Titans have one good playoff game in them. Would not be surprised to see the Ravens eke it out since their defense has been getting better all year (Jim Leonhard and Ed Reed have played nastier every game down the stretch) while Tennessee's has seemingly been wearing down at the same time. I was surprised to see that the Titans didn't sack Flacco at all in the first game, but I think they're going to hit him a lot more this time around and cause a couple of mistakes.

  3. I can't believe you got through the fire ant mission at that low level. Pretty sweet. You'll pick up more caps quickly as you start to go through the story missions and pick up a bunch of loot, and if you have decent speech skills you can talk some people into giving you more money than the default for the quest (for example, either Mr. Burke or the Sheriff in Megaton will give you 500 caps instead of 100 to do the bomb-related quest, if you pass the speech check). Otherwise, loot and sell everything you find that you don't need.

  4. 1. The Naughty Nightwear can be given to another character later in the game for some caps. It's just a goofy sidequest thing, mostly, though the +10 to speech is nice. I personally like wearing it around at higher levels and wasting raiders while I'm in my undies. It looks exceptionally funny when you use, say, a flamethrower in VATS.


    2. Is it that your long range aim is bad with missile launchers or the minigun? Those are probably the only "big guns" you have at the moment; all the two-handed rifles in the game (Hunting, Sniper, any unique variants) are considered small guns.


    3. As far as I can tell, killing the Overseer during your escape changes some things about a sidequest you can get later in the game. It doesn't keep you from doing the quest completely, though.

  5. Well, I'd also expect a Kraft family member to either 1) provide me with a healthy dose of cheese singles, or 2) be a little less than forthcoming about the status of the team's most important player heading into the offseason.

  6. Have no fear, Byron. You can do fine in the game with pretty much any character, as long as you don't gimp your intelligence stats (since they give you more skill points at each level). And there aren't any soft-skinned 15-year-old heroes either, so that should be a nice change of pace.

  7. 27-7 Philly. I know Jerry Jones said Wade Phillips is safe, but shit I'm feeling a coaching change in Dallas like at halftime.

    Phillips will probably be gone since Jones and the rest of management can't seem to acknowledge their own disastrous personnel decisions, both short-term and long-term. From 8-4 to 9-7 is pretty lousy, though. Maybe Jason Garrett finally gets the job.

  8. THIS GUY IS GOING TO THE FUCKING PRO BOWL. ARGH. Are there that many bad quarterbacks in the AFC??

    No, but the fan who vote still love their Brett. I mean, Rivers didn't make it, Favre did. That just about sums up the merits of the Pro Bowl as well as any example can.


    I guess the fact that the two playoff-critical games appear to be pretty sloppy and sucky means it's not that bad that I'm stuck watching Washington/San Francisco. Two awful tastes that taste great together.

  9. Tampa Bay and Dallas both lost. If we win, we'll be in, no matter what Atlanta does.

    Not exactly. If they beat the Redskins, Philly could still finish 9-6-1 with a Week 17 loss to the Cowboys, and Dallas, Chicago, and up to 2 of Minnesota, Tampa, and Atlanta can all still finish 10-6.