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    Hillary Duff Vs Amanda Bynes

    Well, I see it this way. She's what, 16 now? She'll do movies and such for another 5 years or so, and then fade from the spotlight. She'll get married, raise a family, etc. during her time off, and then decide she wants to get back into show business. She'll get some crappy sitcom or something, and, in order to raise interest in it, she'll pose nude. Of course, no one will actually watch the show, since she won't be naked on that, and it will last all of 1 month. In the YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR 2000...
  2. treble

    Hillary Duff Vs Amanda Bynes

    I have a feeling Duff will have to resort to posing for Playboy in 15 years or so in order to revive her career.
  3. treble


    You don't need electricity to watch TV, do you?
  4. treble

    Best Match 8/13

    There really wasn't a bad match, so the main event was the best of a good bunch.
  5. treble

    My Blackout Story

    Well, I did sweat a lot, but I think I'll be ok.
  6. treble

    My Blackout Story

    My story: I was sitting at my computer, and the power went out. I sat around for a while, ate, went outside, talked with neighbours, and looked at the stars. Then, the power came back on and I went inside and watched TV coverage of the blackout. What a harrowing 6 hours.
  7. treble

    Power outages reported in Northeast

    We were out for about 6 hours (probably a little less, actually), and we got our power back about an hour and a half ago. It was weird, since it went out for about 5 seconds or so, came back on for a few seconds, then cut back out again.
  8. treble

    Conan Tonight

    As much as I love Conan, I HATE the 'talking lips' things, for the most part. Most of the time they're boring and take up way too much time. Especially last night, I mean, you have Andy Richter RIGHT THERE. Do something with him, like taking the desk for a drive, or a staring contest, ANYTHING. The rest of the show was really good, though.
  9. treble

    Who will win

    I've said it before, but if the Marlins make the playoffs, life is not fair.
  10. treble

    Who will win

    Well, I'm still hoping for the Expos (so I won't be voting in the poll), but their horrible road record is hurting them. I'll be happy, though, if anyone but Florida wins it, but I'll probably be pulling for either the Phillies or the Cubs.
  11. treble

    Ted Williams' Body Decapitated

    This all sounds like some bad sci-fi movie. That being said, it's very entertaining. How the hell has it been 'accidently cracked' 10 times? Do they take it out bowling, or something?
  12. treble

    Staying in on a Friday night

    Yes, we sure have.
  13. Yeah, I've already set the wheels in motion for a London heel turn. Dragon's in Japan for all of July, and since I've just started June, I think I'll have the feud start in the next few weeks, with London beating Dragon and doing an injury angle and then have London cut promos on him all through the month. I think I'm going to create a new belt for them to fight over, too.
  14. treble

    Staying in on a Friday night

    *feels better about himself*
  15. Ok, I have a weird situation and I was wondering if anyone else has had this occur: In my fed, I have American Dragon and Paul London as a tag team. They have great chemistry together and have had ****+ matches with every tag team in my company. Dragon's overness is at 90 and his morale is at 100. London is at 88 over and has his morale at 88 over. They've been tag champs together, yet somehow, when I look at their relationships screen, they hate each other, which has only developed in the past few months.