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  1. treble

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    I see all the Dutch fans dressed in orange for today's game in Miami.
  2. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    2B Joe Morgan
  3. treble

    The Office Season 5

    "I keep secrets from my computer." "I'm going to ask you something, and I want you to be completely honest with me: What is a pallet?" "It's not my fault you bought a house to impress Pam. That's what Carnations are for" "Apology rejected!" "There's no movie called Willy Wonka, it's Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" "It's actually based on a book called Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" "I can't vouch for that" So yeah, I thought this was a pretty good episode.
  4. treble

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Derek Jeter just broke poor Rick Sutcliffe's heart.
  5. treble

    Hockey Awesome Poll Fun Poll

    I don't think the standings are confusing now. I can see why people could want just wins and losses, but hockey's never had that. I also don't mind having regulation wins as a tie-breaker, but they don't need to put that in the standings anywhere.
  6. treble

    Al's All Time MLB Mock Draft

    I'll take 8:20 PM.
  7. treble

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Barely an actual network. And using Jamie Campbell over the MLB Network feed for the Canadian games was dumb. I recorded and watched some of the Canada/US game, and you can barely hear the crowd noise. It sounded like they were calling the game over the phone.
  8. treble

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Perkins was probably the worst choice to start that game.
  9. treble

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    That was really fun. I didn't expect to get that caught up in it and some of it got over the top (the 'MVP' chants for Morneau, mostly), but still, most fun I've had at a baseball game. It was also the first time I've sat in the 500s there (and I was WAY up there, like 2 rows from the top), but behind home plate is a really good view.
  10. treble

    NHL Discussion

    Martin Gerber is the new J.S. Aubin.
  11. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    SP Dustin McGowan I'll stick him on my DL for (hopefully) a little while and I'm done drafting.
  12. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    RP Scott Downs
  13. treble

    NHL Discussion

    I trust him more than any other healthy goalie they have right now.
  14. treble

    NHL Discussion

    Yeah, the Leafs just basically took on Kolzig's salary so they could get another draft pick. Is he even going to play again this year (or ever)? I'm still not really sure why the Leafs picked up Gerber. I know that Toskala's out, but just throw Pogge in there and give Joseph a start once and a while.
  15. Never been anywhere besides Canada and the US. Provinces: Ontario, Quebec, BC States: New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine I've also been in Alberta (never left the Calgary airport) and New Jersey (just driving through). There are some shitty places in Quebec and the traffic in PA is horrendous. New Jersey looked like a dump through the windshield.
  16. treble

    24 -- Season 7

    I liked the huge drawing of the White House. 'This is what it looks like from the front lawn.'
  17. treble

    Developing an MLB Mock Draft

    Yeah, sounds like a good idea.
  18. treble

    Spring Training 2009

    And this makes no sense, since they'd have to clear payroll in order to get it done, which means trading Rolen and/or Overbay to anyone who's willing to take on as much salary as possible. Also, they'd have to give up their first round pick. All this for the slight upgrade at SS from Scutaro to Cabrera and the right for the White Sox to have another first rounder. I don't think a Millar/Hill/Bautsita/Cabrera infield is any better than a Overbay/Hill/Rolen/Scutaro one.
  19. treble

    NHL Thread

    I'll never get tired of Daniel Alfredsson getting booed in Ottawa when the Leafs play there. I noticed tonight that there were a lot less Sens fans trying to drown them out with cheers, though.
  20. treble

    30 Rock

    He probably thought it was a real interview.
  21. treble

    NHL Thread

    Luke Richardson Night? Who's next, Rob Zamuner?
  22. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    SP Kenshin Kawakami
  23. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Just mad you didn't notice him 3 rounds ago.