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    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Maybe we should have a rule where you only have an hour to fix your pick before the draft moves on.
  2. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Did you really think there'd be almost 40 players taken already before Johan Santana?
  3. treble

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Howie Morenz is dead?
  4. In Canada, Showcase used to show different movies almost every night (a lot of them European), but at least ones that you normally wouldn't see on other stations. About a year and a half ago, there was a big shake-up with a bunch of companies being bought out (CTV buying Chum being the big one) and Canwest took over Showcase and I guess they wanted to get rid of the more risqué programming, so every night's programming is now re-runs of shows like House, CSI, CSI: Miami, and Numb3rs. The worst is Saturdays, though, which are now 'Blockbuster' nights. Last week was an Adam Sandler double-bill (Click and Spanglish), but it seems like every 2 weeks they're showing The Island. They also seem to show Scary Movie 4 a lot. Even worse, though, are the commercials for the blockbuster movies have some actual good ones in there (stuff like the Departed, Spider-man 2, and Collateral), but those are never the ones they seem to show.
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    Shit, you're right.
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    How did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the island if Rousseau and crew are way out in the water?
  7. treble

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...8&fext=.jsp That's about the best (only) Blue Jays' news there's been this off-season.
  8. treble

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Willy Aybar?
  9. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Aramis Ramirez
  10. treble

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Rule's fine with me.
  11. treble


    Did anyone watch this in 3D tonight? I didn't have any glasses, so it was just distracting, but it was still a pretty good episode. They gave Tony Hale like 2 lines, and they were the best part of the show. First off, dropping the Arrested Development reference ("NO TOUCHING!") and then 'splashing myself silly'.
  12. treble

    NHL - January 2009

    Outdoor game discussion can go here.
  13. treble

    NHL - January 2009

    For one day, they were the Montreal Maple Leafs.
  14. treble

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Taken was pretty good, but Maggie Grace isn't believable as a 17-year old.
  15. treble

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    Have you ever been here?
  16. treble


    The last 15 minutes or so were awesome, but it was kind of slow up to that. Loved Locke inviting Richard to come see him when he's born.
  17. treble

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    You live in Thunder Bay. I'd consider expanding the triangle to include Brockville, which IIRC treble lives I wouldn't.
  18. treble

    VH1 Trash TV Compendium

    Her dad was one of OJ's lawyers. And her step-dad is Bruce Jenner.
  19. treble

    ROH On HDNet

    I hope they'll still have time to show all their Rick Springfield and Poison concerts.
  20. treble

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    The only real similarity it has with Miller Park is the windows in the outfield. The roof is completely different (not that that really matters once you're inside). It looks completely different on the outside than most parks, although the trend seems to be moving towards building baseball parks that look like hospitals from the outside (see Washington). I'd say it has the most in common with Minute Maid Park in terms of the roof and what it looks like on the inside (it'd be nice if you could see anything in left field, though). I do agree with you, though. It's funny to me that Rogers Centre is pretty soon going to be the most unique stadium in the majors.
  21. treble

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    Blue Jays I want to say Roy Halladay, because I love him, but I can't see it right now. Hopefully he's still good for another decade or so. As for anyone else, I guess they have some young players who have a lot of potential, but none that you could put anywhere near any kind of discussion like this. Maple Leafs Uh, maybe Curtis Joseph.
  22. treble

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    It'd be nice if they had some inside views. Best I can tell is it looks like Houston, Milwaukee, and Seattle all smushed into one.
  23. treble

    24 -- Season 7

    Trudeau lives!
  24. treble

    30 Rock

    Never badmouth synergy.
  25. treble

    The Pit comments on TSM's misogyny

    Well, generally, the people who hate on TSM the most over there are the people who post in the CE folder there, and that's who people are ripping on here.