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    The SWF Awards Show

    I see no reason to change the system, and I liked how it went last year, so by all means, go right ahead with the status quo (Y) -Annie
  2. AnnieEclectic

    Storm Comments.

    Hmm, temporary suspension. Well, can't argue really. Comp went down night of the card, I'd normally bitch and moan about fate fucking me over, but really this was my fault. I had my fans secured by trash bag twist ties, which gave way sending the fan airborne and causing still unknown damage. Replaced video card and hard drive later, and I'm semi-back. Sorry for the fuck-up Judge, I know you wanted to see me in there for your finish. I'm more than a little pissed that I dropped the ball on a -second- chance to force myself upon the main event. -Annie
  3. AnnieEclectic

    Storm Predictions.

    This may be the first time in my life that I've been unilaterally picked to win a match. Wow. My loss to Craven had to do with time constraints, something I won't have to deal with tomorrow since I have the day off. Sorry XCalibur, you're about to get full-Annie-beatdown action. Bring your best :-D Having said that, of course, you all know he'll bounce me out. -Annie EDIT: I'm not fighting Rando, what the hell is wrong with me?
  4. AnnieEclectic

    Lockdown Comments

    Wow, I was scared, scared for my career here... First off, Congrats to the two main upsets (in my mind): Quiz and Apostle. Congratulations, and here's hoping you go far. Congrats to Craven, meaning the world gets ANNIE-CRAVEN IX. NINE. We've fought eight times already. Here we go again. Muzzums with the winzzumz or something. (Y) and yay! Winners bracket! -Annie
  5. AnnieEclectic

    Lockdown Comments

    Hmm... well just to defend the Fig-4 spot... well, it was the turning point in the match. That's actually the spot that forces Annie to go from speedster to technical. I built it as a major spot only because I basically needed to justify Annie going away from Beezel's former high flying antics as I wanted to go away from it a bit v. Judge. Having said that, may I say you're SPOT ON with my commentary. It's easily my weakest point, and with the new team I have no fucking clue how to write Comet. Not a clue. I wanted to avoid being too "JUSTICE~! GOOD PREVAILS~!" and had no real idea how to do it. So I screwed him over and made him Mark. Sorry. -Annie
  6. AnnieEclectic

    SWF Smarkdown Card!!

    due to Atlas' suspension, Crow gets a bye in the loser's bracket, and Atlas is eliminated. -Annie 'is suddenly helpful' E
  7. AnnieEclectic

    Who Will Win It All...

    Wow, Annie/Judge was a random call? Yay for randomness! -Annie
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Genesis Tournament Brackets

    bwa ha ha... Beezel. Well, I marked heavy for IL just now, hopefully this causes a run and recognition for a WF run. -Annie p.s. I either get Craven or IL next round. Hmmm. JL PRIDE~!
  9. AnnieEclectic

    Two Dollars for That?!

    Might I also note that I fail Ordinary World on light. For some reason the faster and harder the song is the better I am at it. Same with Samba de Amigo, took me forever to get past the early challenge stages but blew through the rest... I'm weird. -Annie
  10. AnnieEclectic

    Two Dollars for That?!

    might I re-iterate my Triple-A on era Nostalmix? On Hard? That's right. -Annie
  11. AnnieEclectic

    FBF - Highway To Hell

    Stakes At Dawn Match The Vampire Lestat Vs. Angel Lestat to prove that he's still top dog after all these years. OOOOOOOHHHHH still top dog after all these years. *bows* thank you. Psycho Match Michael Myers Vs. Norman Bates Myers via DQ due to Bates' mother getting involved... 10 Person Tag Match The Adams Family Vs. The Munsters Morticia is fucking sexy. Addams with the win. Loser gets Eaten Match Dr. Hannibal Lecter Vs. Buffalo Bill I predict this will turn into the most gruesome lumberjack match ever when the Donner Party circles ringside. Evil Dead Gauntlet Match Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Ash is gonna eat them alive. You know... if they were alive. Marital Strife Hell In A Cell Tornado Tag Match Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein Vs. Frankenstein and the Bride of Dracula Franky has HOSS power and the Bride of Dracula has the same description as Moriticia. F-BoD with the win. MAIN EVENT #1 2 Out of Three Falls Hammer Horror Deathmatch Peter Cushing Vs. Christopher Lee Hmm, which one of these two played Dr. Who in their career? Cushing? Tardis from nowhere to crush Lee for the win. MAIN EVENT #2 Fans Bring The Weapons Match Freddy Kruger Vs. Jason Voorhees Special Guest Referee - Pinhead This becomes a dud as instead of fighting each other, they read poetry and comment as to the beauty of nature's most delicate flower: the Daffodil. -Annie
  12. AnnieEclectic

    Lockdown Predictions

    Michael Craven vs. ??? -Unless ?-man is a top-tier worker from long ago, I'd be hard pressed to go against Craven. So I won't. "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell vs. Xcalibur -At the very least this is who has the least ring rust. Ergo, Sacred wins. Nathaniel Kibagami vs. English Dragon -Kibs is a rough call, he's a coin flip to show at any time. Somehow I see at least one JL upset in this tourney, and I'll call it here. Not that I'm betting against Kibs' writing skill, but his ability to write anything at all. Jay Dawg vs. "The Sinner" John Duran -Take what I said about Kibs, put it here, but I see JD showing more than Kibs. I don't know why. JD to win. Crow vs. Apostle -Hmmm. Crow, because he likes anal. That's gotta say something for vitality. Quiz vs. Mak Francis -Come on, like I'm giong against a stablemate. Back the Mak, per usual. Danny Williams vs. Viktor Tarankov -The commie is SO dead here. Not that he's not talented, but it's Danny. Rough guy to get in your WF debut of sorts. Dante Crane vs. Stryke -See Kibs and JD here. Dante with the win. Dace Night vs. Ejiro Fasaki -oooh, close call here, but I have to go with F-U Fasaki. CIA vs. Spike -Hmm, CIA to defend his stablemate's loss :-D Show vs. Aecas -Well, Quiz loses, but Show represents the team in the winner's bracket. Judge Mental vs. Annie Eclectic -Match. Of. The. Night. That's my only prediction -Annie
  13. AnnieEclectic

    -->Stats Thread!<--

    Here we go again! Name : Annie Eclectic Wrestler : Ann(ie) Onita Nicknames : Ichiban, Number One, Hardcore Queen Hometown : Tokyo, Japan Age : 23 Status : Face Height : 5' 6" Ring Escort: Allison Onita (yes, her twin sister) Weight : 175 lbs. (more muscular, but not near Chyna. She's cute dammit.) Weapon : Kendo Sword (Singapore Cane) Looks: Long black hair frames the pretty face of Ann Onita, now going by her birth name in the federation. She wears a Powder Blue suit, black button-up blouse and powder blue tie, matching powder blue fedora. She wears dress shoes outside of battle, but if preparing for a match or in ring she will wear similarly styled wrestling boots, to which her pant legs will go over. Her sister is dressed similarly, except wearing no hat, and her suit is dark blue w/ white pinstripes. Her hair is cut to a short bob. If a referee is green or trying to hold down a large confusing match, it may be possible for them to confuse the two... (hint hint). Entrance: As the slow intro of "Risky Gamble" by Megumi Hayashibara plays, the suit-clad Ann appears on the SmarkTron, shown sideways with her hand extended like a gun. The viewpoint rotates until the shot is dead straight with Ann's finger. The song kicks into high gear just as she 'shoots', causing a blue pyrotechnic explosion to occur on the entrance ramp. Annie walks out with cigar in hand, her sister following behind her. Ann will walk straight to the ring as Allison plays more to the crowd. Stats : Strength : 5 Speed : 5 Vitality : 7 Charisma : 3 Style: Since I write this way, might as well model the moveset like it. Annie has two plans of attacks basically dependant on her opponent. Should she fight someone she can lift, she will go for a more technical attack, while heavier opponents (Consider 250 lbs. and above 'heavy') will get her speedster side. She's not brilliant at either, but is managable at both. A Jane of all Trades, so to speak. Signature moves : -Drop Kiss (Dropkick to the mouth) -Superkick (Stepping Side Savate kick, more fast than hard, not finisher material) -Shining Wizard/Black (whichever is easier to write) -Handspring Elbow to the Corner -Lionsault -Death Valley/Spicolli Driver (more likely in a hardcore match than a regular one) -Snap or Stalling Suplex -German Suplex -Millenium Suplex (Crossface Chickenwing Suplex, if she's worked the arm or back she can FLIP~! this into a Triple C) Common Moves: -Knee Strike to the Face (Usually by holding the back of the head and jumping up to make the attack) -Armbar Takedown -Bodyslam -Moonsault -Spinning Neckbreaker -Flying Cross Body (off ropes) -Flying Forearm (off ropes) -Any DDT variant -Springboard Dropkick -Hard, hard kicks. Lots of them, Annie is a former martial artist and loves to kick. Rare Moves: -Somersault Leg Drop Through a Table: only in hardcore/no DQ matches. -Annie T: Simple maneuver, setup like a normal DDT, but Annie lifts at the belt/tights/whatever to lift them up, hopefully into an angle where the body is higher than the head, then drives down in a DDT. Kinda a DDT/Brainbuster mix. Hurts, but it's more of a stun move, so if a pin is not somewhat immediately done, good chance of a kickout. -Splashdown: (Not possible if opponenet is above 280. Either catches a person running and lifts them onto her shoulder or lifts them from a standing position. As soon as they're up she immediately sits backwards while grabbing the opponent's torso and pushing them away slightly. She then grabs the head in midair and braces it against her shoulder before impact. Heavier opponents might end up with their neck on her shoulder, making it a lot worse upon impact. Can be used as a finisher to opponents with vitality less than or equal to 5) Incredibly Rare Move : -"No Fucking Way": Usually set up with a tag partner having an opponent on their shoulders, with their back to the corner. Ann goes up to the top rope, faces out of the ring, then backflips, grabbing the opponent's head in mid air, then dropping a vicious DDT with her momentum. This... is INCREDIBLY hard to pull off... please, ask me before writing this in, I dont even know if *I* will ever use it.... Finishers: For lighter foes - -Hollowpoint Driver (credit for name goes to Tom and Z for each respective word in order) This is Annie's revenge/grudge finisher. Setup like a Tombstone, but Annie lifts her victim by the belt lifting them up until both fighters form a 90 degree angle with the vertex being at Annie's head and her opponent's... well crotch. Annie then sits out, driving their unprotected head and body face first into the mat. In a Hardcore/No DQ match, will have opponent's head land on a weapon or the steel steps on the outside. If you're going to kickout, please have a high vitality (7+). The hardcore version should be even harder to kick out of, obviously. For heavier foes - -Daybreak Pedigree. Mastered from her first SWF lover, Sydney Sky. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on the head of her opponent. For anyone - -Crossface Chickenwing Clutch [or "Triple C"] Crossface chickenwing on ground on opponents back. When locked in properly, will arch back to create camel-clutch like pressure on neck, shoulders, and lower back. Possible to wriggle out of before lock is cinched in, but you have to be incredibly strong [7 or higher] to lift yourself up with your remaining arm to try to break it. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on her opponent's shoulder or back. -Annie
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    SWF Ground Zero Gambling Thread!

    Thank you Johnny, for keeping me from last place. You rock man, you ROCK~! -Annie
  15. AnnieEclectic

    Storm Comments.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, freedom. Thank you Spike, for getting my parts done just how I wanted them. I'm a little curious what the end of your promo meant, but I'm sure we'll find out in time. Using all our moves was perfect and was basically what I wrote only half as long. Stupid work. I'm curious now, just to see how many people didn't know it was me and who people thought it was. Heh. I gotta read more that I'm back from yard saling. Stupid people and not having games. -Annie
  16. Time: August 14th, 11:34 P.M. Mountain Standard Time Location: Sitting on an amplifier crate outside of the Metrapark Arena in Billings, Montana. Current Action: Glumly puffing on a Frost Brand Cigar. I gotta stop smoking these fuckers Annie Eclectic sits by herself but she's not alone. Ring boys carry equipment and other essential gear out of the Metrapark Arena into a half a dozen 18-wheelers parked in the parking lot. A few of the wrestlers help too, mainly ones just breaking into the JL. The last crop from the Bases Loaded Training Center that they'll ever see. Bullshit. Loads of it. One act of personal anger sends ripples touching even these guys. Le Sigh. Almost all the fans are gone, save for a few JL diehards wanting to get autographs of up and coming wrestlers. Diehard fans are a commodity these days, especially for the JL. At least you hope they're diehards and not eBay fanatics hoping to get 'rookie' memorabilia. Double Sigh. Time passes. More gear gets loaded onto the trucks. Only traces of the SJL are left inside the arena. Annie's flicks her cigar BUTT away and lights another one. I really gotta quit smoking these fuckers. Footsteps. Thirty feet behind her, a bit off to the right. She can hear the person coming easily thanks to her upbringing as a child with the Clan. Male, six foot tall, gangly with a bit of weight around the waist. More time spent helping the crew and coming up with matches will do that to you. "Hey yo, Zenon," says Annie, not the least bit surprised. Alex Zenon stops ten steps behind the woman, not the least bit surprised she knew he was coming. It was almost becoming routine. "That predictable, am I?" asks Alex. "That and your feet clomp on the pavement like a horse. If you're going to sneak up on someone, try to be a little more subtle," notes Annie, taking another drag from her cigar. "Fair enough, can I take a seat?" "Sure, and the answer is still up in the air." Zenon chuckles as he drags over another speaker case to sit on next to Eclectic. "I still think it would be a good idea. Judge and Ejiro proved that you can work in the WF and still announce with the JL. It's been a long time, Annie. Haven't those ribs healed yet?" "They have, somewhat," replies Annie, "I still don't think the world is ready for me. You know me Alex, I wouldn't be happy until I made it to the very very top no matter how much time it took. I don't know if the WFCC is ready to let a woman fight for the World Title. Hell, I don't know if the fans are." "You might be surprised," says Zenon sagely. "That's another thing. Assuming King doesn't pull another piece of bullshit and find a way to block me, and assuming that the fans don't take a crap on me... can I hold out? My body has been put through a LOT of shit. It would take time for me to prove myself to be high calibur. I don't want to start something I can't finish." Annie takes another drag, flicking the ash to the pavement and noting that the cigar is already halfway gone. "How much time do you think you'd have?" asks Alex. "A year, maybe eighteen months." "That's all? You were only in the fed a year!" "I took a lot of shit, I told you." Zenon solemnly nods. Annie watches the smoke floating into the air, her mind drifting... until Z snatches the cigar out of her hand. "HEY!" screams Annie. "First off, stop smoking these things regardless of what you do," says Alex, "They're fucking disgusting. Secondly, stop with the self pity bull and do what you know you want to do. I hear you talk about how you could beat this guy, or you could beat that guy, if you hadn't gotten injured you might be where Strangler is. So what if you think you're career is half over, if you don't work the other half you don't know what you can do." "Z, it's not that easy," whinges Annie. "Yes, yes it is. Yeah, so King is a prick and he might try to block you. Do you really think he can avoid a lawsuit if it comes down to it?" asks Zenon, rising out of his seat, "You think the fans will crap on a woman fighting for real? They didn't seem to think so when you won Hardcore, or United States, or Light Heavyweight. You think your body doesn't have enough left? I see you work out and out-do most of the JL guys when it comes to endurance. I know you want to fight, and I can't see any reason why you aren't!" "The timing's just not right..." says Annie trailing off, realizing how impotent her rebuttal is right away. "Annie, you're scared and you're too damn pigheaded to admit it. Get over it, get over yourself, and do what you love to do. Maybe win some titles, maybe make a few firsts for the league. I really, really, think that the WF wants to see your face again." With that, Alex passes the half-smoked cigar back to Annie, nods his head in salutations, and heads back to the makeshift office inside the arena. Annie turns to stare at Zenon as he leaves, contemplating the exchange that just occured. "You just don't get it, do you Z?" asks Annie. Annie looks at the cigar, noticing the total lack of burning, and curses as she fumbles for her lighter. A red glow returns to the cancer stick as smoke rises into the atmosphere. ...the WF wants to see your face again. "...Fuck. Maybe you do get it." END PROMO
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    SWF Lockdown card!

    *cracks knuckles* Awww, snap. Maybe we can finally blow off that feud we had, like, aeons ago, Judge! Ready? :-D -Annie
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    Promo: The Start of Something New

    Gee boys, don't give a girl a real ego or anything... This was a fun run, however it was about time to just let it go and 'be myself' again. And it feels good. I think I'm ready for a good trip regardless, hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. -Annie
  19. AnnieEclectic

    Crimson Comments

    Just had to chime in since I'm writing a promo, to let you all know that I read a good portion of that main event. What the fuck? And the end commentary... wow. Sorta makes you want to be a JLer again, just out of the sheer insanity you guys pull out sometimes. And I have yet to read me truly be butchered. I'm shocked! That's all, the rest of you comment away. -Annie
  20. AnnieEclectic

    Promo: The Start of Something New

    If this has anything to do with a strap-on, I'm scared already. Don't you think we scarred King enough in chat? -Annie