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    Hi guys, I'm in Japan

    It's Japan. Nobody that isn't ethnically and culturally Japanese fits in over there. that just fueled a few more inside jokes, thanks!
  2. AnnieEclectic

    Hi guys, I'm in Japan

    ... I need to be over there. Not for any specific reason other than I might fit in there. Might. Thoth, you can start laughing at me now.
  3. AnnieEclectic

    Ripper loses his job: Part...um....

    From personal viewing experience, Comcast treats their workers like gold. At least up here in NH. Great pay and crazy benefits. I tried to get in but I missed the latest hiring spree.
  4. AnnieEclectic

    Your table's ready

    Hmm. Richard Dawkins Penn Jillette James Randi Rose McGowan (for more than just looks, I want to ask what that commune in Italy was like to grow up in) Colin Baker I went intellectual for the first three picks (Oh wow, being able to soak up time with three of the more well-respected Atheist icons would be incredible), straight up lust + curiosity for the 4th, and then come on? World's best Doctor? Colin Baker. None of you bastards can convince me otherwise of that last one. Although Eccleston was close. Tall lanky mofo with a grin as wide as the London Bridge? Practically the second coming of Tom Baker right there. EDIT: crap, this is harder than I thought. I could come up with another five just as easily, but from the purely comedy writing standpoint: Dave Foley Michael Palin Teller (I've heard him talk, he does it!) Douglas Adams John Cleese I tried to not repeat groups, but c'mon. Python! If I was fluent in Japanese, I could give you a quick 5 musically, although three of them would probably be hide. hide 'geisha' era, hide LemonED era, and hide Ja, Zoo era. Then throw in Mana (for ego/looks, I don't care if he's a man and 45, he looks like a gorgeous japanese woman) aaaaaaaand... Masafumi Gotō - if only because a) he's River Cuomo's japanese twin and b) it'd be fun to hear him flip about how Visual Kei is ruining Japanese Rock's worldwide marketability and that real rock is universal... just to have Mana whisper into hide's ear and slap him. Chaos ensues, I laugh. And probably steal Mana, hide (geisha) and Rose McGowan off. 'cause she's there in the last scenario. Fuck you all, she's hot.
  5. AnnieEclectic

    Hell Freezes Over aftermath

    Oh my god. Really, that's all that needs to be said. -Annie
  6. AnnieEclectic

    May shows availability thread

    Barring unforeseen difficulties I should be good for both shows as well.
  7. AnnieEclectic

    PROMO: A preview

    Big Voice: Competition. It's what drives us. *Cue dramatic movie music* Various highlights play of Annie Eclectic and Taiga Star's match from SWF Downward Spiral. Getting stuck in the barbed wire... brainbusters into toilets... chairshots... broken tables... jumps from trucks. Big Voice: The competition between two women will drive them to the brink... Shots are shown from after the match. Taiga limping, holding her head, being assisted to the back by referee Izzy Slapowitch. Annie being examined by trainers but being pushed away. As Annie attempts to stand, she collapses on rubbery legs. She reluctantly allows the trainers to bring her to the back. Big Voice: ...The brink, of insanity. *Faster, even more dramatic music cued here, along with fast paced, quick clips of the match.* The camera follows the Onita sisters backstage after Annie's brutal match with Taiga. Eclectic gets bumped in the back accidentally by the cameraman. Still dazed, Annie wheels around to attack, only to realize what happened. She nearly collapses again but her sister catches her, bringing her up to the camera to speak. “We... are doing this...” starts Annie in between ragged breaths, “...again! Don't even... BEGIN! ... to think that we're done.” She wheezes and clutches her chest, her lungs still craving oxygen that she can't seem to get enough of. “Next time, Baby Bitch... next time I'll make sure that you don't get lucky...” She stops again, Allison helps her straighten up and decides to finish for her fallen sister. “WE will make sure that you don't get lucky again,” says Onita, “The Onita Institute has many private funders wanting to make sure that our training is nothing but the best. We have promised unequivocal perfection, yet I must admit I didn't take your 'style' seriously. I believe we still have the best training money and science can invent. You may have won tonight, but only through what can only be called garbage wrestling! A deathmatch ****!” Allison pauses, her rising anger catching her unaware. She takes a breath so that she can resume her calm demeanor. “Your deathmatch 'style' simply allowed you to fluke into a win. Don't begin to think that you have any claim to be the best Hardcore wrestler, because you would be falsely advertising that you can wrestle to begin with!” Eclectic taps the crown on her gear before meekly raising a crown to the camera. “I will be on top of this company, and you WILL be the first to fall in my path! No promise. No threat. Just a Decree.” ~ Taiga is standing backstage, washing her face off in a water fountain. Closeup shots are taken of the nasty gash on her forehead, of the tiny pinholes in her head from the tacks, the rips and shreds of her shirt, and the cuts underneath. Standing and turning to the camera, Taiga smiles. And laughs. Loudly and heartily she laughs. “Ha ha, Annie... Ha ha!” She walks off down the hall, still laughing maniacally, occasionally weaving to the side. ~ *Cue Rocky's training music.* At the Onita Institute. Annie is on a treadmill, sweating as she runs at full speed. Attached to her are electrodes, linked to a machine that is printing out the readings, which Alison studies raptly with her glasses on. Taiga is in an abandoned warehouse, light seeping through the broken windows. She is doing push-ups off the floor, the filth being covered by a tattered and worn blanket. On her face is a look of determination. Annie is working on a complicated weight machine, pulling the bar down over her head and breathing precisely. Alison is right by her side, keeping count of the repetitions. Taiga is throwing concrete blocks and large rocks, aiming for an already broken window. She misses more often than not, but that is not the point. She picks up two cinder blocks and uses them as free weights. Annie is served a drink from her sister, carefully measured out and mixed portions of special proteins, electrolytes, and a secret formula that makes it pink, but blue at the same time. Putting the glass down, Annie licks her lips and shudders at the flavour. Taiga lifts a gallon container to her lips, drinking deep of the tap water contained within. Then she works with a punching bag, made up of a large stuffed army surplus duffel. As kicks and hits the bag, she hears something. She looks up, cocks her head to the side, and rolls out of the way just in time for the bag to fall, bringing with it a chuck of ceiling and a support beam. “Damn,” Taiga says, catching her breath, “I've got to find a new place.” Big Voice: This Tuesday, Live at the Halifax Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, two women will do battle once again, for hardcore supremacy. Hell. Freezes. Over.
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Hell Freezes Over Discussion

    I obviously need to work on this more, if people think I'm the face. Hrm. Still, good to know perception before I finish the match. I've been in and out for a bit, but school vaca's coming so expect some quality, folks. I hope. Maybe.
  9. AnnieEclectic

    I'm gonna try something here

    *raises hand* Where can I get one o them's cards?
  10. AnnieEclectic

    ChocoSocko Roundtable: The Deep South

    I always considered missouri and nebraska as part of the midwest. For me the south stops at Texas as all my Texan friends are very clear about it... "Where in the South are you from?" "I'm not from the South." "But..." "I'm from Texas." "Isn't that the South?" "No. I'm from Texas." I try not to lump Texas with the South, but sometimes I slip up (I think I even did in this thread no less) And I wouldn't call my beef with the South "Hatred". It's more like "Not understanding why anyone would want to be there". But then my opinions of a good life are different than others. To me, the weather makes the South an auto-lose, and it's not all tornadoes or anything. Just on heat. I find 60 degrees F way the hell too hot.
  11. AnnieEclectic

    Fuck Apple

    They don't cost 400 dollars to repair or anything though. Hell, you can buy a new one for 400 bucks. 400 bucks on a mac gets you a mouse. In Washington State - the sales tax alone on a MacBook Air can get you an Asus eeePC tax included. And the eeePC runs more and has extra USB ports to boot! I want one so badly. Swap out linux distros on the fly with 8 gig SD cards? Sign me up!
  12. AnnieEclectic

    ChocoSocko Roundtable: The Deep South

    Hooray Jingus, debate points Once I'm get my dinner I can reply but for the 'out of curiousity' part, while not nearly enough to say I really know what it's like, but I did live in North Carolina for 2 years, and visited florida and alabama once, and could not tell you a lot about either visit honestly. Just family down there. Nor should I say that the consensus will be horrible. This is just my perception - and it could be waaaaay fucking wrong. Probably is! But, the best way to learn is to challenge, for me. People tell me why I'm wrong, and maybe I'll find out I am. mmm Thai food.
  13. AnnieEclectic

    ChocoSocko Roundtable: The Deep South

    I didn't say "More". I didn't say it happens "A lot". I said they're "Good at it". Case in point - a KKK rally in the South will probably go off without a hitch all around. Free Speech protected, the people who like them listen, the people that don't protest, everyone goes home. There's actually nothing wrong with this intrinsically. I don't agree with the Klan, but they have as much right as I do to talk. Up here? You get three guys in hoods in an empty college square getting pelted by 24 students with 2 dozen eggs each. A total debacle. My other point - you're right about the midwest, very similar weather. I'm not a fan of that area either. However here's how I see weather phenomenon between the two areas: Blizzard - you can walk in it. Tornadic storm - you can walk in it. Until a signpost is driven through you. Point for the snowflakes there. Now of course these are my opinions, and my opinions in no way makes it fact. I'm just curious to see what it comes to.
  14. AnnieEclectic

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    I even think this is more Stern than anything. He could have gotten this whole thing done right, with the Grizz. OKC Grizzlies even sounds badass. I would say the hornets are a good choice too except that CP3 and the Hornets have done a lot of good with New Orleans (so have the Saints for that matter) that a post-Katrina NO really deserves the best karma it can get right now. Fuck Stern. He's an ass. I hope the OKC whatevers do well actually because OKC deserves a team. Just not that one. Do like the NFL did with the Browns. You want to move it? Fine, but you get no history or colors, just the players. Seattle keeps the team rights and gets an expansion or another team move down the line. Stern's a fuckwit.
  15. AnnieEclectic

    Marney: RIP

    In a way, we're both equally stubborn here, because regardless of how you feel, I don't think it's possible to make me think the Deep South has a single redeeming quality. I got an idea! Be right back...
  16. AnnieEclectic

    Marney: RIP

    I think someone earlier came up with the scientific stuff about pre-pubescent orgasms. They exist. And suddenly I feel 98734598375 times dirtier having typed the above sentence, regardless of how innocuous the sentence was.
  17. AnnieEclectic

    Marney: RIP

    ... I'm sure it does. Just ignore me. You, like Marney, won't change so I won't waste my breath. My Deep South statement still stands.
  18. AnnieEclectic

    TheSmartMarks "Do" WWE

    *compulsion to sign up rising* I'll go at it, at worst I could try to make the women's title have some minor amount of legitimacy.
  19. AnnieEclectic

    The Eliminator

  20. I certainly hope so. I like the concept, personally.
  21. AnnieEclectic

    Marney: RIP

    This post made me feel even worse for humanity if true. A therapist where? The Deep South? If it weren't for my therapist being a lesbian who actively wants me to see through and complete my transition to become a woman (you heard me) I'd probably have even worse depression than I do now. Her acceptance, along with my gay and lesbian friends, keep me going day to day. This also reminded me of Red Dwarf a bit. "I volunteered for the Good Samaritans, only lasted a day. I had four suicides in one day. I wouldn't have minded so much if one wasn't a wrong number."
  22. AnnieEclectic

    Unban Leena

    This in and of itself is enough reason to unban her. Plus, I never got the fun of experiencing her shit so bring her up! I don't even know why she's the Gulag Queen other than she was bitchy at people. Plus, any anonymancers can just go "Tits or GTFO" and restore the previous condition so what can it hurt? I am a hopeless dork for even typing that. If anyone gets the actual reference (protip: it's not 4chan) I will love them forever.
  23. AnnieEclectic

    Marney: RIP

    Dammit, why'd I have to read this thread again? *sigh* Yes, it's possible. I do not have the great story Milky does but I started masturbating at 8 a good 4 years before I could produce anything. Yes, there were orgasms. Otherwise why would you keep going? And no, I don't have any fun little "victim of pedophilia" stories, my first time was at 15 with an 18 year old. It sucked. But, bitch was almost arrested for statutory rape so I took some small satisfaction in that. EDIT: *cries* STOP LIVING IN MY HEAD! Seriously - are you my long lost twin? It's almost scary. If you were my brother though, we'd have to have sex immediately. I don't feel the need to say why.
  24. AnnieEclectic

    Fuck Apple

    Even more now - I'm currently in a lab full of middle school kids trying to get a fucking QuickTime plugin to work properly. After a period's worth of painful scrambling, it turns out the site can't handle 30 comps from a middle school going there. Seriously. Fuck Apple AND WGBH. Fuck windows while we're at it.
  25. AnnieEclectic

    Ask Milky.

    Assuming money's no object, would you spend a week with me (and possibly others) in Japan to basically commit every legal form of debauchery over there? I have connections out there, but have yet to go myself. Reading your previous replies I think both of us could leave quite a mark there. Or a stain, at least.