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  1. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    ahahah Nice Hard Gay icon Ced
  2. AnnieEclectic

    The ladies of TSM.

    This club is now formed. Spread the word on menus nationwide.
  3. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    Bemani Cross Wizard~! count me in for CB - I'm on the Honiera Billy Goats, Oceania league a cpu team. Lvl 2 so far and primed to be an INT machine
  4. AnnieEclectic

    April Availability Thread

    4/15? Consider me good to go for April!
  5. AnnieEclectic

    The ladies of TSM.

    You're not alone. But what's the "G" stand for then? Gouda? collard Greens? Grapes? ... actually, grapes on a BLT would probably be good somehow. Now -I'm- hungry...
  6. AnnieEclectic

    The ladies of TSM.

    there's FFS - facial feminization surgery. I'm thankful I don't have to do that though - I actually hate surgery and hospitals freak me out. Figures I'd be trans then
  7. AnnieEclectic

    April Availability Thread

    Do you know the date of the first april show? I may not be available for the first april show depending on due date - my apartment's getting switched to FiOS internet on the 7th so I'll be blacked out for a few days. If the show's on say the 14th or 15th I'm available. Second april show I'm -definitely- available for though.
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Does anyone here -play- music?

    That picture makes me jealous, what do you run through that nice board with?
  9. AnnieEclectic

    The ladies of TSM.

    and the shitty thing for you guys is you know we're going to stick around. lulz.
  10. AnnieEclectic


    I hope I'm not crying sacrilege here, but I'm never against the idea of shaking up an announce team. I'm probably in the minority on that but meh. -Annie
  11. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    I wonder with the AAA, AA, and A leagues if they do promotion/demotion like in soccer. I see a Moncton league in Canada-A and would love to buy it and help it make the Premier Pro league -Annie
  12. AnnieEclectic

    Do we still have a chat?

    Calling Alex Zenon. Would Alex Zenon please pick up the blue courtesy phone? -Annie
  13. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    Hah, my FS "La Parka" is on the Billy Goats too. Good stuff. We're going to crush those Solomon Island Colonels tomorrow. TSM? TheSecondaryMarks? I bet I get more INTs than you! dude, Solomon Island's only 1-6, we're totally going to crush them! -Annie
  14. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    If we get a TSM team I'm in. I got a shutdown CB going on, excellent speed, hands, and agility. On the Honiara Billy Goats and Lv. 2 already, heh. -Annie
  15. AnnieEclectic


    These are the board games I own: Nightmare (game and expansions II and III) Atmosfear (VHS) Go (the ancient Japanese game) Clue: VCR Board Game Clue II: VCR Board Game I love VCR Board games, in fact I want to try the new DVD versions of Atmosfear and Atmosfear 2: Khufu. Probably only my fellow Canadians on here will even know what the fuck I'm talking about. -Annie
  16. AnnieEclectic

    Does anyone here -play- music?

    That's exactly how I feel. People tell me my skills are improving but I guess as you see it increase in a very small rate daily, you don't see it. Sort of like how you never know you're really gaining weight until suddenly you're a fatass. -Annie
  17. AnnieEclectic

    Does anyone here -play- music?

    Damn! I love violin too, I would imagine you're rather good having played so long. If you ever want to throw some violin tracks into weird melodic metal, let me know -Annie
  18. it all makes so much sence now. i never noticed the similarity before. now i won't be able to forget it. dammit... now I see it too :/ -Annie
  19. AnnieEclectic

    Does anyone here -play- music?

    Funny, since my specialty seems to be nondescript lead riffs. We could make a totally nondescript band that bases themselves more on costume and style! *looks at ipod* I mean, I listen to that type of stuff so there's an audience! -Annie
  20. AnnieEclectic

    Low Carb Dieting....what are rules?

    You know, I've had fruity/cottage cheese mixes, which are good and all but I just can't not have a bit by itself with some pepper. Cottage cheese and cracked pepper = <3 ... now I'm hungry. -Annie
  21. AnnieEclectic

    The McRib Farewell Tour

    I'm from Moncton originally, and there the pizza never left. Admittedly it was nice to occasionally get a cheap pizza, but I'd rather just stock up on Microwavables and skip the gas waste, heh. -Annie
  22. AnnieEclectic

    How Do You Like Your Steaks?

    Beef steak? Medium-well. Medium if I'm feeling gutsy but I've been a magnet for food poisoning all my life. Tuna steak? It's so hard to fuck up rare tuna so I almost always get just barely seared on the ouside, with a good 80% of the center a nice dark red. Sliced thin over an asian salad and it's an orgasm in your mouth. Mmmm ahi. -Annie
  23. AnnieEclectic

    The Baconator

    If you ever end up around here... Joe's NY Pizza with jalepenos and pepperoni. HEAVEN -Annie
  24. AnnieEclectic

    Ask Kinetic

    I predict the Blue Jays will get second place in the AL East, edging out a further aging Yankees team even though their closer will be deadarmed by June. They won't make the Wild Card (hello St. Louis) but gain some respect through the year. The Colts will retool their lineup, win their division but still end up in Wild Card weekend. They'll make it to the Championship game where the team that stunned the Patriots out of the playoffs in the other Divisional game will face them. This team won't be the Chargers, Steelers, Bengals or Titans but the Cleveland Browns. The Browns, on a mad win streak that started in week 7 will shock the Colts and end up in the Super Bowl against Aaron Rodgers and the young and spunky Green Bay Packers. Browns win, making Romeo Crennel the new Belichek, as the Browns start a new Dynasty for the '10s and the Colts and Pats slowly fall apart and start rebuilding. I'm a Colts fan... at least we got SB XLI! -Annie "I'll be right because I don't want to see it happen" Eclectic
  25. AnnieEclectic

    Recent Purchases

    Ummm... I just bought two Les Paul clones for $200 - a solid purple and a solid black model. They play alright, sound great when put through my modelling amp, but I'm so lazy on tuning that I'm glad I can have 3 axes - one standard, one drop D, one full Dropped C. Now I can just pick up a guitar and play any Japanese metal song I want. Woo -Annie