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  1. AnnieEclectic

    I'm not dead

    Oh wow, now we need TNT. Chilly Chilly Bang Bang reunion anyone? Or hell, all the old Mag7 - where's wilson? Stick around and mark a while, Frosty! Or just watch as well and DNS and get chokeslammed by a 12 year old. -Annie
  2. AnnieEclectic

    Best Application to download music

    I'm in IT too, and if you don't mind spending an extra 5 minutes, usually uTorrent and a quick primer seems to work. I've gotten low end users running off torrents just fine myself. -Annie
  3. AnnieEclectic

    The Old School questions thread

    Generic "Public Domain" instrumentals are good for cheap, quick and dirty things thrown together if you have a lack of thought process. And WCW was such a company through the years I think at one point Chris Jericho came out to ESPN Baseball Tonight music! (not the main theme but one of the bridges they use) So its even doubtfull that the WWF originated the piece, usually they copyright everything they do in-house yea that song was his first WCW theme and I used to think it was awesome (still mark out when they use it for ESPN) other good ones were Malenko's and Benoit's (which I heard on Ricki Lake and other talk shows back in the day) I saw this sub-convo on here (yeah, it's on page 70 or so... I get bored at work) and had to add - I will NEVER forget when I was going back through my Kids in the Hall episodes and there's a fake perfume commercial featuring Francesca Fiore (a Scott Thompson character) and there's fire and flames everywhere... and the background music is Harlem Heat/Booker T's theme!!! I marked hard there. KitH AND Booker T? Awesome. -Annie
  4. blood vessels breaking? no. ribs breaking? yes. ... I try not to throw up. -Annie
  5. AnnieEclectic

    Rock Band!

    My friends dloaded the NIN pack for rock band... and a different set of friends got the Grateful Dead pack. Both are RETARDEDLY hard, especially Perfect Drug. We're rocking out and then we hit a slow bit and somehow still fuck up and get killed. This was our fourth try through at this time and the farthest we had gotten... we figured we were damn near the end and we're all revved to give it another shot... until the fail screen hits and says "59% complete" .... FIFTY NINE PERCENT???? Yeah, we just chose a different song at that point. Christ. -Annie
  6. AnnieEclectic

    The Baconator

    Fuck. The service at the place has gotten bad enough without the associates slowed even further by making f'n wraps. The Wendy's folk around here aren't that bad, as far as I've seen. Maybe it's bias since I rarely eat at any other fast food place. -Annie
  7. AnnieEclectic

    Dumb Injuries

    My only dumb injury comes from working at a Mobil on the Run. I was just named the store's "Safety Captain" (by default... jerks) and had come back from quite a scintillating 4 hour lecture on how coffee is hot, and a full coffee dispenser is heavy. Seriously, those were the two debate points. I hate Mobil. Anyway, I had just gotten back from this meeting, and was just crouched trying to get the 5 gallon jar of jalepenos out of the jammed bottom shelf... and the shuffling caused the 5 gallon (glass) jar of mustard on the TOP shelf onto my head for a concussion. Which they never called in, because I was the safety captain and therefore should know better. I hate Mobil. -Annie
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Jeff Hardy suspended

    I just got word that Matt might also out for a 60 day suspension... got this info from TaigaStar - not my own research. I was hoping for Matt taking Jeff's spot. -Annie
  9. AnnieEclectic

    Bad Candy

    This is actually my all-time favorite candy bar. Freakin' delicious. Eddie Mac, I knew there was a reason I liked you - this just further proves it. Crunchy bars = nostalgic love for me. -Annie
  10. AnnieEclectic


    The only Hostess pie ever worth a damn was their vanilla greet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "ooze" pie. I'm sure that snack alone accounted for at least 15 of my many many pounds gained in junior high. Thankfully most of it is gone now. -Annie
  11. AnnieEclectic

    The Baconator

    I'm the same way (in fact, about more than just food) but you're right on Uni. Uni is the devil. Unagi though? Delicious! -Annie
  12. AnnieEclectic

    BATTLEGROUND availability thread

    si - out for Battleground. Annie needs some badly needed tweaking, and I need to learn how to write again, apparently. :/ -Annie
  13. AnnieEclectic

    BATTLEGROUND availability thread

    I'm out for a show after this one, but no worries! -Annie
  14. AnnieEclectic

    NFL Offseason Thread

    I'm a colts fan, but I seriously hope this doesn't spell the end for Lorenzan in NY - if only because I loved watching that 280 lb. fatass try to get up to the line of scrimmage fast and throw wacky half-sidearm passes. Funny as hell. -Annie
  15. This is how I see it too, if that alleviates any guilt you boys might have. Protip: It should. -Annie
  16. AnnieEclectic

    Promo: Problems, I got 'em!

    *applaudes* Very well done, honestly can't say much more than that. Crap - I may not be the woman to beat in this league very long, heh. -annie
  17. AnnieEclectic

    Finals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    Yeah. Fuck them. Especially that niskie guy. He'd probably like it though, amirite? If the person giving was a tranny, then maybe. I ain't doin' shit to that fucker, son. ain't. doin'. shit. -Annie
  18. AnnieEclectic

    Spring Training 2008

    this is why my Jays cap stays pretty much on my wall looking pretty. If we surpass either the sox or yanks this year I'll be shocked. Although the yanks look crappier than they have in years, maybe they're ready for the pickin's. Maybe a wild card berth if BJ Ryan's actually as healthy as reported. -Annie
  19. AnnieEclectic

    Jeff Hardy suspended

    I've always liked Matt better than Jeff. Anybody else agree? Quoted for fucking truth. Matt version 2.0 plz? I LOVED that. -annie
  20. AnnieEclectic


    Tiga.... GENOCIDE~! ahhh Street Fighter. -Annie
  21. AnnieEclectic

    Abschied. Hello.

    *burns the book* HA HA! What are you going to do now, Facist?!?!? -Annie
  22. AnnieEclectic

    The TSM 2008 NFL Mock Draft

    With the 59th pick in the draft, the Indianapolis Colts select... Roy Schuening - OG - Oregon St. May not be a pro bowl type, but can easily be a guy that simply does a great job at his position for 10-14 years. With the Titans nabbing former Colts guard Scott off their O-Line, and no heir apparent to replace him, Scheuning is a perfect fit here and actually a nice grab at this pick. I expected him to be gone. -Annie
  23. AnnieEclectic

    Abschied. Hello.

    Wow - I like this promo! Good clean setup and there's no doubt about the character development. A kudos to you Tod. Good to see you back too! ... wanna do another best of seven? (please no...) -Annie
  24. AnnieEclectic

    Best Cheap Games ($20 and under)

    PS2: Culdcept Killer 7 Xbox: Phantom Dust just trust me on these three. Glorious times! -Annie
  25. AnnieEclectic

    PROMO: Bitch, please.

    Annie stalks the near empty halls of the Liacourous Center, hoping to stake out a good dressing room. Her face isn't happy - in face it reflects a rather dour expression. Unfortunately for the video intern she passes, the dour expression is now squarely on him. "Ahoy," she says, "Is that video gear?" "Yes," says the young man nervously. Couldn't be more than 19 and for some reason seems skittish around the bokken-clad woman. "Start it up, I need to get something off my chest." ... --------------------------------------------------- The camera sparks on with the visage of the Hardcore Queen, gym bag slung over her shoulder and a calm demeanor. She takes a deep breath... "Eclectic." Annie stands still in silence. Silence. More Silence. OK, too much silence... this is silly. "I repeat: Eclectic. Not Electric, eccentric, or emphatic." Anger creeps into her features as she starts again, "Not Concentric, Pathetic, Credit, Spend it OR OFFENDED! MY NAME IS ECLECTIC!" The intern takes a step back, hoping to avoid any human explosions. "Annie Eclectic! The Hardcore Queen... ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WOMAN Hardcore Queen! Not only do I take offense to your comments... but you flat out refuse to understand where exactly you stand my dear. You see this is MY league - I'm the woman who took this league by storm, won more titles than any other woman, and arguably the only woman to be considered a Main Eventer. MY league. You say you're experienced, but you just took a laid back sleeping giant and bit her right on the tit!" Annie lunges forward, grabbing the camera and aiming it directly upon her face. "I'm not going to look over you, or underestimate you, Taiga. Look into my eyes, I don't look past anyone. You, however, seem to be disregarding me. I'm not some old bitchy fossil come back to prove that she still has it. I KNOW I still have it. You, apparently, need to learn this. And you will." Annie releases the intern from her grip, stepping back before finally tossing one last nugget of knowledge: "Just like my next opponent knows, there's no stopping the Hardcore Queen. You'll learn. That's not a threat... and it sure as hell ain't a promise..." Annie trails off as she walks down the hallway, camera now at her back. "... it's a DECREE!" (fade to black) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ooooooh! -Annie