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    PROMO: Bitch, please.

    Annie stalks the near empty halls of the Liacourous Center, hoping to stake out a good dressing room. Her face isn't happy - in face it reflects a rather dour expression. Unfortunately for the video intern she passes, the dour expression is now squarely on him. "Ahoy," she says, "Is that video gear?" "Yes," says the young man nervously. Couldn't be more than 19 and for some reason seems skittish around the bokken-clad woman. "Start it up, I need to get something off my chest." ... --------------------------------------------------- The camera sparks on with the visage of the Hardcore Queen, gym bag slung over her shoulder and a calm demeanor. She takes a deep breath... "Eclectic." Annie stands still in silence. Silence. More Silence. OK, too much silence... this is silly. "I repeat: Eclectic. Not Electric, eccentric, or emphatic." Anger creeps into her features as she starts again, "Not Concentric, Pathetic, Credit, Spend it OR OFFENDED! MY NAME IS ECLECTIC!" The intern takes a step back, hoping to avoid any human explosions. "Annie Eclectic! The Hardcore Queen... ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WOMAN Hardcore Queen! Not only do I take offense to your comments... but you flat out refuse to understand where exactly you stand my dear. You see this is MY league - I'm the woman who took this league by storm, won more titles than any other woman, and arguably the only woman to be considered a Main Eventer. MY league. You say you're experienced, but you just took a laid back sleeping giant and bit her right on the tit!" Annie lunges forward, grabbing the camera and aiming it directly upon her face. "I'm not going to look over you, or underestimate you, Taiga. Look into my eyes, I don't look past anyone. You, however, seem to be disregarding me. I'm not some old bitchy fossil come back to prove that she still has it. I KNOW I still have it. You, apparently, need to learn this. And you will." Annie releases the intern from her grip, stepping back before finally tossing one last nugget of knowledge: "Just like my next opponent knows, there's no stopping the Hardcore Queen. You'll learn. That's not a threat... and it sure as hell ain't a promise..." Annie trails off as she walks down the hallway, camera now at her back. "... it's a DECREE!" (fade to black) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ooooooh! -Annie
  2. AnnieEclectic

    The Harry Palmer Open Invitational Predictions

    For the lazy ones- Dead Or Alive (Alan Clark and Walter Reynolds) vs Slaughterhouse Five (Michael Alexander© and MANSON) Tag Title Contendership Match - I like the new direction for Clark... but should Alexander and MANSON show, I see Alexander's hot streak of late continue. 'Course what do I know, I've only been back for 3 shows, heh. Tracey Bruner vs Dance Dance Dragon I don't care who's writing what, I have to root for Trip-D. Be 4 U ftw! Va'aiga vs 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins ... Sorry Spikey, gotta side with Va'aiga Taiga Star vs S.I.N. hmmm... this'll be close, very close. I know Bo's good, Taiga's impressive for a noob though. Gals Puraido~! Taiga ftw. HARDCORE The Fabulous Jakey vs Insane Luchador I love both these guys. IL in a squeaker, due to his hardcore leanings. Tom Flesher vs Annie Eclectic Me. Bitches. Johnathan Clarke & Ced Ordonez vs ??? Never bet against ???. Never. -Annie
  3. AnnieEclectic

    The TSM 2008 NFL Mock Draft

    I lost my 'net connection for a bit, and I'm just coming back - did the Colts lose their pick or are we up now? -Annie
  4. AnnieEclectic

    PROMO: Women Problems, and a Creep.

    I was going to say... but WC beat me... totally a 18 out of 10 for unintentional comedy - however as a promo, and assuming we were real, the Smark fans would have gone apeshit crazy laughing at that bit - which is what I did. I don't know if my (totally unrelated) minor disappearance combined with this worried anyone but... uh, dont? No worries, I wasn't offended. I thought it rather funny actually 'cause - well it's true, hah. -Annie
  5. AnnieEclectic

    The Harry Palmer Open Invitational preview thread

    sorry for my lack of existance lately - my car literally ate itself and anxiety got in the way. Today I get my meds refilled and I might (cross fingers) be getting a car today so I should be back to my being-on-the-net-and-somewhat-laid-back ways. I should know in a day or two whether or not I can write for Battleground, and I'll do my best to make it for this one since Taamo and I still have unfinished buisness but yeah. Count me as in for Harry Palmer, iffy with later confirmation for Battleground. Sorry again folks! -Annie
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    PROMO - Wait...WHAT?!

    Confusion! ... or something. Good promo though! -Annie
  7. AnnieEclectic

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    I'm pleasantly unsurprised that you were the one to answer me. Ditto on the KoF anime though. ... or a King/Vanessa doujin. Both Z and I would kill for a good one. -Annie
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Fucking Wisconsin

    I haven't read past this post yet, but this had to have won the thread right? I'm dying here. -Annie
  9. Scarlett Johanson looks like my junior high buddy Kevin. Dead on save for slightly longer hair, makeup, and being a woman. I can't get into her for that reason. 'course I have a huge girl-crush on Rose McGowan. I'd do damn near anything to do some naked dancing with her. Mmmm... -Annie
  10. AnnieEclectic

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    I'm a bit out of the loop but has anyone heard of a second season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Best romantic comedy including the most FUCKED UP PLOT EVAR yet still being a good romantic comedy. Sort of like how Ranma did romance + fighting + comedy blend and pulled it off. Although Ranma did also have the 'possible tits at any time' factor which helped I'm sure. Kept me tuned in. -Annie
  11. AnnieEclectic

    What are you listening to right now?

    Neil Zaza - "I'm Alright" some of the better instrumental guitar players out there that you've never heard from. Unless you're from Ohio. ... or Taiwan. -Annie
  12. AnnieEclectic

    Your Five Favorite Anything

    My top five: 1) hide w/ SPREAD BEAVER 2) X 3) Psycho le Cemu 4) Moi Dix Mois (Juka era) 5) Asian Kung Fu Generation it's a category, that's all I'll say. Look em up. Actually, here's another: 1) hide 2) Herman Li 3) Eric Clapton 4) John Flansburgh (really) 5) Joe Satriani this is my "Guitarists I'd love to play like" category. Yes, I just put Clapton 3rd. Yes, my mother just had an aneurysm. -Annie
  13. AnnieEclectic

    Fucking Linux

    Depends on how you switched to KDE. If you did the Ubuntu to KUbuntu deal, Kubuntu may not have installed with NTFS support (something that still kind of experimental at this stage, but more stable than it has been). Kubuntu's install discs of late don't include non-free or experimental kernel modules (little device progs attached to the main linux program). You can adjust them in a system menu option but I can't remember which one. Now if you just installed KDE on top of your linux+GNOME setup, well I don't know because that doesn't make sense. Unless you installed KDE 4 which last I checked is still beta? Or did they finalize the release. Either way that might be a reason but otherwise I'd need to see the comp. -Annie
  14. AnnieEclectic

    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    That's how I feel about mine. Sans the week thing. More like an hour. Probably why mine's not as good. But it is bloody, and it wasn't even hardcore! -Annie
  15. AnnieEclectic

    From The Fire Availability Thread

    Chuckle. Guffaw. -Annie
  16. AnnieEclectic

    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    Uh oh, I showed folks. Watch out. Not my best match, but I did bust it out in an hour, so at least my creativity's still good -Annie
  17. AnnieEclectic

    The Reason

    The Scene: Ann Onita's home, tucked away in scenic Shinjuku. The Date: January 23rd, 7:30 pm local time Ann Onita (better known as Annie Eclectic) leaves the bathroom robe-clad, towel wrapped around her hair. She slowly saunters over to a computer desk replete with laptop. Sitting down, she heads straight to the green button on the lower right of the screen... "Mmm, torrents," she says to no one in particular, "Keeping me from having to pay for cable since 2004... Oop, we're done!" A few clicks later, a window pops up with a multitude of video clips. "Blargle... Don't think I want to do that much catching up. Maybe I should have gotten the last two months of SWF stuff instead of two years!" She scans through the various clip names, many simply stating show names and dates. A few promos here and there... "Taiga truck promo? What the hell is that?" she asks, again to no one in particular, "Did someone else no-sell getting hit by a car? TBS will be pissed..." She opens the file and starts watching. However, it doesn't take long until she pauses the video file. She raises a single eyebrow in obvious perturbation. "Princess of Hardcore? Really?" she asks to... well you know, "No, seriously. This chick's calling herself the Princess of Hardcore??? And she put it on her truck?" Annie pinches the bridge of her nose for a few seconds then stands up in a shot and briskly walks over to her cell phone. Opening it, she loudly says "Cucaracha" and the phone automatically begins to dial. A few rings later an angry mumbling voice answers. "Mrmndo you *crackle* whart time int is?" mumbles Landon Maddix. "AAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!" yells Eclectic, "Arrr, it be that crazy Japanese chick!" "Allison? Why are you being so loud?" "No, Landon. Annie. I'm the gay one." A few ragged coughs later Landon answers back. "Annie? Long time no something... but as much as I enjoy hearing from people that dropped off the face of the earth, why are you calling me at six in the morning?" Annie looks up at her wall clock, does a quick mental math problem, then turns back. "Central time? So it is six over there. No matter, sorry for the early wakeup but I need a match." "A match?" "Yeah! Did you see that bitch's truck?" Landon sighs audibly over the phone. "I'm not going to pretend that I know what you're talking about, except I can only imagine you mean Taiga. Somehow I knew when we signed her I'd be hearing from your ego. You want to come back, meet me in Lansing and I will work something out." "Thanks Maddix! I knew you could help!" "Glad to be of service, although I could use a small favor from you..." Annie smiles, curiousity always being a problem for the Hardcore Queen. "Oh really? What would the commisioner of the SWF possibly ask of little ol' me?" "Just one thing: Go to hell." *click* Chuckling, Annie closes her cell and heads back to her desk. Sitting down she finishes watching the clip, clucking her tongue in either distaste here and there. Having finished the clip she goes back to the parent folder and looks over the list again. "Looks like I have a bit of research to do..." (camera fades to black but holds on the blank screen for a few seconds...) "... Hey! What did he mean by 'hearing from my ego'?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Yeah, even as a face she's still an egotistical bitch. Part of her charm folks! Gods I'm rusty. I hope Johnny's no showing -Annie
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    Okay, let's right this ship.

    Especially me! I'm supposed to be schooling... er, I mean fighting... her soon! Don't take the nooblet away, she actually writes! -Annie
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    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    Is there a specific time when this is due? I mean, I have to be done by 7 tonight anyway but it'd be nice to know. Or is the "time due by" thing gone as well? -Annie
  20. AnnieEclectic

    Promo: The bag lady, the theif, and the wrestler.

    hee hee. thats'a me! -Annie
  21. AnnieEclectic

    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    Annie the wrestler would say: "ahahah hahahah hah Chris Wilson ahahah hahh ahhahahah fuck you." Me? I chuckled. Where the hell is that sucker anyway? Mmm... making a former stablemate a punching bag. Wait... who here WASN'T a former stablemate of mine? -Annie
  22. AnnieEclectic

    The TSM 2008 NFL Mock Draft

    So we are doing two rounds? I actually get a pick? -Annie
  23. AnnieEclectic

    From The Fire Availability Thread

    I'm good to go - we're on vacation that week so I should have time. -Annie
  24. AnnieEclectic

    An old debate brought up again

    There's also the "do both, when in a pinch allow one to control two but hope to keep having two person teams" approach. I like that. Plus I ALWAYS wanted to let the Onita sisters tag up, but unless I tagged with Tom writing Allison, I'd never be able to do it. -Annie "you know, there's only two titles I haven't gotten yet..." E
  25. AnnieEclectic

    Fucking Linux

    Video and wireless, always fun with laptops on linux. The above site is a godsend for this type of stuff. I'm waiting for Kubuntu 8.04 to get released so we can all enjoy KDE 4 - apparently twice as powerful, twice as fast, half the resource hog. NO Idea how they pulled that off if true but if it's true... damn. It's also usable in windows as well! Dunno why you'd do that but hey. -Annie