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    One And Only TNA 12/17/03 Thread

    I thought the show wasnt too bad at all last night really. The only thing that really bugged me was the run-ins all over the place. I thought this was one thing that would be best served for purpose, and having the same guys run in almost every match (like the Red Shirts) defeats ANY purpose other than forcefeeding the fans into buying these losers into main event talent. Well, it aint workin! Another thing that kind of bothered me was that I thought maybe this big news from Jarrett would be announced tonight. Plus no follow up with guys like Hart and Piper at all. Seemed odd considering they were a reasonably big part of the shows lately. The opening was pretty good, and Sting/Jarrett was ok for what it was. Likely a rematch on the 7th for the title, I would assume. Is anyone really getting sick of Watts though? He has nothing to offer in this stupid role, they should just turn him heel with Callis. Plus he kind of rambles in his promos and isnt very crisp. X division matches were pretty good, sans the run ins, again. Fucking Michael Shane of course blew a few spots, and then looked to blow out Traci's knee or something when he dropped her. F'n dumbshit. Daniels-Sabin was strong, like a few others, I could have handled more time with this one (even 5 more minutes). I like that Skipper is playing this tweener role at the time, makes you wonder where that will lead. Am looking forward to Ultimate X though, should be great. The tag matches.....the street fight was pretty well done I thought. Good work by all of them. I liked the angle after the match too (only real good point to a run-in there). I dont need to see Red Shirts and AMW in a feud really, but I guess they had to segway somehow into a new program. This might lead to Harris going solo after Jarrett in the months to come. The "dream match" was just kind of there. There was no heat here at all. The main event was the same way, no fucking heat up until the last 5 or so minutes. The run ins here didnt need to happen, just made for this chaotic confusing situation. Maybe built up that Raven was going to win even more, but it almost made it too predictable what was going to happen. Like I've said before, I'm not too thrilled myself with Punk-Raven, but I'm glad to see the turn finally happened, just so they can progress with this. They sure are building this Raven title shot though, thats good to see as long as the feud with Punk doesnt go forever. I cant help but still be critical of TNA even after a decent show like this. This still isnt up to the level of the shows I used to see them put out week after week consistently. Two major issues that I have at this point. 1. This roster is very small and depleted. I assume thats because all of these guys are moreless under contract and they are trying to build around them. The thing is should some of them be even used full time in the first place. I hate this concept of his heel faction of Jarrett, Abyss, Red Shirts, Kash, Disco, blah blah blah as some sort of dominating force here. It makes the roster look that much weaker. And I'm seeing a lot of forcefed pushes that arent working (Abyss, Kash, etc). Guys that are back like D-Lo seem to already be stale in just a weeks time in their role. How is that possible? If you have a small roster, you have to make the most out of what you have, and other than the exception being the 4 guys in the X title hunt, I just dont see them using their talent to their potential for the most part. Plus the crowds have been downright dead in the past month or two and thats never a good sign. Either the Jarretts have to step in to offer more assistance with Mantel or they need someone else in to assist as well like Russo. I'd be willing to give Russo another chance as long as he's not booking by himself like he was before. I always have said if Russo is working alongside someone equally, I dont have a problem with his work. When him and Jerry/Jeff were working side by side back earlier in the year, more times than not, those shows were good. 2. The other problem is how they layout the matches. It has seemed that as of late, the matches seem more formulmatic, almost akin to WWE styles per usual. I dont see much of anything alternative in terms of actual wrestling compared to the WWE as of late, it just seems very much like an "A leads to B" type of matches lately. TNA never used to be like this, and if anything, it seemed like they just let their guys go out there and bust their ass. Maybe I'm wrong but has it became different? And I dont know who's fault that is either, it may not neccessarily be Mantels. Also, they have no excuse for giving some of these matches more time. Someone else noted there hasnt been a 20 minute match in a long time and thats true. I dont think its much to ask to have a handful of longer matches a month as long as its a big match that is warranted. Ultimate X 2 for example. I'd much rather see less match filler a week, and have 4 or 5 longer matches a week. Can they fucking eliminate the recaps from the weeks before finally too? Thats getting old, especially since most of their base get these shows every week AND they have a 30 minute countdown that shows most of the same stuff even before the show starts.
  2. RedJed

    Tonight's Show (December 10th)

    Logic would dictate that Raven, now that Styles seems to be all but out of the title hunt (I cant see them doing another rematch, sadly but true) would get a title shot, but I'm not sure what will happen....in other words, I'm not counting on it. In typical TNA fashion as of late, they will slow build that title opportunity. I was initially thinking it was a good idea, but the way these slow builds have been booked, I am somewhat changing my mind. The CM Punk thing, I could care less if he turns or not, since a Raven-Punk feud doesnt really get me interested, it's just that they have seemingly been building up a turn so much that its getting old that it hasnt happened yet. Point being that I've noticed Mantel drawing out things a tad too long (same with the AMW title chase) where it's losing steam or has lost ALL steam. Ideally what they should do, especially now that Hogan is on the outs, is to just go ahead and do their big Bound for Glory show, only charge double of a normal TNA show, still put it on a Sunday, and add an extra hour to the show. Main event is Raven v. Jarrett 2. That is the only match even close to being worthy of a show like this now that Hogan isnt around (and its highly debatable if this match could even draw right now, even as well as it did the first time around). I just think it looks absolutely amateur to wait and wait, now til mid 2004, just to put together the Bound for Glory show. At that rate when it comes around, again, the steam is going to be lost on alot of things. They need to get Bound for Glory together early Feb to build some momentum and give some direction leading into that show. That would give them enough time to build a few quality feuds and programs, contact stars from other promotions (wasnt Tiger Mask coming in for this show originally?), etc. Make a deal with Hogan to appear on the show if they have to, have his 1st TNA appearance be here. Went off on a tangent of sorts there, I guess my point is that I'm still frustrated with the product and want them to get their shit together and prove to themselves and others that they can at least attempt a major Sunday ppv without the likes of Hogan v. Jarrett on top, to start. I think doing such would give the TNA wrestlers some hope for the future, as well as possibly force Mantel and Co. to get some fire lit under them so there can be some structure together in TNA. My viewpoint of things as they stand right now is that the roster seems (for the most part) very apathetic about how things are, as well as the fans. Bringing in Luger sure didnt help on top of all this Hogan and Jimmy Hart powerplay shit. And then a guy like AJ Styles is being dinked around, the booking being bland and dry as two week old bread, etc, and it all adds up to more negative than positives to this company right now as a whole. And NO, the answer is not to bring Russo back into writing power. Could they listen to some of his ideas (ala Paul Heyman in WWE current) and maybe even impliment a few of the better ones in their own booking way.......maybe. Then again maybe it would just take a guy like Jerry Jarrett to stick his head back in the fold a little more to get things rolling again, creatively. I dont think Jeff himself should particularly be a part of creative anymore than his father, and from reports it seems like Jerry is just sitting around for the most part while Jeff does this, that, and another thing, even in creative, alongside Mantel.
  3. RedJed

    Tonight's Show (December 10th)

    I agree, it looks pretty dull. I am looking forward to the Piper deal though, but I'm sure it wont be anything big. The dynamic with him is so different now that Russo is gone. If Russo was still around as a character, I wanted to see Piper in, now I'm just kind of "eh" about it since I'm sure all it will lead to is a feud with Callis and the Red Shirts and that whole weak heel crew. Abyss v. Raven....another "eh." Both ways to work this suck, if Raven jobs, thats sad (unless they do a Punk heel turn FINALLY). If Abyss jobs, that would hurt this supposed push they are giving him. So who knows. The rest of the matches are just bland sounding to me. Sad that this AMW thing has run its course where I could care less if they win the titles again. They played it out too long and too often with those two chasing for the titles. Just give them the belts and let them have a long run for once, and even turn them heel after their run becomes stale as champs. Speaking of that, they really need Konnan and James to turn on Killings, or vice versa. Killings needs to be a single star, and NOW. They need more suitable talent on the top of the company to build a few strong feuds. I keep stressing this, but they need to bring back D-Lo to feud with Killings. They also need to say "fuck it" and restructure that deal with Jerry Lynn and bring him back in. Its showing how depleated this roster is getting with the company structure right now. They need to either keep or bring back in some of the people that made this company the kind of organization I liked, and that is guys like Lynn, Juvi, Killings, etc, and in the right direction for them too. I've been really turned off from the product the last two weeks (especially last week and that fucking main event) where I'm getting close to stop ordering these shows anymore. And this is coming from someone who has been getting them since week one. If this Hogan deal is pretty much dead or as close to as in limbo as humanly possible, then they have to get off their asses and start doing some interesting shit that will actually lead somewhere.
  4. RedJed

    One and Only TNA 11/12/03 Thread

    The show wasnt too bad, other than the fact that the main event really irked the hell out of me. First off, the match just didnt flow, especially near the end. The ref even seemed to not have an idea to know what was going on, and really made the match look "fake" from what he was doing in not seeing tags, etc. Unless they are planning on turning that ref heel, there is no excuse for that shit. Luger blew his latest and hopefully last chance in wrestling also, plain and simple. He is the same Luger, only older and more aged looking. It amazed me how aged he got in just a few years time. He clearly had the look that signified he had no right to be in the damn ring at all, basically. Not only did he not sell Styles at all, but he (and this could have very well been a power play by Luger or Sting on the finish for them to save face) had to have Sting beat him with a bat to even get a rollup pin by Styles? Fuckin lame! I think the story here was that that Luger threw a stink about having to job to Styles and put them in a position where "this and that" had to happen for him to do the job, and in relaliation of that, guys like Sting and Hart had to do their damndest to try to give Styles a rub by their comments, because they knew how Luger was. Thats just my thought of it. All in all though, it made for, quite honestly, one of the most messed up high profile TNA main events in a long while. You had 3 of the guys working hard in the ring, but the other one screwed it up so bad. Plus the flow when Luger was in there and the mistakes by the ref just blew any chance of it being decent. I did like how Raven came out at the end though, and they seem hard pushed to begin that feud again finally (been wanting to see them come back to this for months). I'm sure it will be a slow build and they will have to find the right direction to get Raven to that position....I think it should be a fast blowoff with the Red Shirts (since it was clear nobody wants to see Raven positioned in with those guys), and then segway to a heel turn by Punk and a feud with them lasting for a couple months. Honestly, I wouldnt mind them even waiting all the way to April of next year to have the match, or maybe do it in January instead and not even worry about Hogan-Jarrett as a world title match, have Raven with the belt instead? Lo-Ki and Daniels I had at about *** 1/2, given the time they had, they did an incredible amount of nice looking spots. Wish Ki could be in here full time but oh well. The tag gauntlet was ok, and Mantel has a sense of knowing the right way to build chases, case in point AMW getting another title shot. Its not there yet but they are inching their way. Dutt and Collyer......eh. I'm not impressed with Collyer AT ALL, if he's the next Malenko, I dont see it. He's a poor man's Malenko, IMO. A ring savvy guy like Daniels could easily be more akin to Malenko than Collyer. Indifferent about Mr. X......I hated the shit last week but as long as they dont have him squash all of the guys and the champ here in a long streak of sorts, then I wont complain. In other words, I'm seeing where its going before I make a judgment call. X is a hard worker and might be able to have some solid matches with some X guys, so as long as they are squashes, whats the biggie? Harris and Abyss was actually ok, looks like they could do Styles v. Abyss pretty easily next week. Regarding Mantel and in comparison to Russo......correct me if I'm wrong but did Russo ever plan out matches, I thought he just wrote? There is a difference between a booker and a writer. So to say Russo paved the way for TNA quality matches isnt really making sense. I dont know exactly what Mantel all does, like if he lays out matches as well. Whatever the case, I still think I would rather see logical coherant booking than some of the stuff Russo threw out there (lots of angles that didnt make sense or didnt even be followed up on the next week, shoving a guy like Disco in a main event position consistently, etc). When I think of shows like the Russo army one, that makes me think of these shows in a completely different negative way. At least we arent having run-in after run-in with no desicions week after week here lately. Things like bringing in Luger should not be put on Mantel's shoulders either as far as a fault since he really had nothing to do with it and the fact that Luger felt the need to no-sell and put over someone the right way, I dont see how that is Dutch's fault either. I think considering who he's got to work with, Mantel is slowly making progress. Russo's work was so up and down that you'd never know what to expect, and it's been documented that the times that the Jarrett's let him completely write a show here and there, it wasnt pretty.
  5. RedJed

    Reason why Luger wrestled

    I figured this was the case with Sting. Nobody in their right mind would give Luger a second chance, otherwise. Odviously there was politics in the finish last night too (with either Sting, Luger, or both) as that was total bullshit. As already said, neither of them need to be around if they are just going to play around a company like its their own. I say save Sting's last shot for Bound for Glory (or any other show, really) and job him out to Styles in a face v. face match. Of course it must be clean and decisive too. Thats the LEAST Sting can do for having Luger brought in and making Styles look stupid when Luger wouldnt sell shit for him, and then Sting had to do bat shots to even put him down. It was all around sad, made Styles look out of anyone's league, just as the story was going into the match. If Sting refuses to do the job, then he's in breach of contract, period. Unless they had something that said he had creative control of his matches, theres no excuse for putting up with Sting's crap for even one more damn match.
  6. RedJed

    Why Luger is good for TNA

    Amen to that, Luger is not a name that even an ignorant TV exec would likely recognize when you think about it. Sting and Hogan, yes......Luger, no. His name power at this point is akin to a guy like Duggan. Hell, they'd be better investing in Piper compared to Luger if we're going to do the "star power to the TV execs" deal here.
  7. RedJed

    How much does Michael Shane suck?

    Like someone said, he can sell well and thats about it. He was alright in the ultimate X match as far as playing his role right in the match, but since then, all of his matches in TNA (and all before) were subpar in my eyes. Nothing I saw from him in ROH other than his ladder match with London impressed me either.
  8. RedJed

    The OAO NWATNA thread for 11/5

    I enjoyed the show alot last night, especially the ending. The DQ finish was lame, but I thought all of the run-ins afterwards were done to perfection including the Abyss heel turn I didnt see coming at all. I dont get WHY that happened, but it still makes sense since they are low on the heel side. To quote my friend who I was watching the show with, "Now thats how you end a show" which is true since it was some high impact stuff that makes you want to watch next week. The Luger thing is weird, but I have to admit it makes me interested to see how he performs, although I'm scared it will be a bad thing. Took me for a surprise though. Likely the idea was pushed by Sting, or maybe he even wouldnt even come back in right now unless they had him in a match with Luger? Who knows. The Raven stuff with Mitchell seems to be over....not sure where they will go with Mitchell next. I would assume Vampiro is gone.....if not, Mitchell could turn on him and work a feud in there, bring back Malice finally and have him feud with Vamp. That match was surprisingly entertaining as well. I was shocked as hell that Raven is being intertwined back in the world title mix, gives me hope for the company after a few ups and down as of late, and the whole Hogan thing, at this point, doesnt look real good as its a possibility he's working the entire thing and wont even show up at all. So its good to see they are covering their bases......if Hogan bails and they still want to (and should) do Bound by Glory, they should do Raven-Jarrett as the main event. Else, they can build this long, even to April, same time that the match was last year. That is, of course, if the Hogan deal goes through and there is actually a match with him and Jarrett in Feb as planned. Then they can have possibly their second big ppv in April (dont bother in March with Mania on ppv) with Raven-Jarrett. I like the direction. Most of the matches were good except I thought Douglas and Sandman was lacking alot thanks to Douglas. The tag team stuff has direction for the next title shot (I see a three way next week) and the X division stuff, as weird as it is with that new guy in there, seems to be solid too with Lo-Ki back in the mix, and etc. That battle royal was pretty good, even though I didnt want the X guy to win it, I have to admit he was impressive for his size. Surprised to find out that was Carl Oulette! The opener.....didnt really see where exactly that is going for Kash, really. Piper is coming back which I'm pumped for, too. Regarding more about Luger, I think its clear he's no longer any kind of draw, but to say he was never is kind of out in left field. Back in the NWA days when he was actually decent, he drew pretty solidly against Flair until they kept teasing him winning the title to the point where people stopped caring. With that said though, a few oldtime WCW/NWA fans might buy the ppv next week just to see an old face such as Lugers, but probably nothing substantial to offset what he likely wants for payment of services. Then again, since Luger definately is in the wrestling doghouse from everything related to the Liz death and the roid seizure, maybe he isnt asking too much to appear nowadays.
  9. RedJed

    One and Only 10/29/03 TNA Thread

    Wasnt too impressed with last night......seemed like a Raw/Smackdown type show, which would lead into what would be a major ppv next week. I've finally gotten sick of that in putting on a mediocre show to build to a better one at a particular week. That shit has GOT to stop, they need to thrive on a ppv calibur event every Weds night, no questions asked. Putting out a match like Siaki-Ekmo v. Doring-Roadkill, for example, doesnt even come close to something ppv calibur. In theory, a match like Vamp-Raven is a main event calibur match, but 1) when you dont give them enough time and 2) you put them before shit like the Jarrett crap, well then what do you expect out of it. The opener was ok, and so was Raven-Vamp (Vampiro sucked ass in that match though) but everything else was shit if you ask me. What kind of surprises from Hart was that?! He didnt manage either of those guys from what I can recall. They would have been better off just having Sting there and cut an angle with him and Jarrett to end the show leading into the match next week. Sting actually talking it up with Jarrett for 10 minutes is better than what they gave us. Those two "matches" with Duggan and Steiner were dumb and really served no purpose other than Jimmy Hart is all talk and no action as a babyface, which is not what is ideal for a face talent. I cant stand fuckin Michael Shane at all, they need to get the belt off him and fast. My assumption is that Styles will win this whole tournament thing and then get a shot at Shane around Thanksgiving (which I hope they still make into a major show that week even if their 30th ppv is off for now) to win the belt. I dont see how putting Styles back in the X division is a positive though, but whatever. I suppose if you had guys like Daniels. Lo-Ki and others continue to do X division stuff as well in the future, that might work maybe in mixing it up in programs with upcoming stars like Dutt, Sabin, etc. But back to Shane.....I would bet he is Douglas' guy, and Trinity is probably the chick that Douglas is raving about too. Abyss still to me has promise, but he needs to get away from Kash, as theres nothing else to talk about there. AMW probably should get the belts soon again here, as another guy who has gotten stale to me is Gilberti and the whole thing with him and AMW. Basically it seems like all of the feuds except Hogan-Jarrett really have no steam to them and need to be blown off soon. Raven-Michell has to end for next week. I liked that match he had tonight at times but it didnt flow enough to really get into. Vamp seemed to be phoning in his match. As much as I'd like to see him stay around, if he's going to work like that in the future, he's not worth the money. One thing I can see happening soon is guys like Piper, Brown, and Lynn return to do something, hopefully. Could see something along the lines of Piper bringing them both in to manage them against the Red Shirts. Like I said, I think the major problem at this point is they need to move on from some of these feuds, unless they have some twists to them. Next week sounds ok with Sting, but I would bet that is just a one time shot for him.
  10. RedJed

    11/30 Show Cancelled

    Russo looks f'n cracked out there. Scary. Bummed about this move, but they had to start out with something big for a main event at the first supercard, and there really isnt any high profile match to showcase on that show that would do merit other than maybe a book on the fly job of a Raven-Jarrett rematch, probably for the title, but that wouldnt make sense at this point since Raven is knee deep in the Mitchell feud and for all the time they've spent on that, that needs a proper long term blowoff. But still even if they did Raven-Jarrett again, I have a hard time believing that it would draw more than Hogan-Jarrett would, anyway. Hogan-Jarrett can be much more built up this way, and this gives time to a possibility of Hogan opening up to an idea of involving Russo in the feud since they will surely need more ideas to promote the match now with more time to do it. I like the idea someone suggested that Hogan comes in tonight to cost Jarrett the match and gets beat down big time to sell the injury off. I'd also do the double turn in that match with Russo going with Jarrett to try to defeat Styles, but it doesnt work. Then cue Hogan who comes out to cost Jarrett the match and maybe then goes for Russo afterwards. Right before he's about to get to him, Jarrett does the beatdown. I'm clueless how they are going to explain the whole deal with cancelling the Bound by Glory show though.....I guess they could announce the Hogan-Jarrett match at the start of tonights show, just dont say anything about it this week at all about being cancelled, and then next week after they would cut the injury angle with Hogan, they could say since the match has to be postponed, so will be the show. But that seems like a real slap in the face somewhat to pull something like that too.
  11. RedJed

    Official Preview for next week

    The show has a LOT of hit or miss stuff, from the sounds of it. They need a more solid main event on top if you ask me. That six man is just horrid. The X match 4 way should be good just because I've never seen this new guy, yet heard alot about him. On the subject of Ruckus, I say why the hell not. I agree about Michael Shane being the shits as well......I've never been high at all on Kazarian either. I'm baffled why TNA signed these two to major contracts.....I think there are more guys out there who can do more and are more known in the division. Sabin is just fine, but these two are worthless, IMO. Juvi and Hart should be scooped up to contracts once their visas get all squared away. Wonder what Daniels is talking about with bringing in friends? Lo-Ki and Elix? Piper on the mic live is always fun just because you dont know what he is going to say and if it will be coherant. I dont see this as a bad thing, makes for some laughs if you have a few brews while watching the show. I would bet Piper will play into the upcoming Hogan-Russo-Jarrett stuff. Northcutt v. Watts is going to be dumb for sure. Would like to see a follow-up with Lynn.......I could see him join up with Callis in attacking D-Lo or something. Tag title match........only thing that would make this ok is if its a new team or something with credibility. I hope its not David Young and ????, although I imagine that may be the case. Kash v. Abyss, why do this so soon? I'd play that Kash plays a chickenshit and it takes some major force to get him in the ring with Abyss instead. I could see this show swinging either way depending on how Mantell works with this lineup.
  12. RedJed

    Jarrett attacks Hogan in Japan

    Here's an idea......fat chance of it happening, but still..... You have Styles-Jarrett coming up and in that match, you have the expected turn of Jarrett and Russo joining forces to get the title, form against Hogan, etc. Russo does the turn somewhere in the match and its obvious him and Jarrett are now a team. But Russo's turn doesnt cause the finish. Styles is still alive. Cue Hogan who makes the run-in and he costs Jarrett the match. Styles then could defend the title as a babyface against whoever, while having Russo/Jarrett v. Hogan as the focus without the title, but still have both of them trying to get a title shot down the road while feuding. This would still underutilize the title and Styles at the same time just because you know they have to go with Jarrett/Russo-Hogan as the main feud of the company, and rightfully so, but at least you could have a seperate feud then with Styles still as world champ. Have Hogan get the title shot sooner or later (or i.e. let Hogan EARN a title shot, much less a title run.....see how he acts in TNA), and by that time have a suitable heel champ on top against him, who would have taken the belt from Styles........maybe have Raven defeat Styles down the road later, and then turn him back heel soon after the title chase for Raven is met. Then have Raven v. Hogan? Would be a weird match, but might just work. If the Hogan experiment fails sooner or later and he doesnt make it to the title shot match, have Jarrett go over Hogan and then challenge Raven for the world title, in the re-match that would see Raven retain over him....then you wouldnt have to worry about a Raven heel turn after all. Bottom line is that I just think its not worth putting the title on Jarrett for this feud since there is well enough buildup behind it without the belt. Plus I worry about Styles post-October 22 if he loses the title. Would rather he keep it for awhile longer as a face, then jobbing it to Raven in a big match as a buildup for their next major Sunday ppv after November (assumign they have a second one). If they do a second major ppv, why not have Russo/Jarrett v. Piper/Hogan? Sounds horrible on paper, but still......the story is there.
  13. RedJed

    Jarrett attacks Hogan in Japan

    Jarrett has already started his subtle heel turn by disrespecting Rhodes and beginning to go back to dissing on the whole tradition side of things. Even mentioned Hogans name last week on the show in regards to a handful of guys in the business who are "just in it for themselves." Sounds like a cool way to start this whole thing, although it kind of is weird considering Jarrett isnt even the champ yet.
  14. RedJed

    Hogan to work TNA on 11/30

    Oy vey! Well this is interesting on one level and potentially disasterous on another.... The positive from this is that its Hogan v. Jarrett, which is an intruiging match in itself stemming from BATB 2000. Another facet to this is that Russo is in the company and I would assume still has (or had?) stroke. With Hogan in, who knows what will happen here in regards to Russo's power. From how the shows have been lately (which have been good, and the word is that Russo has had almost nothing to do with them), I'd have to say having Russo's power limited or completely halted creatively wouldnt be a bad thing. Also, I think the move to do a Sunday ppv from a different location (Memphis? or maybe just the same arena they used to do Starrcade in Nashville in) and extending the airtime would be interesting too. Plus Hogan in for the time being is a nice short surge of possible revenue, keep in mind I said possibly. But to do this move with doing a 3 hour Sunday ppv, I think this would have been the only possible way for the time being since Hogan is the biggest free agent, hands down. The negative is of course that Hogan likely is asking a ton of money for this shot, and chances are it wont be long term. As I've said before, I just dont think his price tag is worth the offset to grab a few more viewers for one show. I cant see how they can make any revenue from this move when Hogan is going to get a major payoff here since I would assume the Jarretts had to really stretch it to get him in. They'd be better off signing a guy like Sting to a long term deal instead, if you ask me. Its also unknown if he will be in TNA before this match or not as well in building the match, so the normal ppvs likely wont see any bump either. On that same note, this will somewhat downgrade the normal ppvs on Weds, as they will be building up this supercard instead. Knowing Hogan as well, who knows what power play he will make creatively or otherwise (demand more money) Real mixed bag of feelings on this move.....I dont think they will make money off this supercard ppv but who knows. Advertising Hogan in TNA for 6 weeks though around the area may get them a decent chunk of change for live ticket sales. I'm not sure it will translate to a massive buy rate though. Think if they charged only $25 or maybe even $20 for the show, that might work. But no way, no how, can they charge $35.
  15. RedJed

    TNA fails to impress

    Just curious what you would have done then to make this show better overall, I always here this kind of response when something apparently sucks, yet no effort made to illustrate how.
  16. RedJed

    TNA fails to impress

    Exactly, thats what baffles me too. Shit like this is why I dont even bother hardly posting around anymore. No matter how good something may be, someone always has to turn the other cheek just "because".....or so it seems. Clear example of how there is validity to the wrestling community shunning the net fans because all they want to do is bitch for bitching sake, thats how I see it. Like he said, what are you to expect here with a show that was basically free and compare it to a normal Raw or Smackdown, and you still feel the need to bitch?! Fucking arg.
  17. RedJed


    They'd have to be fools to give Kazarian the belt at this point unless they did a double turn or something to draw heat on him. He simply put is far from over as a babyface chasing the X title, much less actually deserving to get it because of that. The reaction wasnt there when he beat Sabin the first time, nor the second. I'd say just do the ladder match and have Sabin win and leave it at that. I'm fearing though instead they might vacate the X belt next week for that tournament coming up perhaps.