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    Bryan Singer In Talks To Direct X-Men 3

    As a side note, whoever they cast for McCoy was PERFECT. Looked exactly like I would imagine beast would. (pre-fur, of course)
  2. Special K

    Party coming up

    X-Men, Alien V Predator, that Capcom D&D beat-em-up.
  3. Special K

    Old school Marvel

    Re: Prof X's crush I started out with #2 for Dark Phoenix. That sounds crepy though, what did he say? One thing is that every character sounds exactly the same. So you have reforming stone-killer Wolverine saying stupid shit like 'out of the frying pan and into the proverbial fire!' (I HATE that proverbial thing. If you're gonna use really cliched sayings, just USE them.) Basically they append the same exact speaking style with: Nightcrawler: mein got! Colossus: Lenin's ghost! Wolvie: bub Storm: Goddess! I hope the old ASM's didn't use the same comic-book diction for Parker that everyone seemed to use back then.
  4. Special K

    Old school Marvel

    Been reading essential X-men. Good buy, bad dialogue, good stories/characters. Don't know what more to say about it. I plan to pick up essential Spider-man. How is essential Daredevil?
  5. Special K

    Captain America

    A HHH comic book hero would get his ass beat for 2 issues then shoot a 'pedigree ;aser' which would never miss and always defeat his foe. It would be thrilling! Batman vs Doom: Bats has a strong chance to win the first time, becauswe Doom would be far to arrogant against a single, normal himan. Rematch has to be really close, though. It would actually be a good fight. Though the sensibilities of the characters are pretty different. (Doom=mad scientist brilliant, while Batman = practical engineer, tactician brilliant.)
  6. Special K

    Captain America

    In DKR, Batman beats Superman, a much more powerful foe, by outsmarting him, and taking advantage of his weakened state(You DO remember that whole being left a bloody skeleton thing right)? In knightfall, Bane beats Batman, a more powerful foe, by outsmarting him, and taking advantage of his weakened state. (he' is not more intelligent than batman, but he was able to turn his strengths [self reliance, never-say-die attittude] and turn them into weaknesses). You seem to have the opinion that since batman can whip bane in a straight fight, his loss doesn't count. That discounts all of Batman's wins due to his genius. Batman's my 2nd fave hero, but his loss to Bane counts. Doesn't mean he's weaker, and he'll never fall for it again, but it is a legitimate loss.
  7. Special K

    Horror Movie FINALE~!

    TCM, all the way.
  8. Special K

    GBA Games

    Wario ware if you like weird twitch (which sounds like porno) Every Castlevania game Finfal Fantasy Tacticw A Tactics ogre if you are really die-hard strategy.
  9. Special K

    Fantasy ReMakes

    Nights Alien v Predator (beat em up) Rerelease radiant silvergun! FFIV Warsong (aaalngrisser II Shoadowrun both snes and genesis River city ransom
  10. Special K

    The best four songs on the Radio

    Outkast: Hey Ya Strokes: 12:51 White Stripes: Just don't know what to do w/ myself The Darkness: I believe in a thing called love
  11. We haven't had an anime recommendation thread in a while, and I'm starting to think I've seen most of the good in the genre. (make no mistake, while I like anime, there is a LOT of bad anime.) My recommendations. as follows. 1. Vision of Escaflowne: Beautiful music and animation. A somewhat straightforward series which combines action and high drama. Fully realised characters, a somewhat rushed ending. 2. Cowboy Bebop: The snazziest, hippest anime. a bit too episodic, but the japanese concept of 'cool' to the highest level. 3. Irresponsible Captain Tylor. The serious anti-war drama as comedy. Tylor is the consumate supreme stoner cool. Going from complete ass to gentle, wise pascifist. great comedy wrapped in a space opera plot. 4. Ranma 1/2: Single most chaoitcally funny cartoon I've ever seen, 'sides Family Guy. Completely off the fuckin' wall, steadily regresses in quality. 5. Gundam Zeta: HIGH melodrama. The ultimate 'war really fucks shit up' pascifist anime. Filled mith complex characters and a rich history. Amazing. Movies 1. Sprited away/ assorted Miyazaki. Miyazaki could have dominated this field, so I'll put Spirited away, and perhaps Mononoke and Totoro in this catagopry. His movies are so ethereal, they make you feel like a kid again. 2. Akira: Hard sci-fi, great animation, screaming names over and over. A true tour-de-force, and what many people first think of when they think of anime. 3. Grave of the fireflies. God it's so fucking sad. So very very sad. I've watched it once. Very good, but GOD it's sad. 4: Ghost in the Shell/PatlaborI/II: Mamoru Oshi perfects the slow burn in sci-fi. Langorous scenes blend into action, Either you like this guy or you don't. Subjectively, he's probably my #2. 5: Hell, I dunno. Let's say Macross Plus which is swell, and be done with it.
  12. Special K

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 7

    Honestly, we should open a separate Buffy topic for rememberances/ polls/etc. This topic's a bit hard to navigate.
  13. Special K

    I never thought I'd say this

    Easy for you to say, Lethargic, but Smith's been one to historically fight for independent film rights. He has a loyal following, and his films make money. for he, such an outstanding advocate of independant film to completely kowtow to the studios may well be viewed as a dissapointment, no? Michael Bay can masturbate over how many factors will determine a blockbuster. It's just depressing to see a director who makes unashamedly juvenile, unapologetic flicks to compromise what he said earlier. For the record, I don't even like the Fletch flicks so much.
  14. Special K

    The Medallion

    It's a fucking wire. His legs look like they're flailing around in the clip. I like Jackie a great deal, and not for one second do I grudge his using wires at his somewhat advanced age, but hell, he's using wires. Let the man milk his natural chasrm, look at Supercop Adn Police Story one if you want his stuntwork
  15. Special K

    Graphic Novels

    To chime in, I've bought a lot of graphic novels recently. These are all good. Batman: Killing Joke Batman: Dark Knight Returns Batman: Year One Saga of the Swamp Thing WATCHMEN WHICH YOU MUST BUY AND READ. MANY TIMES V for Vendetta As an aside I really like Spider-Man, what are some good TPBs? DO they have a Death of Gwen Stacey TPB? I'd say buy the Maxx TPB, but it's probably easier to buy the back issues, actually.
  16. Special K

    Joel Gertner quotes

    This was of course right before the brutally explicit Dayton crowd-baiting Buh-Buh promo aired. 'Let's look at some of you people! We've got a faggot in a hawaiin shirt! Some mom who taught her sixteen year old daughter how to suck dick! And this nasty skankasauras who took nine inches of black dick so far up her ass, she didn't know what hit her! (While D-Von makes spasmy humping motions in the corner) Right before he told some guuy in the crowd to take a swing at him, and spit in the aforementioned mom's face. Buh-Buh had some serious balls for that, and it was pretty surreal, 'cause apparently they were saying shit like that at house shows around the country. Of course the PPV company who rated them AV-13 took exception.