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  1. Special K

    HCG diet

    246. Feeling and looking great. No loss of muscle that I can notice. At least halfway done.
  2. Special K

    Fantasy Football

    1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 Def Rushing: 6 per TD, 1 per 10 yds. Receiving: 6 per TD, 1 per 15 yds, 1 per 5 rec. passing: 4 per TD, 1 for every 20 yds past 200. -2 for lost fumbles, interceptions. Kickers: 3 per FG, 6 from 50+, 1 per extra pt. Def 1 for sack, 2 for safety or turnover. 6 for TD.
  3. Special K

    Fantasy Football

    So, I rejoined my old 12-man league last weekend. Was forced into keeping Joseph Addai, RB Ind Brandon Jacobs, RB, NYG Edgerrin James, RB Arz Donovan McNabb, QB, Phi Not awful, but not great. I think I had a really good draft, though. Keep in mind pretty much every elite player was kept. So my first round is pretty much a 5th round. Michael Turner, RB Atl Hines Ward, Wr, Pit Rudi Johnson, RB Cin Derrick Mason, WR Bal Chris Chambers, WR SD Vernon Davis, TE SF Jon Kitna, QB Det Jax Def Bobby Engram, WR Sea (gotta pick a home boy) Josh Brown, K Stl Vincent Jackson, WR SD LJ Smith, TE Phi Very good depth at RB for a 12 man league (Rudi Johnson as your 5th RB is pretty sick) Very, very glad I got Michael Turner. WRs aren't great (and boy they're OLD) , but my plan is to hopefully have 3 very good running backs, and trade one for an elite WR. Addai is great. Any recommendations on start/bench? Right now I'm starting Turner (w/ Addai of course).
  4. Special K

    Subway thread

    One of my favorites is the spicy italian, with the onions and green peppers toasted with the meat. No cheese, lettuce, cuke, tomato, pepperocini, vinergar. Tasty. Tuna, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cuke, pepperocini, onion is good too. I used to love the meatball sub ages ago when I had a good metabolism. But in the last couple months I've been eating chicken breast or ham with all the veggies except olives, no cheese, wheat bread, vingar the only condiment. Fairly healthy and pretty tasty.
  5. Special K

    HCG diet

    Well, I can safely say that I couldn't do the 500 calorie diet without the hormone. It kills your hunger. Down to 261.
  6. Special K

    HCG diet

    Shit, I worked lumber at Home Depot for 3 months before I got another engineering job. 'twas a bitch. I stayed the same weight, but definitely gained some muscle and lost some fat. What a shitty job, though. Putting down the bottle is definitely the first thing to do. An ounce of vodka has something like 70 calories. And that's just about the lowest calorie booze. I was drinking two or three full bottles of Cisco a day, supplemented with a sea of 211. I lost all the alcohol weight wtihin 3-4 months after getting sober. And HCG doesn't do shit for weight loss unless you're on the specific diet. The tests versus placebo didn't implement that specific diet.
  7. Special K

    HCG diet

    Yeah, I'll let you guys know! P.S. it's not based around fatty foods. Low fat proteins, fruit and veggies. Add fats for three weeks after hormone therapy, then slowly add carbs. Thanks.... uh, WhackingCockDick!
  8. Special K

    HCG diet

    I know it sounds retarded. However, so far so good. Lost three pounds in one day. I did look into it quite extensively before I started. There are plenty of people who claim to keep the weight off. My friend has kept it off for three months. Well, we'll just have to see how it goes.
  9. Special K

    Pundits you love/hate

    Love: First and formost: Michael Medved. Very smart man, makes his points well, the only show where I feel educated after listening to. Has actually made me change some political views. Bill O'Reilly: He is a conservative. Let's get that out of the way. But I think he's a conservative in the same way that Rather's a liberal. He's probably a bona fide asshole, but his show is pretty good. Jon Stewart: He IS a pundit. he's also very funny, at least his show is. Generally trashes politicians well. Like they need trashing. Chris Matthews: Don't know how he got the liberal label, I love this guy. Of course, it's easier to rip everone apart than to espouse their views, but I think he does it very well. I will DUEL him. Honorable mention: Rush. I think the guy's a genius. I actually don't think he believes what he says (especially based on his voting reccord) but the guy certainly cornered a market, and his grandiose style always cracks me up. He is the HHH of radio. Hate: Michael Savage: This guy actually has some good things to say on the Middle East situation, but he's a blatant homophobe and, I suspect, a racist. Gives lots of coded messages. 'you should only get AIDS and die' indeed. Ann Coulter: What a bitch. She's actually cracked me up a couple of times, but her basic argument of republicans=handsome/pretty people with balls the size of grapefurits and Dems=ugly fey people is SO fucking offensive. Fuck her. Last and certainly least Ted Rall. Fuck him. He makes the Dem party look SO bad, not that they need much help nowadays. What a snivelling, arrogant bastard. Fuck him Fuck him Fuck him.
  10. Special K


    Miracleman's fantastic. Almost as good as Watchmen. I'll post links to it again soon. Moore's just on a different level. I haven't read anything bad by him.
  11. Special K

    The OAO Phoenix Wright thread

    *Bump* Awesome! I love Edgeworth.
  12. Special K

    Shows That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

    Arrested Development.
  13. Special K

    The Office, Season 3

    Man, Jim as Dwight and Dwight as Jim totally made an otherwise OK episode. As an aside, I was at my parents' house and watched it, and three times my Mom cracked up, having never seen the show. That's a good TV show there.
  14. Special K

    Suggest some Graphic novels and Trade Paperbacks

    Yeah, those are terrific. I really love The Death of Captain Marvel. That is a graphic novel only, no? One thing: The 'X' series (Earth X, Universe X, Paradise X) Is sheer crap, Alex Ross covers or no. There's a couple of book where I would say, just don't pick it up, free or not. It sucks ass. If there was one adjective to describe that series it would be 'ponderous.'
  15. Special K

    Suggest some Graphic novels and Trade Paperbacks

    In addition to everything above: Batman: Dark Victory is good as well, but make sure to read Long Halloween first, Dark Victory is its direct sequel. If there's a trade of the JLA: Tower of Babel arc, I'd give that a look. Great Batman stuff. Batman Adventures: Mad Love is a terrificly fun little graphic novel, which is done in the style of the Batman Animated Series. Batman: Hush is definitely worth reading. (2 books) Has some great stuff with Superman in there. A couple that aren't so great for Bats, IMHO: Death in the Family is pretty bad, though it's certainly important to the character. No Man's Land, as a whole, is really long and dull. The final part of that particular series is great though. (it's gotta be like 5 TPBs) Of course, with the library, just go to a local branch and read everything you can! It's free. Scouring free TPBs is always a good thing. I've found a few unexpected gems just from grabbing things on impulse. Superman: Red Son is very cool. Superman: Secret Identity is a very different, low-key, but excellent tale. Check out Alan Moore's greatest DC stories. It has the wonderful What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Lot's of other good stories, including the aforementioned Killing Joke. And though it's not really Superman, check out Kurt Busiek's first volume of Astro City and see if you like it. Something I've always thought is that Superman is far superior in Elseworld stories. And here's some titles that you should pick up if you see, regardless. Authority, Planetary, (Planetary must be read from the beginning) Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis. Hellblazer Any various title by Frank Miller or Alan Moore. Hell, The Dark Knight Strikes again is really cool, it just doesn't at all live up to DKR. (Ok, All-Star Batman is shite) Anything by Garth Ennis, anything from Brian Michael Bendis that ISN'T in Marvel continuity. Anything drawn by Geof Darow or Mike Allred. Essentials. The Marvel line of cheap old-school reprints. My library has a ton of them, and they're always fun to look at. Dig that crazy Spider-Man tune, Dad! (Sider-Man had the worst dialogue ever back in the day.) Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes generally kick ass. The latest incarnation of LoSH is one of my favorite books.
  16. Special K

    Summer Box Office...

    I don't think Transformers or Evan Almighty are going to do well. Especially not seeing as Evan Almighty cost $175 millions freakin' dollars? What were they thinking?!? Transformers seems to have absolutely none of the elements that made the series fun, and I think people are finally catching on that Michael Bay is a hack. No stars, either. Not a good sign when both previews I've seen in the theater, it was loudly heckled. I don't see Evan Almighty as playingto Steve Carrell's strengths. It looks like Dr. Doolittle. I think Pirates and Spider-Man will take the top spots, though in which order I don't know.
  17. Special K

    Urban Legends and Myths

    Wait as in the 'K' for 'Kosher?' That's pretty funny.
  18. Special K

    Pictures I Like

    WOW. Here's a nice companion to the wall of vaginas.
  19. Special K

    Marvel Comics - Post Civil War

    See the above. Marvel can't be employing Joe Mad, can they? I mean I do like his art and all, but he takes more time for stuff than Geoff Darrow. I mean, how many years did Battle Chasers run? How many comics were actually put out before he just admitted he didn't care? Like 9 issues in 2.5 years? At least Geoff Darrow has something to show for it. We still don't have Ultimates2 13, do we?
  20. Special K


    Well, if you're stuck on this, take heart in this: Rorschach, Dr Manhattan and the Comedian have yet to be mimmicked well in TV or Movies. Watchmen is, at it's heart, a character study. Sure "I did it 35 minutes ago" kicks you square in the balls the first time you read it, but I can't think of an analogue for those characters that has been nearly as successful as the first time you read Watchmen. Shit, for apocalyptic scenes, I think "Akira" is the only movie that has had near the impact of Watchmen, how many times has that been aped?
  21. Special K

    Top Ten "Jobs" in Modern Wrestling

    Most of the good ones have been mentioned, but with one huge ommission. This would actually be my #1, but it's understandable since it's the WWE folder. Misawa over Jumbo Tsuruta. It;s sort of like Hogan Andre WMIII with two incredible wrestlers, instead of two shitty wrestlers. Jumbo is the shit. His only real competition comes in the form of big mean Americans. Misawa is an up and comer. It's really his story in this match. He's not a bad guy, but he treats Jumbo with utter direspect, in a sort of desperate attempt to GET respect from Jumbo. He's fighting on desperation, flying all over the place, and then slapping Jumbo to prove his point. The slaps to the face really do tell a story. Jumbo just looks horrified, not pissed, and Misawa almost looks imploring. "Take me seriously!" Misawa basically goes nuts here, going up to the top maybe 10 times. He is just dogged. What makes this match really special is, 1) Misawa would bee the domintating force in AJPW/NOAH for a dcade, 2) Although Jumbo was awesome, Misawa wrestled so freakin' hard, that he made Jumbo look, honestly, old. This heralded in the new age of AJPW.
  22. Special K

    The Youtube Thread

    This match is AWESOME. Just incredibly exciting and nasty. I'd rate it the only five star match of the last few years that I've personally seen. Thanks Downhome. I don't know how these guys kept that kind of energy level up for so long. Once the match starts to speed up, its pace is just balls-out. I definitely need to get a tape or two of KENTA. I think I've only seen a couple of really early matches, and he was incredibly quick in this one. Not to take anything away from Marufuji, who is tough as fuck. He absorbs a shitload of abuse. P.S. Halfway through the match, about 3/4 through part 2. The botched Blitzkrieg moonsault. How the fuck was he not given a traecheotomy and stretchered out? I literally, out loud, yelled "FUCK!" and instinctively covered my neck. For the love of God, that was ghastly. Right after, he retches so loud the camera picks it up from at least 8' away.
  23. Special K

    Name five of the greatest TV Champions

    I haven't watched enough old-school WCW to give a list, but I loved Regal as the TV champ. He definitely had a very nice Honky Tonk Man IC reign vibe going. It was Prince Iaukea that beat him, right? Ugh. The premise was right (young debuting babyface with skills finally ending his reign), but Prince Iaukea was, of course, ghastly. I would've seen a young athletic babyface, like Alex Wright or Jericho going over. Maybe a debuting luchadore.
  24. Special K


    It doesn't outrage me, or anything. I think the writers probably intend it as an homage. It will bug me when/if a Watchmen movie comes out, and people think it rips off Heroes. However, Watchmen is 20 years old now. It was popular, won a special Hugo, and influenced every comic since. Most people will be able to separate it from Heroes. It's like my feeling in regards to my fave book, Neuromancer. If a movie is ever made, people will think it's ripping off countless movies, particularly the Matrix. However, you have a best-selling, hugely influential book, (and winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K Dick, for God's sake) Hollywood just never saw fit to make a movie out of it. It's ship has sort of sailed now, but if a movie's ever made, it's pedigree will be made well known.
  25. Special K

    Buffy Comics

    Well, I see banners of Whedon writing Buffy 'season 8' on various sites. Have there been other books in the Buffyverse worth picking up?