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  1. Special K

    SNL Review

    Bjork is awesome. Cretin.
  2. Special K

    Somebody Sell Me On The "Blade" movies...

    Yeah, the opening fight in Blade II has horrible CGI in it, but beyond that, it's actually pretty damn cool Oh, and Blade II has Cat from Red Dwarf~!
  3. Special K

    Supreme Court Bans Partial Birth Abortion

    Getting sued?And doctors probably lose patients for not handing out pain meds like candy, but the vast majority still follow the letter of the law.
  4. Special K

    Supreme Court Bans Partial Birth Abortion

    They weren't making law, they were upholding an existing law, right? If so, if you don't like it, start with Congress.
  5. Special K

    Guitar Hero.

    Knowing Psychobilly freakout doesn't really help, because the song's so spastic. Great to see the Reverend in the game, though.
  6. Special K

    Somebody Sell Me On The "Blade" movies...

    I liked #2. Good action scenes, freaky creature effects, and Ron Perlman being a giant asshole. I don't think I've disliked any Guillermo Del Toro movie, but this is among his least. Contains a very silly suplex and elbow-drop. A couple of really bad (but very short) full Cg action clips, where the physics look like Virtua Fighter. Blade one needs only one reccomendation: At climax of the movie, Blade defeats the bad guy, and out Arnie's Arnie with the non sequiter #3 is awful.
  7. Special K

    "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie trailer up

    It cost very little to make.
  8. Special K

    Services of the McKenzie Group.

    Gay Points | YEAH-UH~! | Heel Turn | Home Credit Loans | *elephant noise*
  9. Special K

    Urban Legends and Myths

    That's just silly, and illogical. The first item on their menu? Chicken, not C.
  10. Special K

    Shooting at Virginia Tech Campus

    The outrageously high suicide rate in Japan? All because they have so many guns. No societal pressures. No grey areas. Nosiree. All about the guns.
  11. Special K

    Shooting at Virginia Tech Campus

    That's data? That's very thorough. It totally explores causation v correlation. MACARONI AND CHEESE!
  12. Special K

    Buffy the Complete Box Set (Seasons 1-7)

    Well, Ranking. #1 Season 3. Best big bad bar none. Lots of really good standalone eps. Also, For me, Oz was a really terrific part of the scoobies. #2 Season 2. The great big romantic arc. Spike being awesome. The scoobies are all adorable this season. #3 Season 5. This was just a really well-done story. Don't know what's much more to say. #4 Season 4. As everyone said, great episodes. 'Restless' is the best Buffy episode, and one of the best episodes of anything I've seen. It alone, with 'Hush' thought I should put this 3rd, but the overall quality? Weak Weak Weak. #5 Season 6. At least this season had a strong arc. And 'once more with feeling' is boss. #6 Season 1 Quippy and fun. The characters are really cute in this season. Alright, I like this more than Season 6 #7 Season 7 Started strong and shit the bed. Way too much Spike, who had become incredibly lame. Way too many characters. Principal Wood? Yeah he contributed a lot.
  13. Special K

    The Dark Knight

    I got the vibe that he really couldn't give a shit. And yeah, Tommy Lee Jones was way worse than Jim Carrey. Way worse.
  14. Special K

    Shooting at Virginia Tech Campus

    You know, in the book, Rambo was fucking mental, and he died. Not a bad book, and not a bad film. Beyond that, people feigning shock, or, worse actually being shocked by the media, are laughable. The days of Edward R Murrow are long gone. Seeing as I'm a young'un, I don't know if they were even there. Kinda doubt it. Everything's sensationalist, and I don't even know why you were surprised. Moment the shootings came down the pike, I bet every single anchor got a fucking hard-on. From the Wussiest psychoanylists, to the spluttering sycophants. Pumping away on their story. Trying to get the least little bit of cum-info.
  15. Special K

    The Dark Knight

    I dunno if I could buy him visually as the joker... he's a better actor than he's been given credit for. I'm sure makeup effects will give him that psychotic whimsy. (It really should've been Crispin Glover) Otherwise. Harvey Dent casting is fuckinjg perfect. Well Anything's better than Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face. Though Batman and Robin might be the worst movie ever, Tommy Lee Jones was the worst villain ever.
  16. Special K

    Dream Pop and Shoegazer

    Well... Loveless is one of the best albums ever, like ever. Everything else by My Bloody Valentinte is good. Including the Lost in Translation Sountrack. Czech would be the one to reccomend you some good shoegaze. Maybe he on;y gave me the basics.
  17. Special K

    Imus Remarks

    No; can you read the thread? Because it's been gone over ad nauseaum.
  18. Special K

    The Office, Season 3

    any YouTube's up?
  19. Special K

    Imus Remarks

    The worst thing about Rush is that phony-ass Dr. Hibbert laugh he does.
  20. Special K

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Queen's a candidate, I'd say.
  21. Special K


    i'll admit, I love him. I think he's aweseome. Not only is he just nasty looking, he fucks with Spider-man mor than anyone except Osborne. The second he's loose he's ragin on parker. Has some very definite detriments. Very popular during the WORST ever Spidy crossovers. I was like 12 when Maximum came out. Venom was my fave villain. Spidey was my fave hero. THIS JUST SUCKED. It sucked so bad .... IT JUST SUCKED. Forget the clone wars. Actaually don't. Sal Buscema is bar-none, the second shittiest artist ever, next to Jim Aparo, Arrrrgh. I hate every piece of this. '
  22. Special K


    I could take about 5 seconds of the Joy Division cover before I had to quit out of it. The worst so far in this thread. Shakira's was just lazy, but at least it had the badass guitars. The worst cover ever Is Britney Spears doing 'Satisfaction.' Every single second of it is rancid.
  23. Special K

    The Invasion Angle

    Angle also started out really strong as the top WWE face vs, Austin, with classic goofy moments such as the milk truck, yet being insane when he got into the ring. Then 9/11 and you can't have Mr. America be a goof, so they made him a cocky face, which he really coudln't play.
  24. Special K

    Imus Remarks

    I'll agree it's an overreaction. Shit, Rush Limbaugh once told a caller to 'take the bone out of his nose.' Bill O'Reilly's hateful comments towards the guy who lost his father in 9/11 wer infinitely worse than this. However Imus said what he said, and trying to deflect the argument by ranking on Sharpton, Jackson, and rappers doesn't change the fact that his bosses have every right to fire him, if they feel it would benefit their company. His entire job is to speak publicly, and he goofed. If he's fired, he'll be picked up elsewhere.
  25. Special K

    Imus Remarks

    There are the hate speech laws, but those pretty much fall under inciting violence, correct?