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  1. Special K

    The Office, Season 3

    I cracked up at least five times. Great episode. Angela's so cute when she gets all happy.
  2. Special K

    Marvel Comics - Post Civil War

    I'm one of Bendis' biggest supporters. The guy is awful at continuity, often goes fora chreap joke, but I think it's an editorial thing. Every non-continuity Bendis thing is good-great. USM,Powers, his independent projects are killer. He's always on time, I dunno. Maybe I'm undully influenced by USm which IS great, crazy great. So for the future make mine USM, And Ultimate X-men. And Legion of Super-Heopes. And 52. Ok, let's just say i like comics again.And I'm fairly excited since good writers are being given the chance to be good.
  3. Special K

    I have 2/3 of a bag of egg noodles

    Egg noddles are awesome with any type of broth. They match particularly well with beef. Beef stroganoff is awesome. Wait, that's just what you made.Homemmade chicken noddle soup is always a winner... With some butter and herbs, you'll have a hell of a side-dish. Fresh peas and meat wouldn't do badly. Chewy noodles with crunchy peas is a really nice match. And full of green peaness. Wait, that;s horrible. Honestly, I've been using rice noodles for so long, I can't remember the last time I used egg noodles except for natch, beef stroganoff.
  4. Special K

    czech republic retires?

    Man, I really missed Milky. Insane cum-guzzler that he is.
  5. Special K

    Marvel Comics - Post Civil War

    I'll keep subscribin' to all the Ultimate titles. Speaking of: when the FUCK is 2Ultimate 13 coming out? Ultimate 2 is Battle Chasers bad now. I love the book, but fucking come ON. It can't be the art, there were like 5 lines of dialogue in 12. This is one of their flagship titles. Get the steppin;!
  6. Special K

    high school shenanigans

    I don't even know where I should begin. so i won't. Flailing spaztic. Christ.
  7. Special K

    Milky lives.

    Good to see you, you insane sodomite!
  8. Special K

    The Shield

    My local paper's TV guide had a cover story on The Shield which was good. I think the headline was "Shocking revelation: Season Six's premier of The Shield will be violent." Heh. Anyway, a good article. Has a nice quote from Michael Chiklis about how Kavenaugh is an 'anti-villain' to Vic's anti-hero: a guy you should be rooting for, but you just can't. Also, Dutch got almost equal time in the article to Vic, so it looks like he should be playing a really big part in this season. (Yay!) Also the cover: Shane, Ronnie, Vic, some new scruffy-looking guy, and Julian. (Interesting choice, Julian on Strike Team? Nah.) Thing is, I didn't recognize Ronnie at ALL. It wasn't after I read the caption with the actor's names that I realized it. Still, I couldn't recognize him without the 'stache. As to season ranking's? I couldn't really tell you. I can think of shows with higher highs and lower lows, but not a drama show that was so consistently good. Season 4 is my least favorite, probably because though Glen Close's character was terrific, I really couldn't invest in it because you just knew she would be gone. Also a little bit of blue balls from with the Strike Team slowly getting back together after the overriding paranoia of season 3. Still, the usual caveat applies, a terrific season from a terrific show. I guess I would pick Season 2 as best, just because I thought Armadillo was such a great, scary villain. The same reason people pick Season 4 for Antwon Mitchell
  9. Special K

    Blades of Glory

    Will Arnett was, unfortunately, underused. Jon Heder didn't annoy at all, though. Only downside is the first 20 minutes are the funniest part of the movie, with Will Ferrell acting like a complete miscreant. Also, most of the reviews (and in fact the paper ads) blew the Iron Lotus joke, which had the theater ROLLING.
  10. Special K

    Totally unintentional racism.

    I just got my first watermelon of the season. Fucking delicious. On the intentional racism side, one of the fraternities, when I was in college, had a 'MLK day' party. Sitting outside, 40's, Popeye's, and watermelon. Worst fucking thing i've ever seen. Thankfully, they got busted.
  11. Special K


    The first Carnage arc, IIRC, wasn't so bad. I think Maximum Carnage directly followed. THAT is one of the worst things ever. It exemplifies everything wrong with 90's Marvel.
  12. Special K

    Battlestar Galactica

    I liked it quite a bit. A lot of the series has sort of had this ambiguity, and mystery, but in a really good way. I want to see what happens next very much. And am I the only one who, for some reason, loves Baltar? He's the worst kind of shit, but I can't help feeling he's going to come out a hero.
  13. Special K

    "Cartoon Network, we will kill you!"

    Cheese and rice, I couldn;t even finish watching that. Goddamn.
  14. Special K

    Husband Rips Wife's Eyes Out After She Refused Him Sex

    You're being sarcastic, right? Because that's the single most off-topic statement I've ver heard. "Hey, gas prices are going up!" "Tell that to segrgation!"
  15. Well, this is totally random, and years old, but on a whim I picked up a couple of Legion of superheroes TPBs from the library. They kick ass. Mark Waid is very good at team books, and the art's really good. I was surprised, Braniac 5, who I'd never really heard of, is one of the coolest characters ever, if the book keeps going this strong.
  16. Special K


    Had cancer which would kill him OMGRIGHT THIS SECOND! if he wasn't bonded to the symbiote. Then sold the symbiote and committed suicide... And seems to be recovering in the hospital, despite being on death's door.... And carnage was in Cassidy's blood, then got eatten, then showed back up... Basically it's a fucking mess. Let's not even get into the supid amnesia angle.
  17. Special K

    Pleased To Meet You

    You seriously love the swany, weepy, can't always get what you want, without fun, nasty tracks like Jumpin' Jack Flash or Brown Sugar?
  18. Special K

    robrabies is wildpegasus?

    WP's and Chrono's lack of sense of humor was friggin' Legendary. A bad pun? reacted to with absolute, sincere. crapiness.
  19. Special K

    robrabies is wildpegasus?

    Gawd BX. Don't even try to cover for it. Just awful. Fanofcoils was a ridiculously successful troller. I've never really seen the appeal of trolling, but, he was. I think WP and CronoT were actual people, which is sorta scary.
  20. Special K

    School bans Myspace in school AND in home.

    There have always been fucked up kids. MySpace just gives us a disturbing look at said kids. And bad clip art. It's the schools prerogative to ban the site. It's not like the banning of cell phones and iPods. Wait, wait. Teaches me to post without really reading the article. Schools have NO rights once the kid gets out of school. I don't care WHAT the kid does, schools are not parents. (If the kid is being visibly abused, I think the school should intervene, but that should be the extent of their involvement) This'll be destroyed if it gets to courts, but that they're even trying to do this makes me sorta depressed.
  21. Special K


    I agree, even though I like the original look more. Gargan-Venom and Lady Deathstrike teaming up for a few panels in Civil War was one of my favorite parts. They're two of my favorite villains. I really liked the Eddie Brock character in Ultimate Spider-Man. Well to be accurate, I hated him. And I like Topher Grace sort of following that mold. In USM, Brock was basically a skinny punk kid like Parker, and the symbiote made him huge. Better than a body-builder with a pretty lame complaint against Spidey, in the first place.
  22. Special K

    Pleased To Meet You

    The Stones are fucking awesome. The rockingest band of their era along with I think the Kinks (my Rock chronology is pretty bad) Sympathy for the Devil strikes me as sorta cheesy, tho. Maybe because in high school one kid thought he was Jagger. If you can watch a rich 16-year -old kid sing about how he saw Jesus dying on the cross, without laughing, you're more man than I.
  23. Special K

    This Is How We Do It

    REGULATERS! I've had "humpin around" stuck in my head for literally a month.
  24. Special K

    NewsRadio Season 5 DVD

    Yeah, what everyone's said, basically. Lovitz was fine, funny. He could even have maybe taken on the role of Bill's insane arrogance. He Could have Been Bill in the very first episode. He would have been funny, not as funny as Phil, but funny nonetheless. Newsradio couldn't go on without Phil, though. He's one of the funniest characters and actors ever. It's not like coach from Cheers. That was sad as fuck, but he wasn't suddenly murdered. Phil Hartman was the fucking MAN. Funniest man on SNL at the time he was left, seemed to be the most unpretentious, and then just dead. And every time I see Bill passes on, I cry. Every time. I imagine the comentary on the episode is fucking heartbreaking. It just makes me feel sad and downtrodden. I'm so glad Khandi Laexander showed up for the episode. It's the best 'Very special' episode ever, ever.
  25. Has Ultimates 2, or the Ultimate Clone Wars been conluded, or at least continued? It takes me a bit to get to my local comic place, and lately, I just snatched up some 52's and Cicil War 7 and went on my way. They are getting Slooow in the Ultimate Universe, and really, I think that's a lot of what people were interested in. I mean, for two years I just told my local guy: subscribe to anything ultimate, and I'll pick it up. Nowm that was months ago, but still.