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  1. Special K

    Husband Rips Wife's Eyes Out After She Refused Him Sex

    It's horrific, but come one, 4 years year old atrocities, and horrific events aren's really current events. Hey, they caught Gary Ridgeway!
  2. Special K

    Curry-Put Your Fucking Purse Down

    I said it after the first season. Like it, but it's Twin Peaks redux, and at least Twin Peaks was hilariously bizarre. Still taking something from another forum and mockingly posting it here is a little pissy in and of itself. I'm sure I had a little tirade when AD was cancelled.
  3. Special K

    Totally unintentional racism.

    I was an infant, and my Dad was showing me around the workplace. One of his friends comes up, and he's the first black man I'd ever seen. Apparently, I just started BAWLING.
  4. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    DIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ5O-ojRo9c
  5. Special K

    Urban Legends and Myths

    Really? If so to tell/show. Not that the cruelty would be unbelievable. foie gras anybody? Tastes great. "Genetically modified" is pretty much bull though, as far as I know. Domestic turkeys have tigglebiddies as opposed to their wild brethren. "Genetically modified?" No, they were bred to have big breast meat.
  6. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Can we put a moratorium on this utterly retarded Clique A/B shit Leena? I don't know what it means, I don't care to know what it means, and 90% of the time, you're the one who brings it up.
  7. Special K

    Urban Legends and Myths

    I dunno about current energy drinks, but ephedra was all kinds of fucked up. Should have never been passed by the FDA. In terms of urban legends... OK, KFC and most chicken growers clip chickens' beaks right? I'll believe that. I have a Norwegian friend who believes that KFC has engineered chickens who have no beaks or feet. Just globs of meat sitting in a box. EDIT: I do wonder what happens to the rest of chickens processed for wings. Little tiny chicken breasts? Probably what goes into a McNugget.
  8. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Even though he's bad for your health.
  9. Special K

    high school shenanigans

    Hopefully everything essential has been said. Just wanted to add, this thread reminded me of this. Marty Sherman: Being President's hard work. And all the other kids want to do is goof off and eat candy. Jay Sherman: Son, as President, you're above that. [remembers Ronald Reagan being sworn in] Ronald Reagan: I do solemnly swear that as your President, I will goof off and eat candy. [falls asleep at podium] Crowd: Four more years! Four more years!
  10. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    /Bites bell pepper with gusto.
  11. Special K

    high school shenanigans

    Hear, hear.
  12. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Then she said "My baby I'm so speechless" Then I said "My baby you gon be breathless" Everyone remember, sarcasm really doesn't translate on the written page. Pretty, prettyyyyy prattayyyy, sure Czech was being sarcastic.
  13. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Deal with it honky, people like you.
  14. Special K


    "She was askin' for it" is very mildly putting Miks SC's thread of horror. "Tell your (rape victim) slut friend to keep her legs closed." That's a bit different.
  15. Special K

    Kotz and Czech

    Yeah, if you're some kind of sick fuck. I love El Topo. Although my Dad showed it to me when I was twelve. Trauma. What a sick fuck.
  16. Special K

    Buffy Comics

    I'm not high on the INitiative, But It's Whedon. And hell, while I'm not super-high on s4, it has Restless, pretty much the best thing ever put on a TV screen.
  17. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    "DrVenkman is DrVenkman" That should have automatically got the vote from me. Things are friendly again. I like that.
  18. Special K

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    Bebop makes more sense. Still, that ending makes me cry.
  19. Special K

    Pot pies

  20. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Chiggidy czech yourself Black Lushus Who is Venkman? Lovecraft? he's the shit.
  21. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?...&hl=stalked What?
  22. Special K

    The Youtube thread

    COME ON! This is GREATNESS staring you in the FACE.
  23. Special K

    Services of the McKenzie Group.

    Cock! |Cock!| Jism!| Grandma! |Cock!
  24. Special K

    I'm officially a film student now

    You really don't. Well maybe you do. You see... I have a phobia. a really terrible, actual phobia. When I was a kid, in the boy scouts, we took a 50 -mile hike. It was great. One of the parents took a camcorder. When we were home, the parents showed video of the kids hiking. And I fucking freaked out. I couldn't watch it. Later in life, me and some friends shot some dumb home movies, and it was fun. Cutting it up in the editting room, with friends I couldn't do it. It's the dumbest phobia ever, but I can't watch video of myself in motion. Pictures? Fine. And it's not that I'm horribly ugly or something, I just cannot watch myself in motion. And if I think back, my parents have movies of me playing with a pet rabbit, when I was very young. Cute as hell. They showed it to another couple. I was a crying mess. Really, the dumbest fucking phobia, but there it is.
  25. Special K


    The whole movie I thought "who IS that asshoole?" I've only seen half a season of The Wire, but goddamn, he is the ultimate sleazebag in 300. I didn't know it was possible to arch your eyebrows that high outside of the Sunday funnies.