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    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    I honestly can't see how people got grumpy about this.
  2. Special K


    They're apparently going to do all kinds of weird stuff to make it seem like a late-night drive-in. Fake artifacts in the film, fake previews for nonexistent films (one segment to be directed by Rob Zombie) definitely a labor of love. I'll see it opening weekend. Kurt Russell is so the man. I don't anticipate much sex in this movie, so if it's NC-17, it's the first movie since the inception of that rating I can name to be so based on violence. (Well the Wild Bunch was rated X).
  3. Special K

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    I'll bump, just because I finished watching Samurai Champloo. What a hell of a series. I think I like Bebop a little better, but that's like comparing better to best.
  4. A very good point. being isolated and neglected can have a huge effect on the psyche and, I would think, the mind. Thankfully, my grandma has always had a huge family of support. I pray I am able to somehow support my parents when they become elderly. That's the genuine form of ageism, neglecting your elders.
  5. Special K

    The Youtube thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcXTvRxAjwo "bangada bangada bang!" "'Look sir, I don't wan' anything of this' And I go WHOOP, an' I slit your throat."
  6. Special K

    Sophomore Slumps

    What's the track listing for the Uk release? I personally like Led Zeppelin II a lot, but some of that might be nostalgia, it's my dad's favorite album. I'll say Nine Inch Nails had a sophomore slump.
  7. It's a decently funny show, from the two eps I watched on NBC. I really like the characters, though. Some of that may be coming from my love of Andy Richter and Tony Hale, but I'll take what I can get! NBC is pretty much ruling it on the comedy front nowadays.
  8. Special K

    Neal Stephenson

    So: The Big U: Have not read it. It's readily available now. Stephenson himself has said it pretty much sucks. Zodiace: Funny as hell. Definitely more condident as an author. Somewhat Prescient, but just a great ride. The most enjoyable dick protaganist ever. Snow Crash: What a fucking ridiculous book. This is the book that I was given when I met him. EVERY cyberpunk cliche is skewered. When cyberpunk was actually kind of new. It's silly as hell and funny as fuck. It's just really good. (sidebar) people forget that most classic sci-fi authors became gonzo crazies. This definitely hearkens back to that time. Diamond Age: I love Love love this book. If only he could have ended it. If only. 3/4 Ender's game, only better, 1/4 meh. I personally think it's still one of the best modern scifi books for the first 3/4 Cryptonomicon:I remember adoring this massive tome, I also was in finals for electrical engineering. So I was spent. Then I lost my autographed first edition at the airport because I was so fucking tired. Then, I got home, and Cryptonomicon had ammassed such a following that it was three times William Gibson (my favorite author) Anyway... I'll rank 'em. 1. Diamond Age 2. Snow Crash 3. Cryptonomicon / Zpdiac (can't decide) 5. Quicksilver. I'll reiterate I haven't read past Quicksilver. Damn he wrote those fast.
  9. Special K

    Neal Stephenson

    Well, Zodiac is pretty damn funny, mostly since the lead character is such a lovable prick. Snow Crash can be downright silly in setting, and is his most cyberpunk-y book. It's very funny. Diamond Age is pretty straight-laced (appropriate for a 'neo-victorian' setting) Cryptonomicon and Quicksilver settle into a wry sense of humor, with lots of good dialogue and humorous asides.
  10. Special K

    Hey, look what I found

    Wow, Crono is hilariously disturbed.
  11. Here, here. Senior citizens do not have the capabilities of others. Again, that does not mean 'better' or 'worse'. It means we should be able to take care of our senior citizens, in the richest country on earth. Acknowledging realities can actually be a boon, we can and should take care of seniors.
  12. Special K

    Carbonated drinks.

    I've never been a fan of diet cherry coke. And I can't tell you the difference between diet and coke zero. However, Cherry Coke Zero is brilliant. It tastes good, has the burn, and, well tastes good. It's not syrupy.
  13. Special K

    I'm officially a film student now

    Well, you're so far ahead of every amateur filmmaker then. I wish you the best of luck. It just takes a little bit of ingenuity or unique humor to make an incredible film. I saw El Mariachi, and it inspired me to make a couple of embarrising home movies. Then I just settled into being adequate at math. If you have a passion for it, a modicum of originality, and you have support. DO IT.
  14. Special K

    I'm officially a film student now

    Congrats dude! I hope you make something of it. I have a couple friends in theater/screenwriting, who if nothing else, have made great self-sustained runs in Seattle. It's definitely doable. They're reviewed in the niche papers very well, and have great shows. ONe thing, I hope your parents support you. I do sorta hope you're kidding about the Eraserhead. I'm a huge Lynch film fan, (hell, I'm named after a Lynch character) and I sorta find that film insufferable.
  15. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    I don't get any of the angriness. I knew I was pwned by Czech before the round started. Who cares? it's all just stoopid fun. And I demand a recount! Oh shit I lose. Conspiracies.
  16. Special K

    The Shield

    God, I love this show, and I actually have some trepidation about what's going to happen. I don't worry the show's going to be good, that, to me, is a given. I wonder if Forest Whitaker will be back (I sure hope so), I wonder if Dutch will ever triumph, and I have this fear that the only possible way this show can end is with Vic dying.
  17. Special K

    The Official "52" Thread

    PRetty great covers all around, with Troy/WW, Robin, and Black Adam being standouts. Question: Who's tiger guy? And I just have no idea what's going on in the very bottom-right panel. Sorta has an egyptian theme, BA's enforcers? Overall, I gotta say, Black Adam has been getting almost universal love from comic fans,(myself most definitely included) and is by far the most well-developed character in 52. And I'm pleased to see personal favorites Dibney, Booster, and Animal Man getting time. Another question: Have we heard anything from Booster and Skeets after the big reveal issue? Is Ralph now presumes dead? I bought all of 52 up to the Booster reveal, and have just picked up a few every here and there since. Great series or not, it's an investment. Especially since i was trying to follow crummy Civil War.
  18. Special K

    The Gun Control Thread

    I fucking hate guns, personally. Like, not really a rational and reasoned response. More a knee-jerk physical revulsion to their sight outside of a shooting range. (which I enjoy). And I'm an NRA Marksman 1st Class with a rifle. (Yay Boy Scouts!) That said, I only think two restictions are warranted. Restrictions on full-auto weapons, and requiring liscensing. Anything beyond that is ludicrous, in my mind. Don't think so? Try to repeal the second amendment. Don't try pussy-footing around with this slippery slope bullshit. (and BTW, I'm not for repealing the 2nd amendment.) Trigger locks are a good idea. A great idea, even, but they shouldn't be mandatory. Also there should be specific gun ranges where people should be able to shoot .50 caliber beasts and shoot up derelict cars with mini-guns. Why the fuck not? I'm sure it'd be a blast.
  19. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    MATCHUPS FOR ROUND 4! Elite Snobs/Boardum/Pit bracket: #1 Incandenza vs. #14 Black Lushus TSM Vets/Shit Folders bracket: #8 bob_barron vs. #3 Czech- Czech is hilarious, and a good guy, but Barron is funny, and actually a postive guy, something of which we don't have enough. Myself included. Sports Folder bracket: #1 alkeiper vs. #7 Vitamin X Alkeiper's great in sports, but I only go there regularly around football season. The Awesomely Mediocre and/or Unknown bracket: #9 DrVenkman vs. #3 CanadianChris- I don't really know much about Canadian Chris.
  20. Special K

    "Thanks CBS for turning my son GAY"

    A lot of these are a hoot. I think it's awesome that both GLAAD and homophobes were outraged by the Snickers commercial. I thought it was funny. And while I could see how some (prudish) people would be offended by the guitar stroking, I don't see how every one of them seems to think it's a homosexual act. I guess masturbation is sort of a homosexual act, technically.
  21. Special K

    high school shenanigans

    You missed the point entirely. different people prioritize various qualities differently. Some people will be treated differently their entire life because of how they look. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, or putting any moral value to it, that's just fucking REALITY C-Bacon, which is seemingly the hardest thing for you to grasp. Assigning a moral value to everything and getting all upset when things aren't completely ideal and groovy just clouds the issue. (And no, I don't think that good-looking people are 'better') I wish everything was as ideal as you make it out to be, and we could just live in sustainable communes and no one was ever cruel, that there was no war or injustice. However, history doesn't bear this out as a viable option. I wish communism could be implemented so that everything was fair and just. But it doesn't work, and it never will. Human nature being what it is, a society where no one rules just makes it easy for tyrrany to take hold. And children need guidance. If you read what I said, I said that doesn't mean talking down to them, or insulting them or treating them like shit. Do you think, honestly, that we should let a five-year old drive or drink, or screw, after we've carefully and gently explained the pros and cons to them, all in the name of not appearing 'ageist?' If you honestly do, your are a fucking lunatic. Again, recognizing a difference in the ages isn't ageist, and you can recognize that children need guidance without despising them. On the flipside, my grandmother's in a nursing home, because she simply can't take care of herself any longer. It's not like we're screaming 'fuck you old lady!' It's about recognizing she was a danger to herself and others. I wish things were different, but that's just REALITY.
  22. Special K

    high school shenanigans

    Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone! It goes without saying that better teachers will get more respect from their students. However, lets look at ways to improve the quality of the teaching (and the accountability of teachers) rather than strip them of the option of exercising their authority. And this 'ageism' thing is sheer bullshit. Children are inexperienced in the world and lack certain skills, which makes parenting, guidance and education a necessity. Children are not any lesser for their naivete, they are much richer. Children are wonderful, and I hope to have a couple myself some day. However, that doesn't mean they're equal. I think adults should avoid talking down to children, they can sense condescention. That doesn't mean I'm going to let a five-year-old drive a car, or drink, or have sex. If all ages were trully equal, no one would bat an eye at pedophilia. Kids need some guidance in their life, sometimes against their wishes. This shouldn't be a radical concept to anyone. And not all people are equal in general. The law should treat them equally, but that does not, in fact make them equal. Some people are smarter, or kinder, or better-looking, or more athletic, or more ambitious than others. Where you attach your values is your own decision, but that's just the truth. And some people, kids, teenagers, and adults, are just assholes. They just are! Brought up right, given opportunities, and they're just miserable mean people. Some of those people grow up to be *gasp* teachers! If you're being an insufferable prick, you might deserve to get fired from your job, and you might deserve to be kicked out of class. Teachers should be accountable for exercising their authority, but they do need the option. School probably should expose children to capitalism. It's called preparing for life, seeing as the entire western world (even Canada!) is, in fact, capitalist! Anyway, let the kids have their cell phones and iPods. That's just dumb. And invader, no one "needs" cell phones or beepers, but boy howdy, they can sure be useful! We don't 'need' electric lighting either. Lastly, Bruce Campbell and Ed McMahon? BEST SCHOOL EVAH!
  23. Special K


    This was not supposed to be a new topic. Grahh!I did it when Ps2 came out, and I'm doind it again. I scrounge it to the right... Since the next gen consoles have come out, there are incredibly great game, cheap as free. Back in the day, there were really only a couple. Jumping flash was smei-rare, beseides that FF games, Symphony, whatever. So, PS2 comes out, time to buy cheap ass games! My personal favorites were jumping Flash and Colony Wars series. Now I have so many good games I can't even choose. First item: actually beating Psi-oips. (BTW, everone gets a huge boner over the gravity gun, when Psiops was better and more versatile. Oh Well. Just have to deal with Half life 21 being awesome.
  24. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    I like Czech. He makes me laugh!