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    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    He is. Andrew's a really nice guy, who actually contributes.
  2. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    I honestly didn't think you could lose your cool.
  3. Special K

    100 reasons why Sega is/was stupid.

    Mumpity mump
  4. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Honestly? I should've voted for Czech. He is a very funny guy.
  5. Special K

    FOX News planning right-leaning show similar to Daily Show

    Wow, that was bad. But the piped in laughter made it better! God, that was horrific.
  6. Special K

    Vote for Chave

    As some edjucation, I';d like some Cockney slang, which I find fascintating Butcher's Look Berki(ley) Cunt Yeah.
  7. Special K

    Is there less good wrestlers now?

    It's hard to tell, just because of the style. The late 90's boom has led to awesome puro-light indy wrestlers are ripping it up, and because of the intranets, they're getting, (at least slightly) their due. It's just so hard to tell, without an encyclpedic knowledge. I'll say early 90's puro was the shit, and American wrestling was doing very admirably. So that's my vote. 97-ish is definitely the best of televised US stuff, IMO, but that's really limiting the scale of what you're taking into consideration.
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  9. Special K

    The Official "52" Thread

    Oh. Shit. Black Adam is going to go nucking futz.
  10. Special K

    Pictures I Like

    Oh God, and I like the Pogues.
  11. Special K


    Ha I loved Stelios. He had that wild-eyed fanatacism that set him apart from the other stoic Spartans.
  12. Special K


    Really? I dunno. He makes Batman look good, but I don't know if I've ever seen a regular or even incidental Batman penciller make him look BAD. Let me look around on the internet. Actually, looking a bit more into it, his Spectre art is really great, and he does nice action secqueces, with a nice sense of space.... That's something a lot of flashy pencillers ignore, and is particularly important in Batman, when people aren't flying around all the time. I still think his facial expressions aren't great... Ok I just hate the way he draws the Joker, like, a lot. I was wrong on that one. He's much better than I thought, and I was mostly basing my opinion on my Death in the Family trade.
  13. Special K


    I saw it and loved it. There was a line to see the 12:00 noon showing Saturday, though the theater was 'only' 3/4s full. So many visually astounding moments that should really be seen on the big screen. My favorite being the storm and the arrows blotting out the sun. And I gotta say Xerxes entrance almost made me shit my pants. I can't see anyone disliking this movie on the basis of delivering what the previews offered: guts, glory, speechifying, and really gorgeous visuals.
  14. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    MATCHUPS: Elite Snobs/Boardum/Pit bracket: Incandenza vs. Chave Black Lushus vs. AgentOfOblivion TSM Vets/Shit Folders bracket: bob_barron vs. CWM Czech vs. Special K- This year's Gonzaga! Sports Folder bracket: alkeiper vs. Ripper Kingofthe909 vs. Vitamin X The Awesomely Mediocre and/or Unknown bracket: DrVenkman vs. AndrewTS CanadianChris vs. gary floyd
  15. Special K

    7 minutes of Spiderman 3

    There was a new trailer at the showing of '300' I saw yesterday. heavily featuring Brock, with some brief Venom shots. Looked awesome.
  16. Special K

    Ron and Fez...

    There's lots of awful local DJs. Why are Ron and Fez so awful? I've never heard of them so.... Examples of awfulness?
  17. Special K

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    #9 Ravenbomb #12 Chave #14 Black Lushus vs. #2 AgentOfOblivion TSM Vets/Shit Folders bracket: #8 bob_barron #4 Leena #3 Czech #15 Special K Sports Folder bracket: #8 CanadianGuitarist #4 Ripper #11 TheManInBlak #7 Vitamin X The Awesomely Mediocre and/or Unknown bracket: #9 DrVenkman #12 AndrewTS #6 Hawk52 #2 gary floyd
  18. Special K

    Pictures I Like

    My actual brain process scrolling down Tosh's picture: Oh how nice someone went and MY WORD!
  19. Special K

    Americans good

    Honestly, have you ever been to the US C-Bacon? I've been in BC extensively, and I can say I freakin' love it. I can also say, as a member of the liberal brigade, your country exists in its idyllic wonderland because of the good ol' US EN and A seriously. I fucking hate this war, but your country has never had a hardship. Revel in it. Seriously revel in it.
  20. David Effin' Cross. The GTA series, for me, I don't like. And I know exactly why. Incredible games, a really new concept with the free-roaming city... Guess what? my friends played Kent State for hours at a time. When I , or a friend actually tried to complete a mission, IT WAS FUN! Other than that it was huh huh cheat code I'm in a tank/ For HOURS.
  21. Special K

    Neal Stephenson

    I lost a first geneteration, autographed Cryptonomicon. At the airport. JUST after I was done reading it. I was so, so pissed. Literally, after graduating, running in St.Louis airport(which sucks) I had a moment and turned around, and it was gone. Of course there were other factors, but MAN I was mad.
  22. Special K

    Dark Tower 7

    Fantastical, right? Regardind the tower. Stephen King is responsible for one horrifying image, totally realistic. I think it was Delores Claiborne. The fact that you evacuate your excrement when you die. I had had some sort of feeling that there was some dignity in death. Nope. You piss and shit yourself.
  23. Special K

    Dark Tower 7

    Right now, i'm avoiding thespoileredge. Is this The Stephen King big epic? I it is, i defeinitiely want to read it.
  24. Sorry if I was a dick, and I was. all apologies.
  25. Special K

    Campaign 2008

    cant? is that like a carriable commodity? I'm sorta known for weird expressions, but that 'll take it for it's baroque quality.