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  1. Mystery Eskimo

    Wrestling Quirks

    and they get pins with moves other than their finisher. In an Iron Man match it makes perfect sense to have more falls, and falls resulting from non-finishers. So long as we're talking 60 minutes, anyway. One of my favourite ones is that if you hit a moonsault, SSP etc onto a guy, you're completely fine. If you hit the mat instead, you're in agony. Has anyone other than RVD ever bothered to sell that leaping onto another person is going to hurt you if it hurts them?
  2. Mystery Eskimo

    Flight of the Conchords

    Great episode...I love the little touches like Jemaine using the camera phone from Season 1. "Medium M" amused me greatly for some reason.
  3. Mystery Eskimo

    Let's Have a Christian Science Fair!!!!!!

    Bloody hell. Is the implication that if you accept the masses of scientific evidence for evolution, it must be because you were abused as a child, or something?
  4. Mystery Eskimo

    13 year old Father.

    No. Keep the two kids apart and away from the baby so they learn absolutely nothing and make the same mistake again? Great message for teenagers - hey, have a baby young and someone else will take responsibility for it!
  5. Mystery Eskimo

    13 year old Father.

    I really don't care. What annoys me about this is not the kid or his family, its David Cameron and other "moral guardians" trying to score political points. I saw the return of the "Broken Britain" catchphrase in relation to this on one paper. Ugh.
  6. Mystery Eskimo

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    The BAFTAs are important in Hollywood? That's weird. I'd like to see Rourke/Jericho anyway. Certainly more than Piper or Hogan vs Jericho. Also, Punk/Umaga as suggested below could be excellent.
  7. Mystery Eskimo


    I quite liked Microwave Boy this week. Sylar with a sidekick might be interesting. Has there been a wussier band of resistance fighters, though? Parkman is the only one with a really effective power at this point, and he's, well, Parkman.
  8. Mystery Eskimo


    I could happily go without Carla/Turk scenes. In fact I'd rather they hadn't paired Turk up with her at all. Anyway, I liked that episode, if only for the Janitor/JD on/off team up, and "licked by Janitor"
  9. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    I don't mind Spurs particularly, and think Redknapp is a corrupt, over rated chancer of a manager who blames poor performance on everyone but himself. People seem to have the idea he's a great wit, the most recent example being what he said about his wife being able to score the goal Bent missed. That's the kind of comment you could hear at any ground in the country. It's hardly Oscar Wilde. Not to mention his attacks on foreign managers and barely concealed yearning to proclaim himself the best candidate for England manager. Tiresome. Anyway...
  10. Mystery Eskimo


    They didnt remind us Peter can fly. The line was that flying was the last thing Nathan saw Peter do. The explanation will probably be along the lines that he only has one power at a time now. I think its a little harsh to assume the writers just blundered and don't have that covered... Good episode, anyway.
  11. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    Chimbonda is a weird one. Does Harry not fancy Hutton and Gunther, or are they injured? As Sunderland seem happy to shed their Keane signings, maybe Spurs should get Taino back next. Anelka's still ahead of Keane, at £86m according to wiki. And Seba Veron clocked up £77m.
  12. Mystery Eskimo


    I've only seen one "joke" from Dane Cook. It was about how he met an annoying atheist who said after he died he would just become one with nature. So Dane Cook said he hopes this guy becomes a tree that gets chopped down and turned into a bible. Oh, and then he spent five minutes doing an impression of a guy spitting, or something. It was one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life. Anyway, if you like the more surreal kinda thing - Bill Bailey.
  13. Mystery Eskimo

    Smallville: Season 7

    Yes. I want Lana to step out in front of Doomsday, proclaim her awesome invincibility and get squashed by one punch. Seriously though, how does she know shes invincible? They've never tested it on humans apparently. Bit of an assumption. Silly bitch. And what about the mice they used it on...there's a bunch of Supermice somewhere?
  14. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    And the replay on Setanta too, so I hear. Twas a good game though.
  15. Mystery Eskimo

    Flight of the Conchords

    "Chilling in my store Doing my thing When in walks a guy with his dick in a sling" Excellent episode. Mel's attempts at getting a massage & reaction on getting (kinda) one was fantastic.
  16. Mystery Eskimo


    Are some of the characters who are jumping in time going to end up in the past as the Others, or something? I can't help but feel they're going to try something silly like that.
  17. Mystery Eskimo

    ROH 1/17/09: The Black and The Brit

    Bison Smith? That's kinda cool, always liked his work. I wish RoH would stop using Grizzly Redwood though. As a comedy character he kinda fails to actually be funny.
  18. Mystery Eskimo

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Enjoyed this a lot, although knowing both the cricket and three musketeer questions did take a little of the tension away. The Millionaire host was great, brilliant character.
  19. Mystery Eskimo

    You can't hold a good drafter down

    Has anyone suggested just...animals? Building a fighting force of creatures has to be fun!
  20. Mystery Eskimo

    Marvel Animation

    Hulk vs Wolverine & Hulk vs Thor are both around on torrent sites. They're not bad.
  21. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    Forest 2 Plymouth 0 YES Feeling increasingly confident we can stay up...what is happening to Charlton though, looking like the next team to follow Forest/Leeds/Leicester path of Prem down to League One.
  22. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    Anyone else hoping Man City sign Kaka, and still get relegated? Isn't the transfer market getting inflated to an odd degree...£12m is no longer enough to sign a 29 year old Craig Bellamy, according to rumours anyway...Kenwyn Jones (who I do like) is worth more than £15m?
  23. Mystery Eskimo

    Football (Soccer) for Americans

    Outside of the more obvious choices of Man U and Arsenal, one of the more exciting teams right now is Aston Villa (owned by American Randy Lerner who I think also owns the Cleveland Browns, if that means anything to you). They have two of the most promising young English players in Gabriel Agbonlahor and Ashley Young - very fast and skillful. They're also managed by Martin O'Neill, widely recognised as one of the best managers in the UK. They're my team to back in the Premier League anyway, while Nottingham Forest struggle away in the next league down...
  24. Mystery Eskimo


    Ah, Derek the Fish, as created by myself. The early days of OAOAST were the best.
  25. Mystery Eskimo

    Paul London and Chuck Palumbo Released.

    I may be misjudging their respective talents (as London basically hasn't done anything for a couple of years its hard to judge where he stands) but based on RoH work I still think London is a better all round package than both Kendrick and Sydal. It's a shame his dad isn't someone so he can be on the roster instead of a waste of space like Manu.