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  1. Mystery Eskimo

    Evan Bourne injured

    While Sydal is out they should have Paul London try to become Rey's new best pal in a really creepy, stalker-esque way. Then when Sydal comes back London flips on him. Meh, I just want to see London do something. If they can push Kendrick and Sydal...
  2. Mystery Eskimo

    Smallville: Season 7

    I really like the Clark/Lois interactions now. But the overall feel is kinda old; this week some characters got kidnapped and Clark couldn't save the day because kryptonite was near by, but he did in the end. How many times has that happened? It's pretty dull.
  3. Mystery Eskimo

    Star Trek XI

    For some reason I can't explain, this pic seems to make me feel like they're on the right track. Everytime I look at that pic, I just keep thinking that it was perfect casting for McCoy. The new guy, for some reason, reminds me heavily of DeForest. It looks like someone tried to combine Trek with a teen drama. Why would they be in charge of a ship when they're all 20? I thought that this was the 'Starfleet Academy' movie, so they're not actually in command of anything, they just get into some wacky adventure and the future crew of the ship just happens to all meet up for this adventure. It better be. There's no way Kirk can be Captain Kirk looking 21 at most.
  4. Mystery Eskimo

    WWE SmackDown - September 19, 2008

    I liked Colt getting another little comedy moment this week. At least the E recognises he has some talent in that area and is giving him a shot at it, which is more than your average jobber gets. The Taker-Vicky feud needs to be wrapped up as soon as possible...it's really played out and just using Big Show instead of Edge isn't freshening it up any. As for the Helms appearances... "Curt and Jerk"...really? That's the best they could come up with?
  5. Mystery Eskimo

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    WWE should put Paul London on ECW. London-Bourne either as a team or a feud would be great.
  6. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    Quite the performance from England tonight. Have to give Capello some credit for giving Walcott a go when I'd guess most of us would have had Bentley in that position. Seems like England can only perform when the opposition is favourite, though...
  7. Mystery Eskimo

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    Charlie Haas should follow Robert Downey Junior's lead and make his next impersonation a black wrestler.
  8. Mystery Eskimo

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    I quite enjoyed the show, although the main event was dreadfully dull until the last few minutes. I really like the build Punk-Orton is getting, and the way the 2nd generation faction is developing. Add that to the pretty intense Jericho-HBK feud and I think there's been some very decent writing done lately.
  9. Mystery Eskimo

    Football Manager 2009

    The new features sound good...I like that in this uncertain world you can always depend on this game to be excellent Be interesting to see how much money they allocate to Manchester City given recent events...
  10. Mystery Eskimo

    Discussion: WWE Scramblemania~!

    I'd like WWE announcers to stop claiming the champion has an 80% chance of losing their title. Since when do competitors in a sporting event all have an exactly equal chance of winning? I don't think anyone's going to give me an equal 50% chance of winning a 100 metre race against Usain Bolt. WWE: Bad at statistics.
  11. Mystery Eskimo

    Discussion: WWE Scramblemania~!

    Yes, that's true. I'm just making the common mistake of thinking about WWE matches in too much detail, I expect. I assume they'll forget countouts anyway, as there will inevitably be lengthy brawling around the ring by some competitors once all 5 wrestlers are entered.
  12. Mystery Eskimo

    Discussion: WWE Scramblemania~!

    Has WWE said what happens regarding DQs and countouts during this match? I'm guessing not. But for the sake of argument, would a DQ get a wrestler thrown out of the match or is there theoretically nothing to stop a champ laying out everyone with repeated chair shots for 20 mins and retaining?
  13. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    I was cringing through that. Just...what...why...oh Steve.
  14. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    I finish with the following, 4-2-3-1 formation: Peter Shilton Cafu Bobby Moore Paul McGrath Paulo Maldini Lothar Matthaus Graeme Souness Ruud Gullit Dennis Bergkamp Gianfranco Zola Jimmy Greaves Bench: Pat Jennings (GK) Des Walker (CB) John Charles (CB/CF) Denis Law (CF) Matt Le Tissier (AM/CF) Manager: Brian Clough Stadium: The Bernabeu Quite pleased with how my team turned out. A very solid, classy defence protected by the discipline of Matthaus and, well, thuggery of Souness. The trio of Gullit, Bergkamp and Zola would keep any opposition defence busy and feed one of the most natural goal scorers to play for England in the shape of Greaves. It was tough chosing between him and Law for the poachers role, though, and Denis would make a great impact sub, as would Le Tissier on his day. I reckon Cloughie would have been quite happy to lead this lot.
  15. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    And for my stadium I take the home of Real Madrid: The Bernabeu
  16. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    Well, I'll take a player who I should have taken long ago: Matt Le Tissier I'm sure UK drafters won't need any reasons why, but if anyone hasn't seen him check YouTube for some of the best goals scored in modern times.
  17. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    For my back up keeper, I'll take Spurs & Northern Ireland legend Pat Jennings.
  18. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    Paul McGrath An extremely classy centreback for Man U, Aston Villa & Ireland. Fast, strong & tough in the tackle. Could perhaps have been even better if not for a battle with the bottle.
  19. Mystery Eskimo

    Does WWE have to many titles?

    I think that's a good idea. The show that doesn't have a title match could really focus on showcasing their tag or IC/US belts, which are all pretty much dead in terms of value and rub for the wrestlers at this point.
  20. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    I have to have at least one Forest player in my squad, and as Pearce is gone I'll go for the next best defender we've had in modern times Des Walker Pacey, strong in the tackle and an accomplished international. The Forest fan's renditions of "You'll Never Beat Des Walker" were (almost) literally true.
  21. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    I wouldn't pin too many hopes on Commons. He's very skillful but in 3 years in League One he never really delivered consistently for us. Perhaps the move will re-motivate him though. I think Derby will probably do ok, likely better than Forest though it pains me to say. 20-1 on them not finishing in top 6 does seem very generous though, given that a lot of teams who go down from the Prem struggle in midtable.
  22. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    I'm going to leave the stadium a while longer and take a man who seems to be perhaps a bit underrated in the scheme of things. The "Gentle Giant", John Charles He could play centre back or centre forward equally well while still scoring at rate of a goal every other game throughout his career. He became not only a Leeds but a Juventus legend (3 league titles during his spell 1957-62, voted their best ever foreign player in 1997), and despite his size and strength was never booked in his whole career.
  23. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    Don't worry, there's still !
  24. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    Well, I thank Chris for introducing managers to the draft. Now I can take this man to boss my team: Brian Clough In my opinion the best manager of all time.
  25. Mystery Eskimo

    Wrestling related dreams

    I once dreamt that I was walking alongside a river, and Ric Flair came speeding past in some kind of viking longboat. That was pretty cool.