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  1. Mystery Eskimo

    The Angle After Flair's Retirement

    So Batista/Jericho/Cade vs HBK/HHH/Cena w/Flair? It could be interesting, but they'll have to let Cade at least get a tag pinfall somewhere or he'll just be this years version of the Spirit Squad.
  2. Mystery Eskimo

    Future Feuds

    Unless my memory fails me, its been a while since we got HBK/Taker. I'd like to see them go at it again before Taker retires.
  3. Mystery Eskimo

    All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

    I'm in, although I should say I'm away from internet access Friday-Sunday this week if thats a problem.
  4. Mystery Eskimo

    TSM Superhero Draft

    Sorry for delay in my pick. And to apologise again in advance, I'm going to be away from internet access from what I'd guess will be Fri morning - Sun morning US time, so if I hold things up too much, I don't know, skip my turn or something? Anyway. Iron Man. Despite the lameness of his character in Civil War, ol' Shellhead is still one of my favourite heroes. He's a playboy, a genius, and likes a drink or two on occasion. The "Extremis" addition to his powers was interesting, and I also want someone on my team with the brains to back up the brawn. And I don't want that to have to be Reed Richards.
  5. Mystery Eskimo

    TSM Superhero Draft

    I'm in.
  6. Mystery Eskimo

    Should we start a Comics Draft

    Same here really. I'd rather discuss, say, if Hulk can beat Superman then ponder who does the best inking.
  7. Mystery Eskimo

    Should we start a Comics Draft

    Sounds like a fun idea to me. Don't limit it to Marvel & DC though. I'd like me some Garth Ennis or Alan Moore characters.
  8. Mystery Eskimo

    The Legacy Of Ric Flair

    I disagree. So what if Jericho, Cena and Malenko were part of the segment? Personally I would presume that Flair is friends with each of them, but even if he is not, again, so what? Flair's send off was a segment on one episode of Raw. How is that overdone? If he did a farewell speech on every WWE show for a month, fine that is overdone. But "oh no, Cena is here, this is ruined!" - come on.
  9. Mystery Eskimo

    Raw vs Smackdown week 1

    If WWE let Kendrick talk or do anything of any significance, I'm pretty sure he would be ten times as over as Chavo, who will always be solid but never deliver anything memorable. I hate to be all ROHbot, but really, those dismissing Kendrick should check out his work there to see what he's capable of.
  10. Mystery Eskimo

    Dream matches

    If Samoa Joe progresses you could look at matches with Cena, Hs, Batista etc as potential dream matches. Not sure there's anyone else in TNA you could say that for.
  11. Mystery Eskimo

    Who Are the Legends of the Wrestling Industry?

    Yep. Its a ridiculous way to assess wrestlers, or any category of performer. As a British person, I could name maybe 2 or 3 famous baseball players. Does that mean there are only 2 or 3 baseball legends?
  12. Mystery Eskimo


    I was assuming it was Sawyer's baby as Jack didn't want to see it. I wonder why he doesn't want to see Aaron...maybe Claire dies and it was Jack's fault, or something...
  13. Mystery Eskimo


    This would have been a good film if I'd actually cared about the characters. Hud had a few good lines, but otherwise I would have been fine for them to have got killed off a lot sooner.
  14. Mystery Eskimo

    Football Manager 2008

    I'm still playing, but getting increasingly annoyed at losing in the Championship playoffs every season with Forest. I may have to cheat next time
  15. Mystery Eskimo

    Superman: Doomsday

    I have to say I didn't really enjoy it. It just felt too rushed. There was like 20 seconds of mourning Superman before they moved onto the next stage of the storyline. His death hardly felt like the massive deal it should do. Oh and what was with Superman's face...he looks like an old man. Weird.
  16. Mystery Eskimo

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I'd hope with Foley not having worked a full time career for a while now, he may have had a chance to recover at least a little rather than still taking bumps every week like Benoit. I wonder what the chances are of WWE banning or at least severely limiting the use of chair shots to the head. I have a worrying suspicision that the first guy to refuse to take one will be jobbed out till he falls in line.
  17. Mystery Eskimo

    Impact spoilers

    If Joe went to WWE I'd have a (small) hope that they'd treat him ok. If they have any brains they'll sign him up for ECW and let him and Punk go at it.
  18. Mystery Eskimo

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Benoit inviting Regal to watch tapes and then not letting him in kinda fits in with the whole Benoit paranoia thing. I just hope Regal himself isn't going to die young as a result of his own previous problems.
  19. Mystery Eskimo

    Super Hero Clash of The Titans Round 4

    Captain America vs. Batman - for all the obvious reasons Silver Surfer vs. Wolverine - Maybe this is comic book heresy, but I find Wolvie a little dull Kyle Rayner vs. Spider-Man - Tough choice. I'm voting against Spidey mainly on the basis of the god awful Spiderman 3 movie Thor vs. Daredevil - Never a fan of Daredevil and really, could he beat a god? Wonder Woman - er, well done Diana?
  20. Mystery Eskimo

    The Harry Potter Spoilers Thread

    I finished the pdf version in two sessions of around 5 hours each, I'm sure 8 is possible. Overall I came away a little disappointed. With all the hype about the deaths, ultimately none of them really meant anything, and there was really little else in the way of surprises. Plus the sequence where they are on the run and camping out in various places just seemed like it went on forever, some of it was interminable. Another Potter book that could benefit greatly from some trimming. Plus points - the battle sequences towards the end were pretty exciting, and Snape's story was kinda nice.
  21. Mystery Eskimo

    Super Hero Clash of The Titans Round 2

    Captain America vs. Namor Red Tornado vs. Beast Batman vs. Superman Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs. Deadpool Silver Surfer vs. Iron Fist Moon Knight vs. Nick Fury (Ultimate) Punisher vs. Hulk Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) vs. Wolverine Guy Gardner vs. Kyle Rayner Phoenix vs. Ms. Marvel Spider-Man vs. The Flash (Wally West) Nightwing vs. Beta Ray Bill Hawkeye vs. Thor Human Torch vs. Lobo Black Panther vs. Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) Daredevil vs. Black Bolt Wonder Woman vs. Superboy (Connor Kent) Multiple Man vs. Emma Frost Archangel vs. Captain Britain
  22. Mystery Eskimo

    Super Hero Clash of The Titans Round 1

    Captain America vs. Cyclops Namor vs. Warlock (New Mutants) Orion vs. Red Tornado Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) vs. Beast Batman vs. the Question Superman vs. the Ray Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs. Green Arrow Deadpool vs. Ghost Rider Silver Surfer vs. Dr. Strange Gambit vs. Iron Fist Cable vs. Moon Knight Nick Fury (Ultimate) vs. Invincible Punisher vs. Booster Gold War Machine vs. Hulk Captain Marvel(SHAZAM!) vs. Deathstroke Black Adam vs. Wolverine Guy Gardner vs. Rogue Kyle Raynervs. Marvel Girl J'onn J'onnz vs. Phoenix Power Girl vs. Ms. Marvel Spider-Man vs. Iron Man The Flash (Wally West) vs. Animal Man Nightwing vs Winter Soldier Beta Ray Bill vs. Dust Arsenal vs. Hawkeye Thor vs. Thing Captain Germany vs. Human Torch Lobo vs. Deathlok Strong Guy vs. Black Panther NFL Superpro vs. Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) vs. Daredevil Longshot vs. Black Bolt Wonder Woman vs. Luke Cage Superboy (Connor Kent) vs. Morph (Age of Apocalypse) Ultraman vs. Multiple Man Guardian vs. Emma Frost Archangel vs. Cannonball X-23 vs. Captain Britain
  23. Mystery Eskimo

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    One thing I have learnt from this is that it appears there are certain portions of the American media who can just say whatever they like with little to no apparent research, with no come back. Is this a fair observation? It's a bit shocking to hear such basic errors as "Benoit was demoted from the four horseman to Raw", and "Sherri was killed on the same day as Benoit". Also, I hope the researchers do get to look at a sample of Benoit's brain. Anything to stop unprotected chair shots; surely one of the most stupid things a wrestler can agree to. Ok, it might help the angle get over, but its just not worth it.
  24. Mystery Eskimo

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Well, we dont know if religion has any significance or not. If Benoit killed his kid because he truly thought he'd be better off in heaven than on earth without his parents, then it does, but I don't suppose we'll ever know for sure.
  25. Mystery Eskimo

    Fantastic Four 2

    I thought this was ok. Silly and simplistic, but fine for what it was going for.