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    One power at a time would make sense, although Peter was able to heal later despite being "killed" whilst invisible, so I'm not sure why Claire wouldn't shoot him...I guess you could say it would have to be a head shot to be sure of putting him out, which could splinter the skull into the brain or something and be incredibly hard to fix as opposed to just being a piece of glass to pull out.
  2. Mystery Eskimo


    Given how ruthless and smart Sylar had been, it was kinda lame to see him just stand there while Hiro ran at him. I suppose you could say he was groggy, or something, but still. And did I miss something in a previous episode where it was established that Peter couldn't use any other powers whilst going nuclear, or something like that? What was to stop him flying himself out, or taking the bullet and then healing?
  3. Mystery Eskimo

    RVD released early?

    RVD/anyone vs Briscoes would be a lot of fun. Would be interesting to see what Danielson could get out of him too.
  4. Mystery Eskimo

    Spider-Man 3

    Enjoyed it to an extent. The humerous bits worked, and the effects were great. But...
  5. Mystery Eskimo


    Gawd, can we leave the Watchmen thing for now? Anyway, I enjoyed the brief Sylar-Peter fight, and it was cool that the super hearing, which didn't seem a particularly big deal when Sylar got it, was the edge. I do wonder if Peter is going to survive the season. If he got round to meeting all the other characters and absorbing all their powers, he's going to be far too powerful...unless that's the point and they go with the rumoured heel turn.
  6. Mystery Eskimo

    The Invasion Angle

    WWE was too impatient. Just to play fantasy booking, I would have used the initial batch of wrestlers as regular midcard guys and established them (both with the fans and the WWE wrestlers), then when Flair became available, bring him in as the mouthpiece and uniting force for a WCW rebellion, chastising the likes of Booker for tamely joining WWE instead of fighting for his heritage that was cruelly taken by Vince McMahon. There you have a motivated group with a reason to rally behind a legendary figurehead, not a bunch of wrestlers sticking to Shane McMahon for no real reason other than "he bought WCW", which even the markiest mark couldnt have got into. Once Goldberg/Sting(maybe even Nash) became available, you could have an air of "who will Flair recruit next". Of course, this would probably default the WCW group to babyfaces, which in fairness which have been extremely brave booking. Plus if they'd waited till Benoit was back from his surgery...well, that would have been cool.
  7. Mystery Eskimo

    Things that make you murderous

  8. Mystery Eskimo

    Michael Rosenbaum leaving Smallville after next season

    Yeah, there really shouldn't be an 8th season, whether Rosenbaum leaves or not. Things have actually picked up and there's some momentum in the current season, dragging it out for another 40 or so episodes is bound to kill that.
  9. Mystery Eskimo

    A plea to WWE

    Because it's easier for him be booked as unstoppable against Bob Holly and Test then it is to get Taker, Batista etc to make him look good.
  10. Mystery Eskimo

    The Office, Season 3

    I wonder, presuming there will be a Jim-Roy altercation, if they'll make any concession to the documentary style of filming. Roy would have to be an idiot (of course, this is possible) to attack Jim in the office, or anywhere else, whilst there are cameras rolling.
  11. Mystery Eskimo


    Decent episode...the Janitor's mutton chops stole that particular show. I'm glad JD didn't get the physio girl...I'm tired of him forming relationships with every hot woman that comes into the hospital. Maybe its not actualy that many, but it feels like it.
  12. Mystery Eskimo

    The Office, Season 3

    Definitely. Either he's not quite clicking with her sense of humour, or he just doesn't want to.
  13. Mystery Eskimo


    Ugh, I hate the concept of the universe having some kind of will or fate to it. Its very annoying. Still, Desmond is still damn cool, and if anyone deserves death on their tail, its Charlie.
  14. Mystery Eskimo

    BBC Comedies

    One of these really doesn't belong. Nathan Barley is the best thing I've seen recently.
  15. Mystery Eskimo

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Storm makes sense. I still can't believe Angle-Styles got 8 minutes, or whatever. Ok, it's not a huge dream match that would have added any significant number of PPV buys, but a good, fresh 15 to 20 min match on PPV must be more important and useful than a throw away TV main event. Well, not to Russo, obviously, but who can be surprised at that.
  16. Mystery Eskimo

    WON News + Notes, January 22nd Issue

    Argh, shoot judging of worked matches? Ridiculous. The drama in pro wrestling comes from near falls, close submission escapes, not "oo, what mark will judge number 3 give Petey Williams for that dropkick?" The fans would sit on their hands for ten minutes. Utter garbage...I bet Russo loves this.
  17. Mystery Eskimo

    WON News + Notes, January 22nd Issue

    I think Punk would get heat for coughing too loudly at this point, he may as well have fun while his WWE stint lasts.
  18. Mystery Eskimo

    Smallville Season 6 thread

    Nice, thanks for that. My knowledge of comic history isnt great (as shown) - is the Cyborg character based on anything related to Justice League? I dont recall anyone from what I have read.
  19. Mystery Eskimo

    Smallville Season 6 thread

    Pretty cool episode! Why was Flash called "Pulse" though?
  20. Mystery Eskimo

    The Office, Season 3

    Pam was just trying to help Karen and Jim along, whilst proving to herself, I think, that she was fine with their relationship. She now realises she isn't.
  21. Mystery Eskimo

    A serious question about TNA

    1.Fire Russo. Fire Russo. Fire Russo. 2. Use Heyman or Cornette. They could even look to someone like Gabe Sapolsky (sp?) from ROH for a few tips on how to book simple, effective storylines. 3. Stop trying to bash WWE. Mention them if its historically relevant (eg "Kurt Angle is a former WWE champion, but now he all he wants is the NWA title as the pinnacle of his career!" type hyperbole) but stop bashing them. Its so, so sad and amateurish.
  22. Mystery Eskimo

    WON News + Notes , January 15th Issue

    What the hell did they expect? Did no one check on the format Russo uses? The wrestling business is so fabulously inept, I love it.
  23. Mystery Eskimo

    WON News + Notes, Jan 15 Issue

    Why do even seemingly intelligent people like Arn Anderson buy into the whole "paying your dues" thing? It's like a company hiring a whizz kid executive and making them work cleaning toilets for three years before they get their shot in the boardroom. I know thats just how it is, but every now and again it just makes me shake my head and wonder how any money gets made.
  24. Mystery Eskimo

    New Year's Revolution

    Trump maybe, but why should anyone in the world need to know who Rosie O'Donnell is?
  25. Mystery Eskimo

    Football Manager 2005

    I usually have such manager names as Cunty McSandwich, so will be fairly easy to look out for... Just patched my game and haven't noticed a huge amount so far...