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  1. Mystery Eskimo

    Are you fat?

    5'11, 165lbs. What should be compared is body fat percentage. That really shows who the fatties are.
  2. Mystery Eskimo

    Did Simon Cowell

    A guy called Simon Fuller was Spice Girl's manager, don't know if you're thinking of him. I wish I didn't know that...
  3. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    Some good football, and a hilariously bad Greek keeper.
  4. Mystery Eskimo

    New Topic

    I think I've gone up against most of the JL guys now...when I get bumped, I guess I'd like to take on Supes, as he was ripping up the JL when I first joined.
  5. Mystery Eskimo

    IZ Feedback for 9/16/03

    That's great Jay, it'll be good to have you back. Oh, and glad you're ok too The lack of matches should hopefully be solved over the coming weeks...hopefully...
  6. Mystery Eskimo

    Best IntenseZone Matches

    Count me in too. Perhaps a GCF thread might help...
  7. Mystery Eskimo

    Best IntenseZone Matches

    I vote we do!
  8. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    Early booking in here. Everything to be sent to Parka. NA title as ever on the line. Dan Black continues his schemes...
  9. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    first one could open...second one towards the end...but anywhere you can fit them in is fine.
  10. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    I'll cook something up, if Calvin isn't writing. ok- GCF segment is complete.
  11. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    Well what was supposed to happen was- Calvin promo, interupted by Jay. SJ comes out to make the PPV match. Dan Black interupts. So we dont have the first bit.
  12. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    Good luck Jay, hope it goes well. SJ- do we have a segment setting up the Jay-Calvin match?
  13. Mystery Eskimo

    Top 5 *LEAST* favorite wrestlers.

    I had 5 already, but I somehow forgot Hardcore Holly. And really, he deserves a post of his own for being somehow both dull and obnoxious.
  14. Mystery Eskimo

    Ultimate acts of Cheap Heat

    Joe E Legend was wrestling in Liverpool, England, home of course to the Beatles. Joe had a tag partner, and the two of them re-enacted John Lennon's shooting, causing a riot that ended the show. That's some pretty good heel heat.
  15. Mystery Eskimo

    Dangerous A's welcome back party

    I second that...the DA fans demand it~!
  16. Umm...no....the match was boring because most of the match meant nothing at all. It was Bret and Shawn working sumbissions FOR NO REASON because it didn't lead to a fall and nobody sold much anyways...that is why the match sucked. Just because you work a submission, doesn't mean you automatically get a fall from it, even in an iron man match. Bret-Flar > Bret-Shawn > Rock-HHH
  17. Mystery Eskimo

    Crimson Losing Matches

    On Todd's match- I'm no good at doing detailed analysis, but I would say you just need a little more detail in your move description. You have lines like "Aecas hits a vertical suplex" which could be extended to a whole paragraph, eg: "Aecas grabs for Kingsmen and pulls him around, hooking on a front face lock. The Black Angel hoists his opponent high into the air, letting him hang downwards for a moment, the blood rushing to Kingsmen's head. Aecas completes the move by dropping backwards, crushing Kingsmen's back into the canvas with spine shaking impact" Just my method though, don't wanna sound like I know it all!
  18. Mystery Eskimo

    Book me up Scotty

    Yeah...I need to know what Jay will be saying really, but I'll just due a generic interuption and I'm sure Parka can edit it all together Ok, its up in GCF.
  19. Mystery Eskimo

    Metal predictions!

    CURTAIN JERKER Craig McLennan vs Daemon - Daemon TELEVISION TITLE MATCH Brian Bowers vs Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix© - Maddix all the way EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH BATTLE ROYALE Jimmy "The Demon" Liston vs Jay Morrison vs Todd Royal vs Brian Kingsman - Todd to get back on track MAIN EVENT WORLD TITLE CONTENDERSHIP HIDE AND SEEK MATCH Aecas vs "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins vs "Insane Luchador" Andrew Rickmen - Aecas
  20. Mystery Eskimo

    English Football

    I'm sure Pengam could give Derby a good game Good win for Forest today...shame David Johnson broke his leg tho
  21. Mystery Eskimo

    Crimson Comments

    Really? Cool You could ignore him during a match, I dont think there's anything wrong with that.
  22. Mystery Eskimo

    Crimson Comments

    I expect I'll have to defend the title a while before I get bumped...I think I owe Rando and Aecas shots anyway. Spike too...perhaps
  23. Mystery Eskimo

    Crimson Comments

    Thanks guys...I was getting nervous with that wait Oh, I'll go read the show now...
  24. Mystery Eskimo

    Top 5 *LEAST* favorite wrestlers.

    Bradshaw Konnan Justin Credible Xavier Lex Luger
  25. Mystery Eskimo

    SWF Awards Help

    Ian @ Wrathapalooza ruled all.