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    Booking for this week's Syndicated!!

    A question: are we to assume that anyone is available to use for these shows? I'm just looking for fresh matchups instead of rotating my characters against each other all the time. Just let me know if there are any exceptions. I already know that Christian Wright has his streak going, so he'd be a no-go unless he's winning.
  2. alfdogg

    Season's Beatings: WDW's 5th anniversary

    Yes, I'll be posting the show. I'm thinking I'll go with Jivin' JR and Coach as the announcers.
  3. alfdogg

    NR Feedback

    OK, here's my feedback, sorry it took so long. Nice elimination match to kick us off. That Team Heyross keeps overcoming the odds! And the Assassins are furious. I bet this leads to a tag match on HeldDOWN~! In fact, I know it does because I saw it in the show! I made the outline myself, btw, Patty. It's based on the rink we have here in town. Women's survivor match was terrific, as well. Nice ending with Jade and Malaysia. Christian's streak continues. Haha. Outstanding main event. Lots of star power, I was wondering how the eliminations would come off. And I too am curious about the high-five. MOTN: Main event LOTN: “That’ll teach you to let me bounce my kitty kat on your face and make me enjoy it, jerkface!” - Alix
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    NR Feedback

    My match is in. I'll try to have feedback for this as well as HD tomorrow.
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    NR: HL title

    COLE And now, folks, we're gonna go on location to Toronto's uptown roll arena! It's time for the Skate or Die match for the OAOAST Heartland title! Cut to the rink, where a DJ is seen behind glass. [b]NOTE: Visual aid for the match. [img=http://i945.photobucket.com/albums/ad298/alfdoggOAOAST/rollarenamap.jpg] DJ Yo yo yo, ladies and gentlemen, a little somethin' special for y'all tonight! The OAOAST is in the house! The Heartland title is on the line! This is DJ AX, and I'm gonna introduce the participants! The participants are shown surrounding the rink, which already has people skating on it. DJ AX Show some love for the BURROUGH BOYS! Mariano! Luther! Waldo! Quincy! COLE And there's paying customers on this rink, Coach! Let's hope no one gets hurt here. COACH Of course not, Cole, this is a Heartland title match! DJ AX The Superheroes of Dance! Vinny Valentine! Biff Atlas! PANIC AT THE DISCO! Vinny does a little dance, as Tony Tourettes stands by, also wearing skates. DJ AX The man behind the mask! J-MAX! J-MAX raises his arms in the air. DJ AX Uno and Dos! The Voo Doo Daddies! LOS CONQUISTADORES! Uno and Dos are shown talking back and forth with Colombian Heat. DJ AX Yo, this girl's got a fever, and we got the cure! Anderson and Pigley, THE LOVE DOCTORS! The Docs do a dance as the ladies scream from the rink. DJ AX Someone be kind and donate a little change for DEADBEAT DAVE! Vinny and Biff clap as Dave holds his arms out. DJ AX The Bad Boy himself, COLOMBIAN HEAT! Heat throws up the "W". DJ AX No fightin' the law tonight, we got the V.I.C.E. squad in the house! CPA and Bosley, reppin' the Enterprise! Bosley talks smack to Todd Cortez. DJ AX "Urban Legend"...or just a Legend? TODD CORTEZ! Cortez pounds his chest and raises a fist in the air. DJ AX This is a Skate or Die match, but things are still getting deadly! From the Deadly Alliance, MR. DICK, and Mr. Heartland himself, SANDMAN9000! The DA members raise their arms. DJ AX And finally, our defending champion! He puts the "Heart" in Heartland, and the "Jam" in Jamaica! The OAOAST Heartland champion, DENZEL SPENCER! Denzel raises his arms, then DJ AX blows a horn and the combatants walk onto the rink, and begin to attempt to slug it out while on skates. Various songs play in the background, as some of the combatants start to gain speed around the rink. CPA and Bosley lift Heat onto their shoulders, with CPA holding him around the head and Bosley holding him around the waist. However, this leaves them open to a surging Denzel, who leaves his feet and flies into Heat, which causes CPA and Bosley to fall to the ground as well! COLE Nice move there by Denzel, as he's putting this environment to good use right away! Suddenly the track scratches, and [i]Black Sweat[/i] by Prince hits. COLE Oh wait, this is a familiar song... COACH Oh fuck, is that what I think it is? The camera cuts to the front door, where MISTER Warrior bursts through and pounds his chest. COACH DAMN it. MISTER Warrior rolls over to the half wall, and hops over it onto the rink. He gains speed around the rink while pumping his arms in the air, then floors Quincy with a clothesline! He then hits Biff! Waldo! Luther! Mariano! Dave! Vinny! He pounds his chest, then crashes waist-first into the half wall and flips over it into the carpeted area. COLE Well, that was exciting! MISTER Warrior then skates around the carpeted area, into the arcade, where Tony Tourettes is playing Tekken. Tony looks up, and sees Warrior. The two stare each other down briefly, then MISTER Warrior lets out a huge roar, which is returned by Tony. Both men then simultaneously pound their chests, and begin to engage in a Tekken battle while continuing to yell at nothing in particular. Meanwhile, CPA drags Denzel into the arcade with them, and lifts him overhead, then presses him onto a skeeball ramp! COLE Look at this, CPA looking to gain a pinfall on Denzel already! CPA grabs one of the skeeballs, and loads his hand with it, then drills the recovering Denzel with the GIGATON PUNCH~!!!!!11111 Cover... 1... 2... 3!!! COACH All right, CPA! COLE And we've got a fall! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]MAN TO BEAT: CPA[/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CPA gloats, until Sandman flies into the picture, hopping onto one of the round booths, then hopping into CPA with a dropkick! CPA stumbles back onto the floor, then Sandman lays roller skate stomps into his body as he lays on the ground. COACH Hey, Sandman's pretty good on those skates! Back to the rink, where the Burrough Boys all kind of stand out of the way at the wall. COLE And the Burrough Boys taking it easy over there right now! Cortez slugs it out with Sandman just outside the arcade, while CPA comes to and hammers away on Dr. Pigley. Vinny, Biff, and Dave work together on Colombian Heat, but Dr. Anderson comes to his aid (get it? lol), going to work on Dave. Heat fights his way back on Vinny and Biff, as Anderson makes his way over to help Pigley with CPA. The Love Docs execute a double slam on CPA! Bosley attempts to help his partner, but is met with right hands! The Docs then take off around the ramp, gaining speed, and floor Bosley with a double clothesline! COLE High-impact double clothesline! Meanwhile, J-MAX manages to climb onto the half wall, waiting on CPA, and hits him with a flying bodypress! 1... 2... 3!!! COLE And J-MAX with a fall on CPA! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]Man to beat: J-MAX[/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Burrough Boys are surrounding the foozball table as Luther and Waldo compete in a game. Meanwhile, Mr. Dick slides a Conquistador across the skate return counter into the back room, and follows him over. They slug it out, while Deadbeat Dave hammers away on J-MAX. The other Conquistador makes his way to the skate return booth shortly after. COLE I've just been informed that 5 minutes have passed in the match! Only 10 minutes remain!
  6. alfdogg

    NR: HL title

    Denzel and Heat dive right into the Burrough Boys, which doesn't prove to be wise as the BB's quickly make it a 4-on-2 assault, with Mariano and Waldo hammering away on Denzel, and Luther and Quincy doubling up on Heat. Mariano and Waldo hold Denzel up against the lockers on the wall, while Luther sets up Heat for a battering ram, and Quincy gains speed on his skates and pushes the two towards Heat. However, Denzel manages to escape the grip, and Heat shoves Luther off into Mariano and Quincy! COLE The Burrough Boys had a big move set up there, but Heat and Denzel turned it around! Quincy makes another dash towards Heat, but he catches him with the momentum and shoves him into the other BB's! Heat makes his way over to Luther, and drags him into the women's bathroom, while Denzel works over Mariano. He drags Mariano to the concession stand, and they fight their way into the back. COLE Into the concession stands! Vinny and Biff work over J-MAX, scooping him up and dropping him across the half-wall! Vinny then makes his way to the concession stand, as Biff skates back up onto the carpet, then climbs onto the wall, and drops a leg across the back of the head of J-MAX! He then pulls himself to his feet, and drops a knee to the sternum for good measure, then covers... 1... 2... 3!!! COLE Look at Biff FLY off that wall! COACH :rolleyes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]Man to beat: Biff Atlas[/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Biff celebrates, as we cut back to the concession stands to catch Denzel removing the slush puppy tank, and dumping the contents onto Vinny's head! VINNY AAAH! COLD! Vinny arches back and dances around in a circle as the icy beverage runs down his back. Seconds later, a familiar tune comes over the arena. [size=5][b]Cut to 6:54[/size][/b] [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_ExkfcBao[/video] All the combatants (including MISTER Warrior and Tony Tourettes) as well as all the customers make their way to the rink and get in formation, then Denzel rolls into the scene front and center. The music hits, and everyone begins to dance. COLE Well, we thought we'd seen it all in the OAOAST, but this is a first! The Heartland title match has broken out in song and dance! The dancing continues, but once the lyrics kick in, Heat drills Biff with a PELE KICK~! and covers him... 1... 2... 3!!! COACH What a party pooper! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]Man to beat: Colombian Heat[/b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The BB's pound on Heat, but the Love Docs quickly join in. The crowd moves over closer to the half-wall, where the Conquistadores climb onto the wall, and both jump on top of the seven-man pile! COLE Look at this! Vinny and Biff stand on the carpet on the other side of the half-wall, while Dave stands in front of the entrance door. Dave skates towards Vinny and Biff, picking up speed, and Vinny and Biff catch him, double-hiptossing him onto the pile of people! COACH Look at that teamwork! Sandman skates onto the rink and reaches over the wall, ramming Vinny and Biff's heads together, then climbs onto the wall, and does an ugly-looking backflip on top of the pile! COLE And Sandman with a moonsault attempt, tough to do with those skates on, but down goes the mass of people once again! As the people get up once again, Mr. Dick puts his arms around the shoulders of CPA and Bosley at the far end of the rink, and the two grab MD's head in a battering ram. The three men pick up their speed, charging into the group of combatants, and crash into everyone, as everyone falls to the ground! COLE Look at the carnage! DJ AX Five minutes left in the match! FIVE MINUTES!
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    Booking for The Thanksgiving HD~!

    I added in a segment.
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    HD: DA segment

    Cut backstage, where TK and Reject are all smiles as they make their way into the arena along with the rest of the DA. They're stopped by Josh Matthews. JOSH Reject, last week you guys joined up with your November Reign partners, the Heavenly Rockers, in a heinous assault on Alix, Alfdogg, and D*LUX. Are you concerned at all about any retribution tonight, and who their fifth partner might be? REJECT Retribution? :lol: Who's gonna have the nerve to come get some of this? Reject holds his arms out, referencing the DA as a whole. REJECT Did you [i]see[/i] what we did to those four last week? You can add any one individual you want, it won't change the result. TK That's right, Josh, we've got no worries. No matter who they add as their partner, it doesn't matter! We're like a team full of Parker Lewises, 'cause we [i]can't lose.[/i] REJECT Exactly. Let's go, guys. Reject and the DA walk off as Josh looks on.
  9. alfdogg

    SYN: segment

    We cut inside an empty roller skating rink, where Josh Matthews is sitting on a bench with Denzel Spencer. Josh asks Denzel to explain the upcoming match at November Reign for the fans, and Denzel explains that the match is called a "Skate or Die" match, and the match would take place inside this roll arena, with all participants competing while wearing roller skates. He explains as he skates alongside Josh on the rink that the match will last 20 minutes, with pins counting throughout, and the last combatant to score a pin will walk out the champion. So just like the Sunday Detention match from 2006, except it's in a roller rink on roller skates.
  10. Wanted: A quality opponent for Reject for the World title. I'll be doing one of my massive Heartland title extravaganzas, so anyone who may be available is eligible for that.
  11. alfdogg

    November Reign: The Canadian Way

    Here's who I have in the Heartland match: Denzel Spencer © Sandman9000 Mr. Dick J-MAX Biff Atlas CPA Bosley Love Doctors Todd Cortez Conquistadores Colombian Heat Vinny Valentine Deadbeat Dave Burrough Boys
  12. alfdogg

    Feedback 4 the 11/20 HeldDOWN~!

    Fun six-man to open the show. The commentary was pretty funny. And another win for CW. Great segments with Landon and the Queen. Should be a fun elimination match at NR. Nice little interview segment, too. Speaking of, the tag title match was fun stuff while it lasted. Looking forward to more Heyross/Moneygang next week. Two good interview bits with CS and Leon. That 8-man feud is good stuff, and Leon's got a formidable squad. Funny segment with Morgan/Jade/Maya. Interesting pairing of Morgan and Jade. I'm interested to see Leon's reaction to this one. MOTN: six-man QOTN:
  13. alfdogg

    Feedback 4 the 11/20 HeldDOWN~!

    My stuff's in! Read it and tell me what you think! Feedback shortly.
  14. alfdogg

    OAOAST HeldDOWN 11/19/09

    Reject, TK and Arturas are on their way to the ring, when Terry Taylor stops them. TERRY Reject, Reject! I just wanted to get your thoughts before your big tag team match. REJECT My thoughts? I'm thinking I may just go ahead and finish tonight what I started at the Halloween Spectacular. Krista is on the shelf, without the World title, because of me. You see, you should sympathize, Taylor. You go through this stuff all the time with Krista and Alix. You're a joke to them, just like everything! It's all a big joke, all fun and games, all smiles and laughter, right? Reject is right up in the visibly nervous Terry's face with a sarcastic smile on his face, which then turns to frown which is anything but. REJECT Well, we'll see who's laughing when the night's over. Reject, TK and Arturas then turn and walk towards the entrance again. COLE What do you suppose he means by that? Tru’s slow moving “Final Ride” plays to a wealth of jeers. Sauntering out first is the Bronx hardened world champion Reject. The OAOAST World Title remains wrapped around the waist of his trippy red and orange tights. Behind him is knuckle cracking best friend, ThunderKid. Attired in black tights and black boots decorated with thunderbolts, TK gives Reject an enthuasitic and encouraging rub of the shoulders. Arturas imposingly stands in the background, attired in a red singlet. BUFFER The following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall with a time limit of thirty minutes. Now making their way to the ring, accompanied by ARTURAS, they are the DEADLY ALLIANCE….WORLD CHAMPION REJECT AND THUNDERKIIIIDDDDDD! With a surly look clinging to his face, Reject stomps down the entrance ramp. TK looks only slightly less annoyed, as he high steps with the beat of the song. COLE Well neither Reject nor ThunderKid can be very happy about being forced to team with Leon Rodez in the mainevent of November Reign. I think Reject may be much more annoyed than even ThunderKid. Lending creedance to Cole’s thoughts, Reject hastily shoves his title into the referee’s hand and climbs to the third rope. He stares at the crowd with fierece disdain, as TK bounces around the ring with arms raised in pride. COACH The Deadly Alliance is a stable of proud dudes, and having to align with Leon Rodez a long time enemey of their leader Reject, has gotta piss them all off. COLE Well, Leon certainly picked a formidable team, every single member on his team has held OAOAST Gold in some form or another. Hey girl Where's your drink? We goin' all get real drunk tonight Hey girl I got bud we can all get fucked up tonight (get fucked up tonight) By the end of the night Imma have you drunk and throwing up (hey! ) By the end of the night Imma have you so fucked up Paraidiso Girl’s Patron Tequila booms into the arena and is met with a massive ovation from the audience. Rising onto the side of the entrance stage is a bar setting complete with patrons, and a neon pink sign that says “ALIX’S!” On top of the bar counter, attired in white booty shorts, and a white tube top is Miss Speiza herself. She wows the audience and the bar flys with some dirty dancing. She then hops off the bar and blows a kiss to the camera, leading super imposed red lips to appear on the screen. BUFFER And their opponent, first from Los Angeles, California…..she is the United States Champion…..ALIX MARIA SPEZIAAAAAAAAAAA! COLE Co-Captains teaming up tonight with Alix standing in the corner with Alfdogg for the first time in OAOAST history! Alix meerily skips down the entrance ramp, high fiving the fans before she charges up the ring steps. She then flashes the peace sign, which is somewhat offset by her odd promises to “KILL WHITEY!” Magnum Opus hits, and the crowd comes to its feet. COLE And we're set for the official return of Alfdogg to HeldDOWN~! after an absence of several months! Alix waits in the ring and applauds as the music plays, but Alf does not emerge. The music plays for several more seconds, and the crowd starts to get confused. COLE The fans awaiting the arrival of the former World champion... Suddenly, the AngleTron reveals Alf being assaulted backstage by the Heavenly Rockers! COLE Wait a minute! Logan and Synth, the Heavenly Rockers, with an ambush on Alfdogg! COACH Haha, this is great! Maybe this is the group activity that Reject was talking about! Alix is distracted in mid-ring watching the assault, when suddenly, Holly sneaks up behind her and jams a TASER into her midsection! COACH It's Holly! COLE Holly is in the ring, and she's got a taser! Zapping Alix right in the guts! Alix crumples to the mat after taking the taser for a couple seconds, then Holly applies it once again! COLE This is a heinous assault by the Deadly Alliance and the Heavenly Rockers! Screams are heard from the fans, as D*LUX make their way to the ring! They slug it out with TK and Reject, knocking them to the mat, then attempt a double dropkick on Arturas, but the big man swings his arms and BLOCKS both dropkicks! COLE Look at Arturas, the bear-man, blocking those dropkicks! Arturas drives a foot into the face of Tyler, then flattens Shayne with a RUSSIAN SICKLE~! COACH That guy's a beast! The rest of the DA jogs down to ringside, as do the HR's, dragging Alf along with them. COLE And now Alf being brought out, and all six of them could have taken turns punishing him back there for all we know! Alf is tossed into the ring, where Sandman hooks his left arm as he lays on his side, and Holly drives the taser into his chest! COLE And now Alf takes the taser! Reject scrapes Alix off the mat, and drops her with the EULOGY~!!!!!11111 He then motions Melissa down to count. 1! 2! 3! COLE And that of course is not official! Reject then signals MD, who signals Malaysia, who gets a sadistic grin on her face. COACH Malaysia's got that look in her eye! COLE Oh, no. Malaysia climbs into the ring, and pulls out a CAT-O-NINE-TAILS! COLE And Malaysia with a giant whip! This is getting uglier by the minute! Officials run to the ring, but are quickly turned back by the DA. MD lifts Alix off the mat with a front facelock, then raises her tube top up to expose her back. Malaysia gets a firm grip on the whip, and begins to LASH THE BACK OF ALIX! COLE And Malaysia striking Alix with that whip! You can hear the screams of mercy from the U.S. champion! COACH I know Malaysia can, look at her face! Meanwhile, TK has pulled up the protective mat, where the Heavenly Rockers deliver a DOUBLE PERCUSSION DDT~! to Alf! COLE And a double DDT on the concrete for Alf! The camera cuts to the ring, where Malaysia delivers a few more whips, then MD releases Alix. COLE And look at Alix, her back has been lacerated by that whip! Reject then scrapes up the near unconscious Alix, and holds her up, saying words that can't be made out to her, before planting a huge kiss on her and letting her fall to the mat! COACH I think that was the Kiss of Death for Chicks over Dicks, Cole! COLE Reject said "we'll see who's laughing when the night's over", and Reject may be laughing, but this is nothing to joke about! Is it possible that we will see the Kiss of Death at November Reign for one of these squads? COACH And just think, Cole, these guys still have Leon Rodez on their side for that night! COLE ...wow. The DA, HR's and Holly all raise their arms as The Wall plays. The camera cuts to Alf unconscious on the floor, then D*LUX laid out, then Alix's wounded back as she lays on her stomach on the mat, then her seemingly lifeless face, then pans up to the laughing Reject as we... FADE TO BLACK
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    The OAOAST's New Home!

    So what's the plan for moving over there? I'm not in a hurry, necessarily, I was just wondering. I noticed Tony and KC hadn't made their way over yet. Were we just going to get NR out of the way first?
  16. alfdogg

    November Reign: The Canadian Way

    I wanted a Midwest-sounding name for when Alf won it for the first time (to go along the lines of Puerto Rican/Italian title). I was deciding between Heartland, Great Lakes, and another one, maybe Midwest States or something like that. I consulted Hoff on it, and we both agreed on Heartland. It's just stuck since then.
  17. alfdogg

    Booking for The Thanksgiving HD~!

    I plan to have a couple segments, one involving the DA and one involving PATD/BB's.
  18. alfdogg

    Booking for 11/24 Syndicated

    The setting/rules for the Heartland title match at NR will be explained.
  19. alfdogg

    Booking for Syndicated!

    My stuff's in. There are at least a couple of the mod staff that didn't want the e-feds there. I was really hoping to move all the stuff to a whole new board (which would be similar to this one, just without the paid upgrades) so that we could leave this place behind altogether.
  20. alfdogg

    Booking for Syndicated!

    Alfdogg makes his official return to the ring and Denzel Spencer defends the Heartland title.
  21. alfdogg

    Booking for the 11/19 HD~!

    Alfdogg & Alix Maria Spezia vs Thunderkid & Reject Plus at least a couple backstage segments.
  22. alfdogg

    Syndicated Booking thread

    My stuff's in.
  23. alfdogg

    Feedback for the 11/8 HD~!

    Ed is still alive?
  24. alfdogg

    Feedback for the 11/8 HD~!

    Funny segment with Landon/Blonde/QE. Blonde's bit in particular was terrific. Good match between Baron and CW. CW's getting on a roll, interested to see where it takes him. Great segment with Leon and Josie. Leon just keeps getting his buttons pushed. What will he do next? Nice little squash by the Can-Ams. VINTAGE Patty in that Alix/D*LUX segment. Terrific first defense by Alix over Blonde. MOTN: Alix/Blonde LOTN: "Wish James Blonde luck, because until Krista comes back I’m gonna break the arm of every person I face……hehehehhe only kidding, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I wasn’t? I could mount the arms on my wall, like my uncle Jose mounts the heads of his dead rival drug dealers. Well, anyway, bye!" - Alix
  25. alfdogg

    Syndicated Booking thread

    Alfdogg promo, and Reject makes his first title defense.