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    Who Got Over on Vince?

    How is it a dumb argument? Bret HAD a 20-year contract with a creative control cause. If he could keep Owen & Bulldog from dropping the tag titles at WM13, he could surely keep Owen from going back to the Blue Blazer and thus keep him from doing anything where he comes out of the rafters. And I never said Bret got anything over on Vince, I was just pointing out what I thought may have happened had Bret stayed.
  2. alfdogg

    Who Got Over on Vince?

    I'm too tired to brainstorm too much on this, but I think that whether Bret left or not, they would have made just as big money with the Austin deal. He was still getting the title, just from Bret instead of Shawn, before all that stuff happened. (Remember when they used to plan things ahead more than a week at a time?) Plus, Owen would still be around...no way Bret would have let Russo put him back in the Blue Blazer gimmick, IMO.
  3. alfdogg

    Last time a turn really suprised you

    Booker's face turn... From a mark's standpoint, I wasn't so much surprised *that* it happened, I was surprised *how* it happened, because I surely thought it would happen with Booker beating the everloving shit out of X-Pac. But from a smark's standpoint, I could definitely expect it happening the way it did with the Clique being involved. Other than that though, it would probably have to be Austin at WMX7.
  4. alfdogg

    Does anybody remember...?

    Christian cut his hair? Damn, it HAS been a while since I've watched...
  6. alfdogg

    The official 2003 NBA free agents thread

    With Sabonis likely retiring, that trade could work out great for Portland. Martin is more of an inside presence than Wallace, IMO (although Wallace is still better all-around), and this would also allow Bonzi to become more of a scorer and maybe the star of the team (I'm hoping since he's from Muncie, which is about 1/2 hour from my hometown ). As far as Odom goes, attitudes aside, I'd take him over Butler anyday. I don't know about him and Wade, though.