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    ZH: Chamber of Hell

    Thunderkid's cell lights up when the lights cease, and his cell lowers. COLE And I'm sure Sandman will be pleased with this entry, here comes TK! TK slides inside, and hooks CMJ while Sandman drives in forearms and European uppercuts. COLE And right away, the Deadly Alliance going to work together! Heat slowly rolls back inside, and TK lifts him and drops him in a back suplex, as Sandman sets the ladder on the top rope, then climbs up. COACH Could be a laddersault here! Sandman stands up with the ladder, and flips back, but Heat rolls out of the way! However, Sandman is able to plant the ladder into the mat, and push himself to land on his feet. He then tosses the ladder to Heat, and TK slams it into his face with a chair! COACH Nice teamwork, guys! Sandman then picks up Heat and hooks him, then drills him with the ARCHANGEL'S WINGS~!!!!!11111 Cover... 1... 2... 3!!! COACH So long, Heat! COLE Colombian Heat our first elimination! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eliminated: Colombian Heat eliminated by: Sandman9000 (pinfall) remaining: Sandman9000, Colin Maguire Jr., Denzel Spencer, Thunderkid, The Teal Tiger (still to enter) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TK and Sandman gloat, as the crowd boos. COLE So four men remain in the ring, as well as the Teal Tiger, who will be our final entrant in the match! COACH And he's got a lot of experience in this match! COLE Allegedly. COACH Oh come on. TK rolls outside, and picks up Denzel, raking his face across the Chamber wall! He then tosses him into the ring, where Sandman pummels him, while TK rummages underneath the ring. He comes out with a BARBED WIRE BOARD~! COACH Oh my God... COLE Look what TK has found under the ring! TK slides the board inside, where Sandman sets up Denzel for the ARCHANGEL'S WINGS~!!!!!11111...but Denzel shakes his arms free, and BACKDROPS SANDMAN ONTO THE BOARD~! COACH Oh no! COLE And it backfires on the DA, as Denzel escapes! Sandman rolls over to his hands and knees, and Denzel springboards off his back, leaping outside onto TK! COLE And Denzel taking flight, with an inadvertent assist from Sandman! Denzel reaches into the bin, and pulls out a BARBED-WIRE BAT~! COACH Oh come on, the whole damn cage is wrapped in the shit, is the bat really necessary? Denzel lines up with TK, and charges him, clotheslining him over the head with the bat! COLE And now TK has drawn blood! However, CMJ catches Denzel from behind with the barbed-wire chair! COLE But CMJ from behind with that barbed-wire chair, and Denzel down! COACH Nice move, Colin! As much barbed wire as these guys can get their hands on, it's A-OK with me! CMJ then pulls a spool of barbed wire from out of the bin. COACH Wow, just like it was on command! CMJ pulls off some wire, and clips it off, then wraps it around the throat of Denzel! COLE And Denzel being choked out with barbed wire! The camera gets a close-up of Denzel gasping for air. COACH I haven't seen this much choking since the Bills played the Patriots! CMJ then tosses Denzel inside, and executes a scoop slam onto the barbed-wire board. CMJ then positions the ladder, and climbs up. COACH Wow, this'll be it for Denzel if this connects! CMJ gets his balance atop the ladder, and does a front flip off the top...but Denzel is nowhere to be found, and CMJ lands BACK-FIRST ONTO THE BARBED-WIRE BOARD~! COACH Oh no! COLE Denzel escapes again! However, Denzel isn't totally safe, as Sandman slams the cactus on top of him, and TK uses a chair to smash him underneath it! COLE But there's Sandman and TK again, as they're looking to stick together until it's just them remaining, but first they'll have to get rid of this man, lowering down in 10 seconds! 10!!! 9!!! 8!!! 7!!! 6!!! 5!!! 4!!! 3!!! 2!!! 1!!! BUZZ~!!!
  2. alfdogg

    ZH: Chamber of Hell

    The lights move around the cells once again, before summoning the lowering of Denzel Spencer's cell! COLE And Denzel Spencer about to enter the match! Denzel slides in and ducks a clothesline from Sandman, then batters him with right hands and body kicks, before running to the ropes and flooring him with a spinning wheel kick! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Denzel backs Sandman into a corner, as Heat comes to and backs CMJ into the opposite one. Heat and Denzel whip their men across into one another! Heat then dropkicks Sandman over the top rope, as Denzel does the same to CMJ! COLE And a little teamwork between Denzel and Colombian Heat! Denzel and Heat then face off with one another, and circle the ring. COLE And a little friendly banter between Denzel and Heat! COACH It won't be "friendly" for long, I guarantee that! Denzel and Heat tie up, and Denzel grabs him in a side headlock. Heat backs him into the ropes, then shoves him across. Heat drops down, then comes up with a leapfrog, followed by a reverse monkey flip! COLE Nice move by Colombian Heat! As Heat batters Denzel in a corner, Sandman is pulling the cactus out of the wagon, while CMJ sets up a table on the outside. COACH Sandman and Colin doing a little redecorating on the outside! Sandman sets up the cactus in a corner, then grabs from his bin a chest protector which is covered in thumbtacks on the front! COLE Oh my! Sandman puts on the chest protector and rolls inside the ring, as Denzel catches Heat with a gutwrench belly-to-belly! COLE These two have developed quite a friendship outside of the ring, but a heated battle taking place right now! Sandman catches Denzel with a clothesline, then hooks him and lifts him in the air, dropping him with a gourdbuster ON THE LADDER~! COACH OW~! COLE Denzel face-first right down onto the ladder! As CMJ slides into the ring, Sandman yells at him to set up Heat on the cactus. CMJ obliges, whipping Heat back-first, and Sandman follows with an avalanche! COLE Heat sandwiched between cactus and thumbtacks! CMJ tries to pile up, but Sandman moves, also pulling Heat out of the way, causing CMJ to fly right into the cactus! COLE :lol: SANDMAN :lol: COACH ... :lol: Sandman's laughter is upended, however, by a superkick from Denzel, which sends him to the outside! Denzel then reaches over the top rope and pulls a surfboard out of the bin. He climbs to the top rope, and uses the surfboard to ride the cactus down onto CMJ! However, as he celebrates, Heat sneaks up behind him, and lifts him up, dropping him with the COLOMBIAN NECKTIE~!!!!!11111 COLE Colombian Necktie for Denzel, but Heat can't make the cover! Denzel catching a big break here! Sandman rolls back inside, and covers Heat... 1... 2... Kickout! He then covers CMJ... 1... 2... Kickout! He then covers Denzel... 1... 2... Shoulder up! COLE Three pin attempts by Sandman, none of them successful! Sandman grabs Denzel, and rolls him outside onto the table which CMJ set up. However, as he sets up a move, Heat comes from behind with a low blow! COLE And a low blow from Colombian Heat! Heat catches his wind, then springs up to the top rope, but CMJ uses his momentum against him and shoves him off into the Chamber wall! As Denzel moves out of the way, Heat falls backwards THROUGH THE TABLE~! COLE Heat took a huge fall right there, and that could end his night! Sandman takes over on CMJ, catching from behind with a release German suplex, as the count begins... 10!!! 9!!! 8!!! 7!!! 6!!! 5!!! 4!!! 3!!! 2!!! 1!!! BUZZ~!!!
  3. alfdogg

    ZH: Chamber of Hell

    The lights move frantically around the raised cells, stopping on CMJ's cell! COLE And it'll be the Enterprise representative, Colin Maguire Jr.! CMJ's cell lowers, and he slides into the ring, battering each man with the shillelagh, then raising it in the air, drawing boos. He picks up Heat, and drives the weapon into his gut. Heat crawls into a corner, as CMJ stalks him. However, as CMJ sizes him up, Sandman sneaks up from behind and delivers a low blow! COLE And CMJ takes one low from Sandman! Sandman gets to his feet and stomps away on CMJ, then brings him to his feet and backs him against the ropes, continuing his assault. Heat then comes to, and joins in with Sandman. COLE Look at this double team! Sandman and Heat doubling up on CMJ! Heat and Sandman whip CMJ into the ropes, and floor him with a double elbow! Sandman follows this by flooring Heat with a YAKUZA KICK~! COACH :lol: COLE And as you may expect, that union did not last long! Sandman rolls to the outside and grabs another chair, this one wrapped in barbed wire! COLE They're breaking out the big guns now! Sandman rolls back inside, and measures Heat. He then moves in, only to have the chair knocked back into his face by a PELE KICK~! COLE Pele Kick from Heat, and Sandman takes his own chair! COACH And Sandman's bleeding now, too! CMJ grabs Sandman from behind, and rakes his face across the chair on the mat! COLE CMJ, ever the opportunist, ripping that wound even farther on Sandman! Meanwhile, Heat has gone into the camouflage bag. He pulls out a pair of gloves, and puts them on. COLE Heat putting on some gloves here... COACH What is in that bag? Heat then pulls out a gas can and a blow torch. COACH Oh no... Heat then pulls two dodgeballs out of the bag! COLE Dodgeballs! Heat douses the balls with the gas, then picks it up and rolls into the ring. COACH We're in the middle of a Chamber of Hell match, and Heat is out there pouring gas on his balls! Heat picks up the torch and ignites a ball, then chucks it at CMJ, striking him in the lower back! He then ignites the other ball, and waits for Sandman to get to his feet, then drills him in the chest! COACH This is terrible! Both men roll to the outside, and Heat celebrates in the ring as the crowd cheers him on. He then rolls outside after CMJ, who is rolling around on the floor, and trips him up, setting him up for a slingshot, and sends him into the Chamber wall! COACH Oh, no! COLE And now CMJ takes the wall, and he is busted open! Heat rakes CMJ's face across the cage, then tosses him back inside. On the other side, Sandman pulls a ladder from underneath the ring, and slides it inside. COLE Sandman has got a ladder! Heat slugs away at CMJ, until Sandman puts the ladder on over his head, and clotheslines both men with it! He then takes the ladder off and slams it onto CMJ as the count begins... 10!!! 9!!! 8!!! 7!!! 6!!! 5!!! 4!!! 3!!! 2!!! 1!!! BUZZ~!!!
  4. alfdogg

    feedback for the 9/25 HD~!

    The concert and promo which followed were great. I liked Abdullah's rendition of the song. Great inspirational speech from Biff. Oh no, what has Morgan done to herself now? We'll find out this Sunday, maybe. Nice little match between Ned and Danny. Big win for Ned despite his condition. Good stuff as usual from Krista. Some nice build to the PPV.
  5. alfdogg

    How's this sound?

    Another thing I was thinking. I know I'm as guilty of this as anyone (mainly because I lose interest when people are so obscenely late with their stuff), but we really should start focusing more on leaving feedback for the shows. Not so much Syndicated, because that kind of show seems like it would be tough to feedback (to me anyway), but definitely for the HDs and PPVs/Spectaculars. To me, if there's no feedback, then there's really no motivation to write all this stuff.
  6. We come back from commercial with The Teal Tiger hammering away on Sandman9000. COLE We're back here on HeldDOWN~!, with this one-on-one confrontation which has just gotten underway between the Heartland champion Sandman9000 and The Teal Tiger, who has the early advantage! Tiger pummels Sandman into the ropes, then sets up an Irish whip, which Sandman reverses. Tiger ducks a clothesline, and floors Sandman with one of his own! He then backs Sandman into a corner, and delivers a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! And another! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Tiger then climbs to the middle rope, and begins to unload on Sandman as the crowd counts along! 1!!! 2!!! 3!!! 4!!! 5!!! 6!!! Sandman brings Tiger out of the corner for an inverted atomic drop, but Tiger manages to block it, and drops Sandman with another clothesline! Tiger picks up Sandman and whips him hard into a corner, and catches him with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK as he staggers out! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Tiger stomps away on Sandman, and Sandman rolls to the outside. Tiger runs to the ropes, then comes back and hits Sandman with a SUICIDE DIVE~! COLE Tiger with some big moves here early on! Tiger gets to his feet and tosses Sandman back inside. Sandman scoots over to the ropes, where Tiger chokes away. Tiger then backs off, and charges...but Sandman ducks, and backdrops Tiger high over the ropes to the floor! COLE And Tiger over the top to the floor! COACH That was quite a fall Alf took! COLE Are you implying that it's Alfdogg under that mask?!? COACH ... Sandman gets his wind, then follows Tiger outside. He picks up Tiger, and delivers a European uppercut, then sets him up and whips him into the steel steps! COLE And Tiger sent right into the steel steps! Sandman rolls back inside, and waits for Tiger to pull himself up to the apron. He grabs him and pulls him in under the ropes, into the corner, where he delivers some BOOT SCRAPES~! Sandman then brings Tiger out, and executes a snapmare, followed by a seated dropkick! COACH Sandman's on a roll now! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Sandman picks up Tiger once again, and executes a back suplex! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Sandman slides to the outside, and grabs a chair from ringside. COLE And keep in mind, this IS still under Heartland rules, but the title is not up for grabs here! Sandman raises the chair in the air, as the crowd boos, then sizes up Tiger, and brings it down across his back! Tiger arches his back in pain, and rolls to the ropes. Sandman follows him, and chokes him with the chair, then releases, and Tiger rolls to the floor. COACH Sandman is in TOTAL control here! Sandman poses in the ring, drawing more boos, as Tiger is rummaging underneath the ring. He pulls out a garbage can, unbeknownst to Sandman, who sizes up Tiger, then back into the ropes, and leaps over the top...only to be met with a flying garbage can to the face! COACH OW! COLE Sandman flying over the top, but Tiger hurling that garbage can at him and catching him in the face! Sandman is reeling on the floor, while Tiger sinks back to his knees and attempts to regain himself. Tiger then grabs the trashcan, which was full of other assorted weapons, and pushes it underneath the ropes. He then tosses Sandman inside, and empties out the trashcan. He then tosses the empty can to Sandman, and superkicks it back into his face! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Tiger then sets the can in mid-ring, and grabs Sandman in a standing headscissors. COLE Could be a powerbomb Tiger's setting up here... Sandman blocks, however, and backdrops Tiger onto the can! COLE But it backfires! Sandman drapes an arm over Tiger... 1... 2... Shoulder up! Sandman grabs a small road sign that was in the trash can, and brings it down on Tiger's head! He then lays Tiger down on the steel chair, and climbs to the top rope. COACH This could be it if he hits this, Cole! Sandman gets his balance up top, and leaps off with a SENTON BOMB~! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! COLE Not yet! Sandman picks up Tiger, and backs him into a corner, and delivers a European uppercut...and Tiger fires back with a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! COLE And look at Tiger fight back! Sandman backs Tiger up again, and delivers another uppercut...and Tiger returns the favor again! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Sandman backs up Tiger one more time, and delivers another uppercut, and Tiger responds a flurry of CHOPS~!, but Sandman thumbs him in the eye, then backs him into the ropes, and attempts an Irish whip. Tiger reverses, Sandman ducks a clothesline...but gets caught with a AA SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE CHAIR~! COACH Oh no! COLE Spinebuster right onto that chair! Both men lay on the mat for several seconds, then work to their knees, and begin to exchange fists. Tiger starts to get the better of the exchange once the two move to their feet, then Sandman takes a big swing, which Tiger ducks, then spins Sandman around for a BELLY-TO-BELLY~! COLE Belly-to-belly, and now it's Tiger maybe looking for the kill here! Tiger follows up with a T-BONE SUPLEX~!!, and Sandman quickly retreats to the floor. Tiger follows, ramming Sandman face-first into the steps! He then takes him to the next corner of the ring, and rams him into the ringpost! He then rolls Sandman back inside, and climbs to the top...but spots Thunderkid running down the aisle, and instead catches him with a flying bodypress to the outside! COLE Thunderkid arrives, just in time for that move by the Tiger! Tiger slugs away on TK, then tosses him inside, where he continues the assault until Sandman levels him from behind. At this point, Denzel Spencer slides into the ring to even the odds! COLE And there's Denzel! Another of the participants in the match Sunday! CMJ and Heat slide into the ring soon after, and all hell breaks loose as the referee calls for the bell! *DING DING DING* COLE And the referee has thrown this one out! COACH Not sure about the logic in that one, seeing as weapons were allowed to be used, but OK! Officials pour out of the locker room, as the six men continue to brawl. COLE And this is just a sample of what's to come in the fifth annual Heartland Invitational Chamber of Hell, this Sunday at Zero Hour!
  7. alfdogg

    Booking for this weeks HeldDOWN~!

    Sandman9000 vs The Teal Tiger (non-title)
  8. alfdogg

    Zero Hour

    Maybe Zack and Ed will have their matches done by then! Heartland Invitational Chamber of Hell V Sandman9000 © vs The Teal Tiger vs Thunderkid vs Denzel Spencer vs Colombian Heat vs Colin Maguire Jr.
  9. alfdogg

    Booking for this week's Syndicated

    My match is in now. Sorry, I was at the hospital last night.
  10. alfdogg

    SYN: 6-man tag

    The headline match for Syndicated was a six-man tag team match featuring the six participants in the Chamber of Hell match this Sunday at Zero Hour. Denzel Spencer and Colombian Heat, two former U.S. champions, teamed up with the Teal Tiger, who most certainly did not wrestle under a previous identity and win two of those titles himself! Their opposition was the odd combination of Heartland champion Sandman9000 and United States champion Thunderkid, representing the Deadly Alliance, and Colin Maguire Jr., representing the Enterprise. Thunderkid was on the defensive early, as his opposition took turns teeing off on him and working over his arm. Fortunately, CMJ landed a cheap shot from the outside, and TK was able to escape the onslaught as his partners took control of the match. Denzel was reeling from the rough styles of CMJ and Sandman, but managed to evade a high-risk move late from CMJ and bring the Tiger in. The Tiger was a HOUSE AFIRE~!, flooring everyone with right hands, and sending TK to the outside with a big belly-to-belly suplex! However, Sandman leveled him from behind, then held him for a shot from CMJ, which missed and connected with Sandman instead! The short-tempered champion leveled his own partner in retaliation, before a PELE KICK from Heat sent him out of the ring, and the DA mates retreated, leaving CMJ to fall victim to the Tiger's Sharpshooter, ending the match. WINNERS: Denzel Spencer, Colombian Heat, & The Teal Tiger
  11. alfdogg

    Booking for this week's Syndicated

    I'll do that six-man which I was supposed to have on HD~!
  12. alfdogg

    How's this sound?

    Sounds good to me.
  13. alfdogg

    Booking for the 9/17 HeldDOWN~!

    Denzel Spencer, Colombian Heat, & The Teal Tiger vs Sandman9000, Thunderkid, & Colin Maguire Jr.
  14. alfdogg

    Zero Hour

    I'm down with that if he is.
  15. alfdogg

    Booooooking 4 next weeks' show

    It's in.
  16. alfdogg

    HD: Reject/PRL AS finish

    It's coming soon. Leave me a spot.
  17. alfdogg

    Booooooking 4 next weeks' show

    KC: did you see my other PM, or did you just need time before you replied to it?
  18. alfdogg

    Booooooking 4 next weeks' show

    I'll have the finish to the Reject-PRL match at AngleSlam.
  19. alfdogg

    Angleslam booking thread

    Sandman/Denzel is in the show.
  20. alfdogg

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Ironically, he's probably not going to respond, either, since he can't afford internet access where he lives (he did mention he was at a friend's house).
  21. alfdogg

    Where is OAOAST HQ???

    I always thought it was Pittsburgh, since that's where Angle's from.
  22. alfdogg

    Feedback for the 8/21 HD~!

    Big statement made by the Moneygang. A lot of momentum approaching the match at AngleSlam. Great promo by Leon Rodez. Now that there's some explanation on it, I like the alliance of Leon and Morgan even more. More great stuff throughout the night with Zack/Bo/AS/etc. So, is Zack a heel now? Looks like I may have some catching up to do in terms of following the shows. Fun little match between Lucius and J-MAX, with some funny commentary from the Queen. Krista was in rare form tonight, even by her standards. Except, I didn't know there was another 7-foot guy in Kazaam. Amazing, even Shaq's sidekicks have sidekicks! Terrific show to build up AngleSlam.
  23. alfdogg

    Feedback for the 8/21 HD~!

    Match is in.
  24. alfdogg

    Feedback for the 8/21 HD~!

    My match will be done in a bit.
  25. alfdogg

    Booking for Aug. 27/28 HD

    Yes, it's OK. Denzel Spencer, Colombian Heat & The Teal Tiger vs Thunderkid, Reject & Sandman9000