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  1. MillenniumMan831

    One and Only HeAT Thread

    Mack sure is taking it to Medium Poppa Pump.
  2. MillenniumMan831

    The One and Only Heat thread

    It was . . . but WAYYY at the bottom. Only on Heat.
  3. MillenniumMan831

    One and Only HeAT Thread

    A magic carpet ride . . . and a cane shot to boot!
  4. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    They were fearful of her patented nip slip.
  5. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    Raw Writer: (forgot to give Raw's show a 2nd thought all week) HHH, you have any ideas about tonight's Raw? HHH: (Rambles on for 2 hours) Writer: (Wipes sweat of brow knowing Vince will approve.)
  6. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    I betcha the crew totally forgot about her and had to throw something together quick. Crew: Yeah, just wear your gi and meet us at Trax. Jacqueline: Because I have a black belt in karate? Crew: Whatever, just don't tell Vince about this shoot, the pics are due by 4pm. Kill me, but next week's episode could be interesting. I don't mind those "Making of . . ." concepts; and if EZ E is narrating it, all the better.
  7. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    Yeah, cause there was an article about China, but we had a Chyna too. It was weird. Oy.
  8. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    I don't think Torrie understands how to give entertaining answers. She's just being honest . . . Boring.
  9. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    I saw it . . . loved how the narrator talked over Savage's lyrics except for the Hogan bashing remarks.
  10. MillenniumMan831

    When did you start disliking HHH?

    BINGO for me too. That was my point of no return. HHH could fully recover and put on '****3/4' classics and I could give a damn.
  11. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    Molly would be a good choice if she plays up to her prude character.
  12. MillenniumMan831

    The 1 and Only Velocidential Thread 10-4-03

    Oh great, a Jacqueline photo shoot. Maybe we'll see a prerecorded nip slip anyway.
  13. MillenniumMan831

    Holly / Cappotelli

    Ahh, I never knew the powerbomb drop was 'intentional'. I just figured Brock slipped up a bit.
  14. MillenniumMan831

    Battle Royal @ Royal Albert Hall

    Yes, and who the hell IS Alfred Hayes? He was a longtime McMahon employee. I don't know beans about him pre-1984. He had a heavy English accent and would commentate many of the MSG shows in the 1980s (Wasn't half as bad as the CV Exclusives w/ Sean Mooney). He also played Andy Richter to Vince's Conan O'Brien in Tuesday Night Titans (TNT), which was a Tonight Show takeoff in which the guests were wrestlers. However, by the early 1990s, Al became unbearable and was released/quit/fired/I dunno in 1993ish. After seeing a pic of him a while back, he doesn't appear to be in too good of health nowadays.
  15. MillenniumMan831

    2 ½ Minutes is a Pretty Long Time

    It reminds me of an Andre the Giant quote, "3 years to be champion, it's a long time." And great article to boot.
  16. MillenniumMan831

    More people watched Coach/JR than RVD/Xian

    I really thought Jericho was gonna run down while both guys were out and steal the belt.
  17. MillenniumMan831

    The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD Cover...

    Or the Slamboree 1994 match.
  18. MillenniumMan831

    The Joe Schmo Show

    They should've had Hutch impreganate Molly. Oh, that'd be a RIOT!!! And then, have Hutch vote Molly off so he'll never see her again.
  19. MillenniumMan831

    Should pulling the tights even be called cheating?

    Monsoon/JR pointed out once that the flat of the boot is legal, the toe is illegal. It's on World Tour 1996. NEVER seen that enforced. As for the reverse atomic drop, I think it's supposed to put stress on the ass/thighs.
  20. MillenniumMan831

    The theme music decline.

    Probably trying to sound cool and mainstream by distancing themselves from wrestling -shrug- They did a radio interview where they said it was because it was just a demo and they weren't done with it yet when their manager told them the WWF needed something, but they could have made that up. I dunno.
  21. MillenniumMan831

    Old School TV format

    Well, if it brings back Barry O, I'm all for it. Lillian: In the ring, from Las Veg . . . (O starts bitching at Garcia) . . . From the FABULOUS Las Vegas, Nevada . . . Barry O! Barry makes the 'O' sign over his head. Man, I miss that. Seriously, I've always thought that every week on Raw, they should air one or two 30sec vignettes/videos of random stars (Goldberg, Dreamer, Richards, Jericho, Xtian, Molly, Venis, . . . everybody) just to get the crowd thinking about the ENTIRE roster. Nothing major, hell it could just be the Titan Tron video if they want to be extra lazy. Give these guys something. It'd take up little effort/time, and could get some decent reactions for the wrestlers.
  22. MillenniumMan831

    Randy Savage does XM Radio appearance

    Me too . . . but Jesse Ventura would HAVE to call the match.
  23. MillenniumMan831

    The $100, 000 Bounty

    Rikishi is having some contract disputes . . . the $100,000 bounty money should even it out.
  24. MillenniumMan831

    Scott Keith dates!!!!!!!!!!&#3

    Oh yeah.
  25. MillenniumMan831

    Scott Keith dates!!!!!!!!!!&#3

    Technically, he never said he was out on a date. He just said dating overrides wrestling. He was probably just pissed that HHH wasn't champ anymore and couldn't take the trauma Monday.