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  1. MillenniumMan831

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I don't think WWE has the rights to it. It was dubbed over in the RR Anthology. Oh by the way, here's the correct version . . .
  2. MillenniumMan831

    Wrestling Quirks

    And grow a goatee.
  3. MillenniumMan831

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    Fuck, I thought he was already dead. Thera-GEEZY
  4. MillenniumMan831

    Bash at the Beach 2000

    My favorite Madden/Stevie exchange came during an AWOL/Bam Bam match after Wall hit the heart punch. Madden: A shot in the heart, AND THE WALL IS TO BLAME! Stevie: Madden, you give wrestling a bad name. Madden: (muttering) I didn't think you'd get the Bon Jovi reference.
  5. MillenniumMan831

    ECW Thread: 2/24

    Just caught the Universal replay and Grisham got a nice zinger on Striker "You, being a former valet, what does it take . . ."
  6. MillenniumMan831

    Monday Night Wars

    Certainly not the Beverly Brothers.
  7. MillenniumMan831

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    Tremendous how his trip to Barbados (sp?) must have ended the day of the Rumble since he would be doing commentary for the MSG show the very next night.
  8. MillenniumMan831

    The Youtube Thread

    Sweet, the WWF version of Pomp & Circumstance at 2:30.
  9. MillenniumMan831

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    On the night of the Steiners/Quebecers title change, they taped another ep which had Scott Steiner vs Pierre.
  10. MillenniumMan831

    WWE SmackDown - February 27, 2009

    Matt's starting to look a little fat.
  11. MillenniumMan831

    The Youtube Thread

    I love that interview . . . What the fuck was the Anvil talking about? Marty's woooo was a little frightening. Since when is being taken downtown a threat? Warrior sounds par for the course compared to the rest of his team.
  12. MillenniumMan831

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    I'm surprised HHH didn't go after 3MW.
  13. MillenniumMan831

    Jeff Jarrett was the coolest

    Is that an Ibukimaster (sp?) edit of his theme?
  14. MillenniumMan831

    The Youtube Thread

  15. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    As suspected, Chris Benoit is conspicuous by his absense in the WrestleMania polls.
  16. MillenniumMan831

    The Youtube Thread

    Okerlund in a tux compliments this video nicely. I absolutely love the meeting w/ the old fellas. "Well you got the free ticket, forget about it!"
  17. MillenniumMan831

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    I wonder if Alvarez realizes/cares that he always lists the winners first in his non-spoilers match listings. I think he just replaces 'defeats' with 'vs'.
  18. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Austin still coming out to the Ringmaster theme is awesome. Definitely a slick match that followed. Hart's flippedy-do counter out of the reverse chinlock was unique. Owen/JR calling the match w/ equipment fit for early 1900s war coverage was awesome. Irony ensues as Stampede's Bad Company defeated an 'Oriental Connection' as Whalen (was it Whalen? I dunno) put it while the AWA's Bad Company would go on to be the Orient Express. Martel/Race had quite the bizarre presentation. Terry Funk headbutting JYD will never not be funny.
  19. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Yeah, that board has become a headache "Hey legacy u shud post every wwe ppv ever!!!" posts get old in a hurry.
  20. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    There's a possibility they haven't uploaded those yet. I sure have tried every combo for those matches. I'm thinking the 3rd video is "My Favorite Match" which is sometimes coded as 'fav'. Not sure if they'll be an ECW Legacy ep this month or not. Ditto for Hotbeds.
  21. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    They advertised a Mil Mascaras match earlier in the week.
  22. MillenniumMan831

    WWE.com Legacy

    Legacy seems to have uploaded their videos early. I updated the archive w/ six videos I was able to figure out the filenames for (Raw, Challenge, Generations, Race/Martel, Graham/Mil, & Ahmed/HHH).
  23. MillenniumMan831

    WWE SmackDown - February 20, 2009

    I wonder if the Umanga/Goldman debacle aided Scotty's departure from WWE. Carlito got the line of the night as he and Primo were shouting at each other "Did he just call us the colons again?"
  24. MillenniumMan831

    Monday Night Wars

    That was it. Even though it's been since 99ish since I've seen it, I love the overdramatic sell job the Nation gives to the whole angle even though Farooq clearly missed the mark (a chair) on the piledriver.
  25. MillenniumMan831

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    Goldman's internet show was hit or miss. As for Hawkins/Ryder, if they are released, they should resurface as the Major Brothers again. Vince wouldn't know the difference.