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  1. You know, it really fucking sucks that you're stealing heat away from me. I just had to say that. Once upon a time, some in the WWE folder were called RRR Clones and yes-men as erroneously as people -INCLUDING ME!!!- are being called HTQ yes-men. This is so very wrong. People used to be willing to have themselves banned if it meant I would be banned as well. THAT'S HATRED! I put in more time here, dammit! I have tenure! I deserve that heat! BAH!!!


    I was half-expecting for that rant to end with "Don't you know WHO I AM?!? I AM NETWORK BAH GAWD!!!"

  2. Oh he was. His Fall of 1994 push to the WWF Championship was among the most underrated angles of all time (3 cheers for putting the editor of the WWF Magazine Lou Gianfrino in the crossface chickenwing). Plus, as a heel, he could be as strong as an ox or as spineless as a jellyfish, whatever the situation called for.


    We were all plebeians quagmired in a sea of hypocrisy in Mr. Bob Backlund's world.

  3. I don't believe it's the size of the wrestler that the fan has been successfully trained to react to. It's the personality/charisma and secondarily the workrate of the wrestler. Granted, there must be a half-decent physiche for the fan to buy into.


    A fan will react to a "witty" one-liner or a gimmicky finisher before they will to a random clean-cut wrestler reliant on roids or not.


    Batista has a silent killer personality --- people react

    Randy Orton has no personality but looks great --- girls react

    Chris Masters has no personality --- the pindrops are deafening

    Eddie Guerrero oozed personality --- people reacted

    Scotty 2 Hotty does the gimmicky worm --- people still react regardless of his average (compared to the average Joe) physiche.

    Rey Mysterio does some amazing things in the ring (compared to others in WWE) --- people react


    Just my penny or two.

  4. Prefer to be given only finish and call everything else in the ring? Lay the entire match out beforehand?


    Eh, lay it out beforehand but have the flexibility to change it if the crowd is completely crapping on it or someone forgets his/her spot.


    Like to have your promo's scripted? Or just be given a couple of bullet points, and wing the rest?


    Bulletpoints. Just so I know where I'm going w/ the promo. If I get stuck, I'll just wrap it up.


    Blade often? Only on occasion? Would you rather never blade at all?


    I'd be scared to death of blading but could probably be talked into it now and again. Especially, if it means fatter checks.


    What style would you like to wrestle? Why would you prefer to employ that particular style over others?


    A technical style I guess. If nothing else, I'd like to be findamentally sound and slowly build my repotoire (sp?) as I progress.


    Refuse to take certain moves? Only take them when working with certain wrestlers?


    If I trust the wrestler, I'd take just about anything. If I don't trust the worker, I'd be crappin myself the whole match anyway.


    Are there any match types you'd like to wrestle in a lot? Some match types you'd rather never have to work in?


    I'm a battle royal/Royal Rumble/Survivor Series mark, so stick me in those matches. Someone can javelin me over the top. Plus, it'd be cool to be in a 4-5 man team with a hokey name . . . The Rude Brood, The Vipers, ect. Even the Elimination Chamber looks like a blast. However, no Exploding Taipei Death Matches for me.


    What style of normal match would you like to do the most? Would you prefer to sell or to dominate? Would you like to do long matches?


    I'd much rather sell. Seems like a lot less work. If you're dominating, you better know 2-3 moves ahead what you're going to do. As for match length, I don't really care. 2 min-60min . . . whatever.


    Would you like to have a manager or valet to work spots with or would you rather just do it all yourself?


    I'd only want one if that person somewhat fits my style/character. Don't just stick someone w/ me just because (Ex: Stacy w/ Hurricane).


    Are there some types of angles that you would refuse to do? Some types of angles that you'd love to do?


    I'd only refuse blatant homosexual angles. I'd be willing to work with anything else, no matter how dumb it is.


    What promotion would you like to work for the most? What promotion would you hate to work for?


    I'm pretty ignorant about promotions so I'll just say whichever pays the most.


    What promotion of the past would you most liked to have worked for? What promotion would you have hated working for the most?


    Only cause I'm a mark for mid-late 1980s WWF, I'd love to be in the SD Jones role getting my BUTT kicked by the heel of the month.


    Any wrestlers today that you'd like to work against? Any you would avoid working against at all costs?


    I'm pretty indifferent here.


    What wrestlers from the past would you like to work against? What wrestlers from the past would you not want to work against?


    I'd love to work w/ 1980s Randy Savage and would avoid that Missing Link goof at all costs.

  5. There isn't a promotion (besides UStyle) that would successfully integrate my style, so I would, like, not wrestle.  Hey, that's what I do right now smile.gif .  Not work for?  ROH.  It would go way over their heads ("So... do we... CLAP... now?")


    I actually would love to work heel in ROH, just so I could mock them clapping for the indy standoff thing. Has any heel done that yet? Because as a heel the crowd should, you know, not really clap for you.


    IIRC, EZ Money used to throw little pissy fits when the crowd would cheer for one, but nothing over the top.

  6. Bam Bam Bigelow


    In his prime, Bigelow was really good worker who put in the effort. It’s a shame that Bigelow has turned into a complete asshole and become a total mark for himself.


    Can you please expand on this? He seemed like he was a pretty down to Earth guy every time I've seen or read something about him. Thanks.


    Not sure if you missed it when it was originally posted, but I was just curious when or how he turned into a complete asshole. Thanks.