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  1. Referring to playing a last place team - "You can't overlook them, they get paid just like we do"


    Referring to an ugly win - "We'll take it"


    I love when a coach won't accept injuries as an excuse for his own team but when evaluating a weaker opponent, he'll be the first to mention that they have been hurt by the injury bug and that it is always tougher to succeed when that happens.


    When coach is on the hotseat - "Coach is preparing us the right way, we're just not executing"

  2. Best promo of Matt's career? I know a lot of it had to do with the production rather than his delivery, but I really enjoyed watching that.


    I agree. He didn't hit a home run but he hit a solid ground rule double while the production bumped it to a triple. Glad to see they've left a small opening for Christian to still be the attacker. I wish he would have referenced how he felt earlier in the night after losing to Swagger. He could have explained that after the loss, he realized he had to dump the albatross in his life to ever make it to the top of WWE. That way, fighting Jeff's battles against Edge/Kozlov in the last several weeks still makes a little sense.




    Oh lookie, Paul Burchill's theme makes a cameo during the Rourke video package.

  3. The less the MEM know about the rest of TNA, the better. I just found Booker's voice to be downright irritating. And it's more irritating knowing that he probably had a sore throat afterwards. Not to mention (even though I did earlier in the thread), he never shut up. Nash was the one that should have been doing 2/3 of the talking. He can bury people far more humorously and efficiently than Prince Booker.

  4. Both guys' bodies had made major changes in just the previous six days, for whatever that's worth and probably very little. I think a lot of people looked at this match, with one guy who usually does nothing against another guy who almost always is terrible as a stinker before it started. And aside from a three-minute fullnelson spot which Monsoon ruined by emphasizing the hold wasn't properly applied (which ruined all the intensity of a possible near submission, which they certainly needed if they were going to use a hold for three minutes), this was a good match. These guys are best friends in real life and Bulldog did a lot of good stuff here.


    Hey, if someone can not execute a full nelson properly, Monsoon should point out that it's all fucked up.

  5. The one you stole.


    A few weeks ago when JR said the FU was renamed The Throwback, I kept waiting for Cole to call it such. However, in three attempts, he said "Going for the win" once and "Going for the victory" twice, to I declared jokingly that the move is called The Victory.


    Based on Monday, I think it's supposed to be called It Is.

  6. I remember that match from CV's Mega Matches (1991). I figured this board would crush me years ago for admitting to liking a Jim Duggan match, but no. This match was one of those worth the price of admission to the fans there as they really got into it and forgot that they were essentially at a house show.

  7. I remember a 10-man battle royal on WCW Pro the week before WW3 95 in which Dusty was driving Cruise/Larry Z nuts w/ his pick being jobber Nasty Ned. In fairness, the other wrestlers were Frankie Lancaster, Mark Starr, the State Patrol, Dave Sullivan, Disco Inferno, and a couple others of that ilk.

  8. I get more of a nWo Souled Out 97 vibe from this show (since the matches also have ridiculous stips).


    And I must admit, I'm really looking forward to how this show pans out on television. Impact is the ultimate watch-for-a-couple-segments-and-turn-off show for me but this sounds like a keeper on the DVR. Fuck the faces, I want to hear Steiner/Nash bury everyone.