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  1. Shame on Cody for not picking Dusty/Dustin Rhodes vs DiBiase/Virgil as his favorite match. And by the by, Natalya's interview w/ The Fink may be the most insightless interview ever. I mean fuck, it was 17 seconds.


    But enough good stuff here assuming these links aren't all mucked up like the past couple weeks.


    And the archive is updated.

  2. While it seems most in the IWC prefers the mid-90s era ECW, I really got into 1998-2001 ECW much more. I won't argue that it was better per se but it was nice seeing ECW running actual arenas consistently w/ the ECW arena being a monthly stop rather than a weekly stop.


    I found the angles to be good stuff especially with the BREAKING NEWS updates that stopped the show dead in its tracks to report on RVD's injury, Tazz winning the ECW Title, ect.


    Not to mention the consistently swank matches that were on national tv for the first time ever. A few years ago, I got the entire run on dvd and ripped through the 58ish eps in about a month or two.


    I'd say the opening segment of the 2nd Hammerstein episode was the 2nd best segment in ECW history. Cyrus bullying Gertner, Heyman cracks Cyrus, Rhino gores Heyman then a cop, locker room empties, Kid Kash mosh pits his way into Rhino then hits a big dive on everyone, Sandman comes out and gets schooled by Rhino, RVD then comes out and wipes away Rhino for Kash to win the TV Title. Yeah, that was a lot and would probably get panned if it happened today due to "overbooking" but this was just right in my book.


    Oh yeah, the best segment would be the Dreamer/Raven WrestlePalooza 97 hijinx w/ a WWF run-in, Sabu beating Taz, then Taz winning the TV Title all in one big ball of fun. But I could be talked into swapping #1 and #2.

  3. I tried talking to one of their Tech agents a couple times to no avail. I went ahead and PMed Legacy asking if RR89/90/Thunder were being uploaded differently than the other videos. Ideally, they'll just take those vids down and reupload them but I kind of doubt it.


    And Steak may have the Internet's greatest avatar.


    EDIT ---- Got a response from Cody & Ted


    Thank you for the email. For the best of my knowledge we have not uploaded our videos any differently. Of course I'll check with our tech team and hopefully have an answer by early next week.


    We do check every video on our computers at WWE before we upload them and have had no problems. Hopefully this can get resolved.


    One thing I can suggest is that if other people are having problems watching videos please direct them to WWE Universe. It's the only way they can directly get in contact with us and we do check the message boards here pretty frequently.

  4. Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The server might not be available or there might be a problem with your network or firewall settings is the message I get. It also cut out a bunch of times during the RR89 interviews. A pretty big buzzkill if this keeps up.

  5. I was finally able to see most of the Thunder match after still having much technical difficulty (had to restart and prompt the video over a dozen times). What a fun lil mess it was though. Weird to see Cash (the big Harlem Heat motherfucker) get offense in on Hogan.


    If the previous line by Tony is #1, he had a close second.


    Russo: Don't worry, Elizabeth is locked up.

    Tony: (sarcastically quipping) Thank goodness for that.


    Big LOL at Tank Abbott giving Madusa a kidney punch right around when Hacksaw's music played.


    And with guys randomly entering the battle royal, does that mean that Bret Hart's last match consisted of him bopping Hogan w/ a chair and leaving the fray?

  6. I absolutely hate the constant split screen during WW3. I wouldn't mind it if it came and went but it stayed until the final 10 guys or so.


    The Fink must have quite the hardon for RR88 for adding yet another match from that event. I'm 1/2 expecting Steamboat/Rude next week.


    But for the most part, this is quality stuff. I wonder how many times Monsoon will say "I hope they've reinforced the ring for this one" in the January videos.

  7. TNA Genesis: January 11 (all predictions must be made by 7pm Eastern Sunday to count):


    Predict the winners to all seven matches and receive a 5 point bonus. Also make sure to answer the three bonus questions for additional points.


    1. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Shane Sewell ---- Bashir

    2. TNA X Division Title Tournament Final: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley ---- Sabin

    3. TNA Women's Knockout Title Lumberjack Match: Christy Hemme vs. Awesome Kong© ---- Kong

    BONUS (1 pt): Whose interference will lead to the pin? ---- Saaed brawling w/ another chick will distract the ref leading to Bolt tripping up Hemme which ends up leading to an Awesome Bomb

    4. TNA World Tag Team Title Three Way Match: Matt Morgan & Abyss vs. Beer Money Inc vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed© ---- Lethal/Creed

    BONUS (1pt): Who will get pinned in the match? ---- Abyss

    5. Booker T & Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash vs. Brother Devon & AJ Styles & Mick Foley ---- Booker/Steiner/Nash

    BONUS (1pt): Who will score the pin in this match? ---- Booker

    6. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett ---- JJ

    7. TNA World Heavyweight Title: Rhino vs. Sting© ---- Sting