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  1. Yeah, I am stoked for this Monday as well. I'm a battle royal whore & it'll be nice to see a few AWA ones.


    Maybe since Benoit was only 1/60 of the match, it's not such a big deal. I'm guessing they'll show the 1996 one since Big Show won that and I believe the Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom were all eliminated in the 1st minute of the match as they fought all around ringside (They can probably join the match slightly in progress w/ about 55 guys left to get around Benoit).


    I even like the themes for the upcoming months.

  2. We don't have full details, but Viacom and Time Warner have at least reached an agreement to where the 19 Viacom stations, including Spike, Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central and others, will remain on Time Warner according to a report on Los Angeles station KTLA's 11 p.m. newscast tonight.


    It was reported a new contract between the groups was signed, but terms were not announced. The stations were all scheduled to be taken off at midnight tonight.


    Per Meltz. That would explain why I still have Spike.

  3. Not sure if Brother Love's entrance was included but my favorite quip came when Heenan pointed that Love's music is tranquil and makes one want to sit back and think of the beautiful things in life. Monsoon drops the ol "It makes me want to barf!" line in response.

  4. - Chavo Guerrero Jr

    - Mae Young

    - Kevin Von Erich

    - Art Modell

    - Scott Norton

    - Bea Arthur

    - Geddy Lee

    - Jake Roberts

    - Bob Vila

    - Dan Rather

    - Pat Summerall

    - Michael J Fox

    - "SuperStar" Billy Graham

    - Nicole Ritchie

    - Jack McKeon

    - George Tekei

    - Ed Asner

    - Dick Vitale

    - Louie Anderson (Best Bet)

    - Joanie Laurer (Best Bet)


    EDIT - Edited post to add the Jr at the end of Chavo Guerrero. Unless Classic dies, then I meant to say Sr.

  5. Before subscribing to Legacy, I used to buy a few dvds/yr. But I erased my dvd budget for this. For the price of about 2 dvds, you get at minimum 180 new hours/year. So even if you only care to watch 1/4 of that, you're still coming out way ahead since unlike Classics on Demand, they don't delete shows/matches.

  6. They've been changing it around quite a bit over the last few months. It used to be the 1st of every month, then it was the 1st & 15th of each month, and now it appears they've settled on the 1st 4 Mondays of each month. The next update will be January 5th.


    They plop on about 15-20 hours a month which sure beats the days of 2005-2006 where it would be 3-4 hours/month.

  7. You were able to save the files or save the links? Assuming you mean the links, they'll never expire (as long as your subscription is current) and new videos are added each of the 1st four Mondays of every month. No new videos on the 29th, but there should be updates the next 12 Mondays after that.


    There's definitely a lot of other good stuff worth skimming through like the Hot Bed eps, the IC Title series, a couple SNMEs/arena shows, ect.

  8. Really? Based on the screenshots, the 1.38GB ORC version is much better than the smaller one.

    reviews said ORC's had some random blocking throughout...


    the Lynks release is pretty damn good quality for an early screener..no watermarks either


    I'm about 2/3 of the way through the ORC d/l. I'll scan through the file tonight and post the issues of it (if any).


    EDIT - The ORC torrent on XWT is A-OK. Perfectly in sync.


    The flick was definitely unsurprisingly depressing. But it was still depressing watching it even though it's expected to be depressing. I am aware that made little to no sense.