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  1. Not one match is through and Gorilla Monsoon already makes a blunder. George Steele, who was the only one outside the ring when he was introduced, stays outside the ring for the entire battle royal. All during the thing, Monsoon is ranting about how Steele got thrown out and was refusing to leave ringside. Ventura is trying his damndest to make him understand he was never in the ring, but Monsoon keeps firing back with, "BUT HE WAS IN THE RING DURING INTRODUCTIONS, JESS!" Ventura eventually gives up and goes back to sparring with Bob Uecker.


    Did not even Vince have the balls to tell Gorilla on the headset that he was fucking up and correct him?


    On a sidenote, apparently George Steele was supposed to be in the battle royal. He said he hurt himself coming to the ring and refused to go inside. He just kind of wandered off when he knew he was supposed to be eliminated. I'm guessing he either didn't want to take an over the top rope bump and/or didn't want to do any kind of job.


    My guess is that if anything, it'd be Gorilla yelling into Vince's headset during SuperStars/SNME shows.

  2. In Shawn Michaels' book, did he acknowledge One Night Only at all? I ask since I always felt getting the finish to that match changed at the last minute after Bulldog had already dedicated the match to his dying sister at ringside was far lower than any Montreal nonsense. Not to mention Michaels rubbing it in afterwards.

  3. Here's The Fink's WrestleMania Moments Part II (VI-X)



    A pretty dubious special w/

    - Rhythm & Blues debut Hunka Hunka Honky Love (VI)

    - Virgil vs Ted DiBiase (VII)

    - IC Title - Roddy Piper vs Bret Hart (VIII - Also on the IC Title series)

    - Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales (IX)

    - Doink/Dink vs Bam Bam/Luna (X)


    EDIT - Add to that a few more WM matches:

    The Triple Threat Ladder Match from WM2000 - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/032009/drm-0323_wm2000_750.wmv

    The Gimmick Battle Royal from WMX7 (Got to say, this one surprised the hell out of me) - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/032009/drm-0324_wmx7_750.wmv

    The Rock vs Hulk Hogan from WMX8 - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/032009/drm-0325_wmx8_750.wmv

    Steve Austin vs The Rock from WMXIX - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/032009/drm-0326_wmxix_750.wmv

    Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar from WMXX (Yes, really) - http://wmsdrm.wwe.com/jukebox/032009/drm-0327_wm20_750.wmv

  4. As a kid, I took a liking the Philadelphia Eagles as Randall Cunningham was superhuman in my eight year old eyes. He was basically everything Bernie Kosar was not. When the Browns left town, I stepped up my Eagle fandom. Once the Browns came back, I found myself to be a fair weather Eagle fan. If they stink, it didn't/doesn't bother me. But if they're in the playoffs, I get that fan anxiety.


    That said, I'd trade one Browns Super Bowl appearance for 10 years of 0-16 Eagle football.

  5. They're muddling around in early 1986. But it's hard to tell if they're going in order or not. Some of the eps are those I haven't seen yet. Not saying they're not reruns but I've seen more than a fair share of AWA on ESPNC.


    5 stars to Slaughter's theme. My friend who is a huge GI Joe fan got a kick out of this. As the song sounded dubbed in, he asked what song they're dubbing over. I didn't know at the time. After watching the next couple eps w/ Slaughter sans music, I assume they're dubbing over silence. I love the mob Slaughter attracts when he's passing out the Fabulous Rougeau flags.


    Yay for AWA also doing the ol heel team vs face star and a jobber (Rose/Somers vs Vader/Jesse Hernandez). I tend to get a kick out of those. To this day, I want to scream NOOOOOO when the face star tags in the shlub.

  6. Make it an untimed period. Cointoss. One team kicks off. If the offense scores a FG on their first possession, the 2nd team has one possession to try and tie or win it. Basically, each team is guaranteed a possession or an opportunity for one (in the case of a team that scored the FG turns around and recovers an onside kick, the game is over). If the score is still tied once each team had a chance for a possession, then it becomes sudden death.


    That was easy.