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  1. Edge is all like "only I get to cheat"


    So why would Vicki let Cena in now that he did the reveal?


    I was thinking the very same thing.


    Because the contract was signed?


    Wasn't the contract going to be ripped up earlier in the segment?


    That's what Edge was begging Vicki to do.

  2. I was sad that Mr. T told Hulk they'd do some street fighting with muggers, but no street fighting made it into their training montage. I could have been hearing things but it sounded like just for a little bit, you could hear the "Eye of the Tiger" playing softly in the background, but once Hogan said "eye of the tiger" to cue the song at full blast, naturally a dub song took over.


    Hogan's "beating up bums" line made me laugh.