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  1. Did Tito Santana have some different music after the Strike Force break-up? The 10/89 MSG show sounds like his singles theme is dubbed into the show (and yes I realize I'm asking a question about a show that shouldn't even be on 24/7 right now, but someone might know now).


    I used to have a tape of the MSG feed of this show and that was Tito's actual theme at the time. No dubbing necessary.

  2. I don't think ESPN wants to have ratings comparable to Golden Girl reruns by glossing over highlights of the titanics of the league.


    You think I dig constant Red Sox coverage over the MLB season? Hell no, but I know why it exists and I simply find something else to watch.


    EDIT - Not to mention having to look at Paul Pierce's horseface being interviewed every chance ABC/ESPN gets hearing about what a feelgood story it is for him to have a championship. Yeah, the street goes both ways.

  3. Nice work Landy.


    Did anyone actually sit through that Tatanka/Crush Lumberjack Match? FUCK, that was brutal! Had to have been the worst match on Raw so far. They barely played up the stipulation and all they did were punches and restholds.

  4. I'm still baffled by the logic of a manager's license. I remember hearing Monsoon say you can not have a manager's and wrestler's license simultaneously. But apparently, the Gagnes did not adhere to this as AWA Champion Curt Hennig had a manager's license to gawk at . . . I mean manage Madusa from ringside as she faced Brandi Mae who had her second Rocky Mountain Thunder thrown out as he did not have a manager's license.


    Fast forward twelve years later, and Christian (or maybe it was Edge) scores a WWF manager license.


    All very confusing.

  5. Considering the man alongside Austin Carr used to annoy people when he was working for the Pistons, I would expect nothing less than what I heard, even though that duo makes me laugh.


    Yeah, Fred McLeod is passable at best. In no way should Gilbert have fired Michael Reghi in favor of him but when Austin Carr is happy, the whole world smiles.


    Considering it's been 45 years since a Cleveland team has won a championship, I don't think anyone around these parts gives a shit about the rest of the country complaining about LeBron getting all the calls or whatnot. The guy seems to drive to the hoop 70% of the time he gets the ball so obviously it's natural he'll spend his fair share of time at the line.