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  1. My favorite Madden/Stevie exchange came during an AWOL/Bam Bam match after Wall hit the heart punch.


    Madden: A shot in the heart, AND THE WALL IS TO BLAME!

    Stevie: Madden, you give wrestling a bad name.

    Madden: (muttering) I didn't think you'd get the Bon Jovi reference.

  2. Austin still coming out to the Ringmaster theme is awesome. Definitely a slick match that followed. Hart's flippedy-do counter out of the reverse chinlock was unique. Owen/JR calling the match w/ equipment fit for early 1900s war coverage was awesome.


    Irony ensues as Stampede's Bad Company defeated an 'Oriental Connection' as Whalen (was it Whalen? I dunno) put it while the AWA's Bad Company would go on to be the Orient Express.


    Martel/Race had quite the bizarre presentation.


    Terry Funk headbutting JYD will never not be funny.

  3. There's a possibility they haven't uploaded those yet. I sure have tried every combo for those matches. I'm thinking the 3rd video is "My Favorite Match" which is sometimes coded as 'fav'. Not sure if they'll be an ECW Legacy ep this month or not. Ditto for Hotbeds.