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  1. Best show - No Mercy 1999 (JJ's burning bridge w/ Vince thus starting a domino effect leading to TNA, Bulldog's last sniff of a main event program, 1st tag team ladder match, 121 year old Moolah bags another Women's Title, & Stone Cold jobs to that up and comer blasting through the glass ceiling despite the politics holding him back. That being HHH.)


    Most fun show - ECW house show in early 1999. Somehow Row F on the floor translated to front row. Nothing spectacular happened at the show but fuck, front row for ECW is nearly impossible to top for $40 or so.

  2. Wrong. LeBron gets the anti-star treatment probably because he does so much complaining to the refs. It's the chicken and the egg. He routinely gets swiped across the face, knocked on his ass, and his arm grabbed only for everyone to conclude that someone must have jammed in chewed up gum in the officials' whistles as they play on.


    If we was getting the star treatment, that foul w/ 1/5 of a second wouldn't have been called on him on Tuesday night.

  3. This is an actual, serious post from one of the ESPN comment sections.


    When was the last time anyone saw a ref blow a whistle in that situation? I've NEVER seen it in my life. So the fact that LeBron got the foul to being with was rare, which just shows that the SECOND call was CLEARLY CLEARLY CLEARLY a pre-meditated make up call. Joey Crawford thought to himself, 'that was a dumb call by the other official giving LeBron the benefit of the doubt, if the same play happens (which of course it will there is no time left to get a shot off) I'm going to blow the whistle for Indy". That is NOT the way officials are supposed to go about their business.


    Frankly, as a Cavs fan I'm really getting sick of the NBA. And I could give a rats #### about being a "no-excuse team" anymore. What the HECK did that ever do for us? Nothing. LeBron gets NERFED by officials more and more each year, and the Cavs get less respect from the NBA and the media this year than they did 3 years ago and now they are an elite team! It's not like we ever got credit for being a "no-excuse" team anyway.


    They take away his signature moves, they take away his stats in historic games, and they have NEVER given him star treatment. Dimp is right, not until NY.


    srsly. :lol:


    Even as a homer, I have to admit for a "no excuse" team, the Cavs sure do bitch and moan a lot.


    Mo doesn't make the All Star team - Waaahhhhh

    LeBron gets his triple-double taken away at MSG - Waaaahhhhh

    Mo doesn't make the All Star team again - Waaahhhh

    Cavs get a make up call against them - Waaaahhhhh


    And that's just the last couple weeks. Even during games, it seems that LeBron is a perpetual cramper every time he thinks he got breathed on funny. I would have lumped Varejao in there but he has made great strides to tone it down for the most part.


    I just hope they man up a little heading into the playoffs.

  4. The Mega Powers/Twin Towers match will always have a special place in my ticker. It was just a few weeks prior that I started watching wrestling regularly and was getting into this angle and the WWF in general, but had no idea this match was taking place on a Friday night on NBC. Being six years old, I didn't really pay attention to the details.


    When my mom alerted me that wrestling was on channel 3, I raced to the living room just in time to see most of the tag match. I was blown away by everything. It just seemed like a big fuckin deal. But wait! Not only did the Mega Powers split up but now we're getting Hercules vs Ted DiBiase . . . that's TWO fucking matches where guys who generally win are facing off w/ each other*. I was in heaven as they fish-hooked me for life.


    *Bear in mind, I didn't have cable so syndication was my only option.

  5. Should I go and confess my sins for liking the commentary of Matt Striker and Todd Grisham? I mean, they're not amazing, but you can feel the potential they have to be the mainstay announcers for Raw in the near future. They're willing to work the style WWE wants to push (story telling and putting characters over) and 'mostly' manage to do it without it sounding too forced (Michael Cole).


    Besides, Matt Striker has that natural ability on the mic to sound good/funny/spontaneous.


    I'll see that and raise you a "I think Grisham is pretty damn good". Obviously, he doesn't have the tenure of a JR/King, but he rarely sounds like an idiot (Juh-shin aside). He doesn't pretend to know-it-all and seems to let things come much more naturally than any other commentator in WWE (other than maybe Striker and Lawler). He doesn't shreik all that much, just for a nearfall here and there. Does a good job of letting Striker get his jokes in w/o stepping on his toes. Doesn't have an overbearing voice . . . rather he has a good background voice.


  6. I'm very excited to use Kamala, I just hope whenever you select him, it doesn't give you the same match cancellation notice they gave at Wrestlemania IX...


    5 stars.


    Kamala vs. Bam Bam at Mania IX - change history forever!


    The unlocked Coliseum Video exclusive.

  7. I was just watching Raw is Sumo and Vince namedrops Mark Henry two years before he signs him . . . it was during the DiBiase/Volkoff King's Court which was a hoot in itself. I wonder if JBL/Michaels watched any of the angle to teach Michaels how to do the sad face.

  8. I'm sure it's legit, but having a strep infection in your shoulder sounds like something only TNA could come up with.


    What shit if this ppv ends w/ the heels running the table by winning every match. I figure w/ the announcers putting over Morgan's infection, Abyss is the only face w/ a shot at getting a win.

  9. And as soon as I say that, it starts to pick up. Magnus' offense is really weak for the most part.


    Yeah Magnus isn't great, but he really isn't brutal either. Sizewise, he's in a bit of a deadzone . . too small to be big and too big to be small. His promo was alright. I think the fans shitting on him right away gives the perception that he blows ass no matter what.