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    The College Football Thread 9/13 - 9/15

    Of course, the year before Auburn went undefeated, they played USC and Ga. Tech in the first two games, and the Trojans dick kicked them so hard the Tigers didn't score an offensive touchdown for a month. Which is probably why they put shit teams on the schedule that next year (But didn't learn the year later, as once again, Tech whomped AU. Should've greased the railroad tracks again, silly Plainsmen). In other news, how close is Colt Brennan to throwing for enough yards to traverse the globe? Like, fifty?
  2. Angel_Grace_Blue

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    There's no thread for the EliteXC event, so I'll just say this here: Nice tactic of punching a guy in the face a buncha times by Shields.
  3. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 3

    Ha, sucks to be him! Oh, wait.
  4. I'll try to remberlate to showing up, also maybes drunked.
  5. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 3

    THURSDAY West Virginia SATURDAY Virginia Florida Michigan Ohio State Southern Miss Arkansas Mississippi Kentucky Georgia Tech Boise State Nebraska Hawaii Florida State Tiebreak #1: 73 Tiebreak #2: 265
  6. Angel_Grace_Blue

    The College Football Thread 9/6 - 9/8

    I can't wait for Monday to roll around so I can witness the fallout from tonight's loss to South Florida on campus. Then again, AU fans grasp at any straw they can get (For instance, the large number of "Auburn - Some Number I Forget, National Champions - A Number Lower Than Auburn's Score" bumper stickers that cropped up after Florida won the title. Or "Auburn - 10, LSU - 9 stickers. Oh, shit, a whole point? Hot damn! Might as well bump you fellas up to the NFL.), so I'm sure there'll be some hardcore spinnage going on. At least the season is ruined and I shouldn't have to deal with too many obnoxious assholes. Oh, wait, I attend a major university, what am I talking about? Also - damn UTEP losing to Texas Tech. Additionally, when is Colt Brennan going to throw for an actual mile in one game?
  7. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Wordupthome.com Thread

    The ARod "EAT A DOLLPHIN TAGO!" one, wherein we find out that some first overall picks are better than others: DOLPHIN TAGOS FOR ALL! Next, something I'm sure Al will say is totally not as cool as fake MLB AIM conversations, fake NFL Nintendo DS Pictochat conversations! NFL Pictochat Of course, it might help if the NFL ones weren't several years old (They still have Terrell Owens as an Eagle, lollzerz). Finally, since I'm too lazy to look, can someone track down the various instances of Paplebon playing video games? I know there are two against Farnsworth (One baseball, one football) and another versus Thome (football), but only the Farnsworth-baseball one shows up in the "Index by Player" thing. Or, at least that was it the last time I checked.
  8. Angel_Grace_Blue

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I'm still amazed by the awesomeness of the name Rich Crunkilton. Depending on the hipness (and hopness) of the commentators, I expect some really bad puns. lolzerz, he's the earl of crunkilton.
  9. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 2

    THURSDAY Oregon State SATURDAY Northwestern Nebraska Oklahoma Alabama Michigan Boise State Georgia Mississippi North Carolina Texas Indiana LSU Colorado Tiebreak #1: 47 Tiebreak #2: 235
  10. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 1

    THURSDAY Oregon State FRIDAY Washington SATURDAY Colorado State Connecticut Virginia Georgia Tech Boston College Memphis Arizona Georgia Kansas Purdue Tennessee UTEP Tiebreak #1: 46 Tiebreak #2: 74
  11. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Offseason College Football Thread

    I'm too lazy to look back, so this might have been said before, but I kinda doubt it since I'm guessing there isn't a big Auburn fan base here. Anyway, I'm going to love seeing this town tear itself apart once AU loses all of its away games (Florida, LSU, Georgia, and Arkansas). Of course, the mighty Tigers can still be proud that they'll beat Tennessee Tech. I really hate living in Auburn sometimes.
  12. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Book recommendations

    Shogun by James Clavell is a pretty good read. Once I realized that this is a novel and not an action movie and that there aren't going to be huge samurai battles and junk, I enjoyed it a lot more. Of course, some people might be all "Mwah, who cares about a story? I want heads gettin' hacked off!". Those people are lame. This book is not.
  13. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Pictures I Like

    Guys, who forgot to finish coloring in the football player?
  14. I'll join and be awful. Someone should tell Stryke so he can use his freaky Aussie voodoo that lets him win at American fantasy games.
  15. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Promo - News From Home

    I chalk it up to Clark actually being unable to read. lolzerzpants.
  16. Angel_Grace_Blue

    UFC Fight Night 11

    What nationality is presumably Hispanic Dilbert?
  17. Angel_Grace_Blue

    UFC 75

    Maybe he'll just talk about his hatred of Carlos Menstealia during dead spots.
  18. Angel_Grace_Blue


    Not that I don't apricot the title shot, and I know CC has more power than what I say in a promo that I don't explicitly PM to CC telling them of my plan, but I did write a promo a while back when Winston Churchill formed that basically had Lois saying Jimmy only really wants to challenge for only the Hardcore or Tag belts, at least for nows. But, whatever, I'll still show up. I don't want to cause a fuss and get e-kicked in the ear by Raynor. Florklsj.
  19. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Part of a Complete Breakfast

    I was reminded of this product after all the cereal milk drinking talk. I saw this at the grocery store a few weeks ago, but looked too bizarre to warrant a purchase. Anyone else seen them?
  20. Angel_Grace_Blue

    SWF Storm Card - 7-26-2007

    you guys could take brosef stalin if you want, maybes? Or what aobut 'them guy what do bad things'?
  21. Angel_Grace_Blue

    SWF Storm Card

    it would hurt everything in the history of the universe.
  22. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Promo - SWF.com Exclusive After Storm

    Tom Flesher leans back in his chair and sighs. Storm has been over for almost an hour, but he's still had a pretty steady stream of people in his office, requesting this and demanding that. Luckily for him, he's got just one more name penciled in for a meeting. Unluckily for him, the name at the bottom of the list is Doomtopian. "Lois the Unethical, nice to see you. Care for a Cuban?" Flesher asks. "Oh, no thank you, I don't smoke," says Jimmy the Doom's manager and wife-person. "Bwuh?" Tom mumbles as he extracts a pressed Cuban sandwich and begins eating heartily. "Aaah....ooooh...uh..." Lois sputters her vowel-sounds of rage and disbelief. "So, what can I do for you?" Tom asks through a mouthful of pork and pickles. "Well, it's about Jimmy. The Doom," she adds, eyes shut tight in an attempt to block out the sound of chewing. "I figured as much. Let me guess, you think Jimmy deserves a World title shot? I'll admit, he's probably more qualified than some people in line, what with that year-long Hardcore run. Here's the thing, Lois, the World title picture is a bit of a mess right now, and allowing Jimmy to leapfrog over everyone else isn't going to help things. Just tell him to be patient," Tom says. "Um, thank you, Mister Flesher, but actually I wanted to ask you to not put Jimmy in the World title scene," Lois says. Tom is left momentarily speechless, as spraying sandwich bits across a desk doesn't really qualify as speech. "Care to explain why you don't want your umm... husband to move on to the main event?" Tom inquires. "First off, don't get the wrong idea. Jimmy and I have discussed this, and we are both of the same mind, so it's not like I'm trying to sabotage his career or anything. The thing is, Jimmy doesn't really belong in the main event. Now, I know things are different from when Peters was in charge, but it's still about matches the fans would like to see. Let's face it Mr. Flesher, Jimmy can't get a decent reaction on his own," Lois says. "So what do you propose I do, Lois? Take him out back and shoot him?" "Oh, I don't think that's necessary at this juncture, though I'm glad you're keeping the option open. No, I think, that with the current state of this federation, that Jimmy has only two options: the Hardcore or Tag Team divisions. He's no match for the Cruiserweights, and he barely makes the weight as it is. The International division is gone, so that's out of the question, and he doesn't fit the New Blood requirement," Lois says. "Well, I'm sure Jimmy would love to go back to the Hardcore division. I bet he'd love another year with the belt, and it's not like he didn't provide entertaining matches. But it's that year-long reign that's got me against putting him back in the mix. There are almost no compelling challengers left for him, and I'm not about to pull one of the New Blood just so Jimmy can have someone else to slaughter. Hell, besides Maddix, no one's even come close to giving Jimmy a real challenge. I still don't know how he did that..." he mutters. "Yes, Mr. Flesher, we're curious about that ourselves," Lois seethes. "So, I guess that just leaves the Tag Team division. Now, look, if you can find someone willing to put up with the bizarre things you and Jimmy do... well, I'd probably contact the nearest mental asylum. But if they're willing to let them out for a night, Jimmy'd have a partner. Until then, you and Jimmy are just going to have to deal with the matches you're booked in," Tom says. Lois simply nods, rises, and leaves Flesher's office. She immediately meets up with Doom, who is idly kicking at the concrete, perhaps distraught that he had to resort to the Death Submission to put away Raynor, or perhaps that the maneuver didn't live up to its name, or maybe he just wishes he could have kept Honeydew. And of course eat her and turn her pelt into a nifty headband, complete with wicked cool badger skull on the front. "For, of muches, to being, with how of in to go?" Jimmy asks. "He didn't seem too keen on letting you back in the Hardcore division, but it might be a possibility. However, he did say that if we manage to find a willing partner, the tag team idea is a go," Lois explains. "Of a lamed, on thoughs, teaming in with a several of taggeds, for a whoms?" Doom wonders. Lois shrugs her shoulders as the two walk down the hall. A door with the words "Emergency Dolphin Storage" hastily scrawled across it opens, and Fulminatus leans out, stroking his beard thoughtfully and staring at the receding Doomtopians. "Hmmm," Fulminatus says to himself thoughtfully. The New Blood champion retreats to the aquatic mammal storage facility where he casually pours two glasses of Rhine wine. One for himself, and the other for his dinner guest, a certain little lady named Honeydew. I don't want a pickle I just want to ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want a tickle I'd rather ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want to die I just want to ride on my motor-cy-cle You know it's been about 12 years now, that I've been singin' this dumb song You know it's amazin', it's amazin' that somebody can get away with singin' a song this dumb for that long But you know, hey you know what's more amazin' than that is that , uh somebody can make a livin' singin' a song this dumb But that's America. You know I told everything there was to tell about it When I wrote it, how come, why, what for But you know the one thing, that I always used to neglect to explain, was the significance of the pickle There was a time I was ridin' my bike I was going down a mountain road I was doin' 150 miles an hour On one side of the mountain road there was a mountain And on the other side, there was nothin' There was just a cliff in the air But I wasn't payin' attention you know I was just driving down the road All of a sudden by accident A string broke off my guitar It broke you know right there Went flying across the road that way Wrapped itself around a yield sign Well the sign didn't break It didn't come out the ground And the string stayed wrapped around it Stayed in the other end of my guitar Held onto my guitar with one hand I held onto the bike with the other I made a sharp turn off the road Luckily I didn't go into the mountain I went over the cliff I was doin' 150 miles an hour sideways And 500 feet down at the same time Hey, I was lookin' for the cops Cuz' you know Hey I knew that it, it was illegal Well, I knew that that was it I knew I didn't have long to live in this world And in my last remaining seconds in the world I knew it was my obligation to write one last farewell song to the world Took out a piece of paper I pulled out a pen And it didn't write I, I had to put another ink cartridge in it I sat back and I thought a while And it come to me It come like a flash Like a vision burnt across the clouds I just wrote it down I learnt it right away I don't want a pickle Just want to ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want a tickle I'd rather ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want to die I just want to ride on my motor-cy-cle Hey, I, you know I knew it wasn't the best song I ever wrote But I didn't have time to change it But you know the most amazin' thing was that I didn't die I landed on the top of a police car and it died I come into town, I come into town at a screamin' 175 miles an hour Singing my new motorcycle song I stopped out front of the deli And out in front of the deli was a man eating the most tremendous pickle A pickle the size of four pregnant watermelons Just a huge monster pickle He walked up to me, pushed the pickle in my face and started asking me questions It was about the same time I noticed the pickle in my face I noticed a cord hangin' from the long end of the pickle Goin' up his sleeve down his shirt, into his pants and shoes Out into a briefcase he had near his feet I knew it wasn't an ordinary pickle But it was about the same time I noticed the cord hangin' out of the pickle That a four foot cop arrived with a five foot gun A cop that one time musta been around six foot three But was met at the bottom of a mountain By a flyin', singin' writin' weirdo freak He walked up and with one tremendous hand He grabbed the pickle away from the other guy He threw it, a hundred feet, straight up in the air And while the pickle was half way between going up and coming down He took out his gun and put a three inch bullet hole Right through the long end of the pickle It started comin' back down He stuck out his foot He caught the pickle on his big toe And balancing the pickle on his big toe He reached his huge hand into his little pocket Pulled out a 10 foot ticket He borrowed my pen He wrote it up Then he rolled it up And stuffed it in the bullet hole in the middle of the pickle Took the pickle with the ticket And shoved it down my throat It was at that very moment that the pickle with the ticket was goin' down my throat That I knew for sure that, that I didn't want a pickle I don't want a pickle Just want to ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want a tickle I'd rather ride on my motor-cicle And I don't want to die Just want to ride on my motor-cy-cle
  23. Angel_Grace_Blue

    SWF Storm Card

    I demand that Spike's face stop being stupid. I know, it's never going to happen, but I like to dream.
  24. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Storming comment-types!

    Hey guys, guess what? Congrats to Fulmy because a winner is him! Also, WC, you have to realize the members of the Carnival. You got two middle-aged white guys and some late teen/early twenty also white guys. Granted, the two older chaps are I believe from Ohio, but judging from what I've read on their livejournals and whatnot, they only playing they're likely to participate in is of a role-based nature. It's kinda like Landon's use of Manson's cover of "Personal Jesus". Except for the fact that Ohio Players > Depeche Mode, RHCP > Manson and "Love Rollercoaster" > "Personal Jesus". In other words, it's not like it at all.
  25. Angel_Grace_Blue

    Storming comment-types!

    Dude, what are you talking about? That's always been the Carnival's music. Please note I haven't read the show other than Raynor's awesome BoaP match, so if WC isn't talking about Kelk's match, then, uh...borting. ?