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    Short lived TV shows no one seems to remember

    Ok this is what I remember. In the late 90s there was 2 totally different Sonic The Hedgehog cartoons and in both Sonic was voiced by Steve Urkel himself. One was on ABC Saturday mornings and it was kinda dark. It had Sonic and some girl leading a bunch of freedom fighters against RoBotNic who had a bunch of robot soldiers. Tails was in it but, he didn't do much of anything. The second Sonic was in syndication and was way lighter and funnier in tone. In this one it's just Sonic and Tails fighting against RoBotNic, who hasn't taking over the town in this cartoon. And RoBotNic had two robots, one was a chicken and the was a green robot with wheels. And then he had a monkey on that was always cleaning the house.
  2. EdwardKnoxII

    Freddy's Nightmares: The old TV series...

    Well while you wait here's two great message boards to talk about all things Knight Rider. http://board.krfoundation.com/index.php? http://www.knightrideronline.com/phpbb/
  3. EdwardKnoxII

    best skinemax movie

    Here's some sites that review softcore movies. http://www.sreviews.com/main.htm http://www.thisissexy.net/
  4. EdwardKnoxII

    Freddy's Nightmares: The old TV series...

    Well I could tell all that stuff and more about Knight Rider. But, I won't since I don't want to make myself like to much of a Knight Rider geek.
  5. EdwardKnoxII

    Freddy's Nightmares: The old TV series...

    Hell yeah. But, remember the creepy opening theme song and the deep, scary voiced announcer? That scared the shit out of me as a kid.
  6. EdwardKnoxII

    WGTT is not at Summerslam

    Remember when people thought that a win over the Undertaker would shoot Cena up. While UT has a PPV match and Cena is no where to be found.
  7. EdwardKnoxII

    The ONE and ONLY Kevin Nash's Hair Thread

    Question. When Jericho was cutting off Nash's with the way he was doing it did anyone else thing Jericho was going to cut off Nash's ear or part of his face? He was just going off on his hair. Maybe cause it held him down.
  8. EdwardKnoxII

    Kidman turns on Rey at house show

    I hope they keep them together. I've always dugged the Kidman/Rey team since WCW.
  9. EdwardKnoxII

    Triple H's face turn

    Bingo. What was the backstage reason for HHH siding with Austin instead of fighting with him over the summer with a hot program that could have been big bucks?
  10. EdwardKnoxII

    It's not always a damn carry

    Well to be fair Austin's neck was in worse shape then what he and the fed first thought so that might have something to do with it also.
  11. EdwardKnoxII

    It's not always a damn carry

    While I haven't read all of this thread I look at it like this: It takes two to have a good to great match.
  12. EdwardKnoxII

    EWR 4.0 Has Officially Been Set Free!

    Ok, here's a downloading question. When I download the game it goes fine but, when it finishes all of a sudden the download thing just starts to blink I guess you could call it. And it just does that and it doesn't stop so I have to restart the computer. What's wrong?
  13. EdwardKnoxII

    Afleck ripping Gigli

    From imdb dot com. Revolution Studios chief Joe Roth has told the Wall Street Journal that he has had to endure taunts at poker games with fellow movie moguls and was even criticized by his 89-year-old father over the failure of the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck thriller-comedy Gigli. "I hate the humiliation much more than losing money," Roth told the newspaper. Roth conceded that when he saw the original rough-cut of the movie "I wanted to kill myself" and that he never went back to see the new ending that director Martin Brest later added. He also acknowledged that he was upset by fights with the director and has vowed never to give directors "final cut" authority again...
  14. EdwardKnoxII

    Who Got Over on Vince?

    I haven't read all of this thread yet so if he's been said I'm sorry. But, Jeff Jarrett seemed to got one over on Vince. I'm mean he pretty much had Vince over a barrel with the IC belt and got a nice big payday.
  15. EdwardKnoxII

    Dave Meltzer on RVD

    Hell just watch the first TE. Remember during the interview thing with all the people trying out they were interviewing Harvard Chris and he told them that have had been to Killer K(sp?) school? And then Tazz asked him would he have a problem with him forgetting what he learned there and having the WWF reprograming him. Then, of course, there was the ep were he was showing someone how to do a move and Torrie chewed him and said that they do moves the "WWF way".