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  1. Speaking of Nick it seems the little fucker can drive again.




    Nick Hogan allowed back in driver's seat


    Last Update: 2/04 11:38 am


    Hulk Hogan's son Nick has been granted permission to drive for business-related purposes just months after he was jailed for a drunken car crash that left his best friend brain damaged.


    The 18-year-old served five months of an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to a felony reckless driving offense following a horrific car crash in Clearwater, Florida in 2007 which left his friend and passenger, John Graziano, severely injured.


    He was released from Pinellas County Jail in October.


    Hogan's lawyers recently petitioned for the teen to be allowed to get back behind the wheel for work, despite his license technically being suspended until 2011, as per the terms of his sentence.


    And the motion has been approved by officials at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, insisting Hogan is within his rights as long as he obeys the driving restrictions.


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  2. Whenever opponents would attack Hogan during his "hulk up". I mean they ALWAYS keep hitting him during them knowing that it would never work. What they should have done is just get out of the ring and wait for adrenaline rush to end and then attack him when it's over when he's weak.

  3. Ok when I watch a match or angle I try to separate the person from the character they are playing but, there times were you have trouble watching cause of something the wrestler has done in real life or there is backstage problems and it's showing up in the final product. So what are those moments for you


    When Steve Austin came back to the WWE after all the trouble with hitting his ex-wife. Austin, who's a face, gave Stacy Keibler a stunner because she didn't like the taste of beer. That's it. And then JR, who will damn anyone who hits woman, makes excuses for Austin cause "that's just how he is." Right. And then the following week Stacy has learned the error of her ways and drinks the beer.


    Another Austin one was when he came back to the WWE after leaving the first time cause he got the storyline he wanted. And what was that storyline? Him pissing on Arn Anderson. Ok then.


    Now I can watch a Chris Benoit match. But, I still have a hard time watching his post match WM XX win with Eddie Guerrero and his wife and kid.


  4. I think Demolition would have worked well in the Attitude era with a little bit of tweaking. I think straight up ass kickers will work regardless of era.


    To get a bit off topic but I think the problem with LOD during The Attitude era was they looked really weak in their feud against The New Age Outlaws. They looked like a bunch of washed up old farts (which they were, to be fair) instead of the unstoppable badasses yesteryear and repackaging them as LOD 2000 only really made things worse.


    On that note while I wasn't much of a fan of Doz's single career I did like it when they made him a member of LOD with the face paint and all and had him and Animal as a team. Maybe later get a new member to take over for Animal. Who from that era I don't know. And have the old LOD pass the torch to the new one.


    Of course, the storylines around the time Doz was a member was just...bad. You know Hawk was alcoholic and drunk during matches and then he fell from the titantron. And didn't Droz try to kill him or sold him drugs or something like that.


    And the only good thing about when they were LOD2000 was that outfit Sunny wore as their manager.