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  1. justcoz

    Most Underrated Bands.

    Right, whenever my grandparents pulled the Knights in Satan's Service deal on me, I'd just play Beth, Hard Luck Woman or worst yet the Peter Criss and Paul Stanley solo albums.
  2. justcoz

    Future Potential Raw Booking Plans

    How about if Jericho remained a loner and Flair's group consisted of Edge (moving to Raw), Lance Storm, Christian and Sean O'Haire (also moving to Raw). I was going to move Edge to Raw to be their top face but I would see Flair's Horsemen group being tweeners a bit - feuding with The Clique and the Randy Orton World Order.
  3. justcoz

    Most Underrated Bands.

    Also... Let me add a band... Jellyfish... Nobody paid any attention and they were great...
  4. justcoz

    Most Underrated Bands.

    I may get ripped on for this but old Kiss is underated. Think about it. While the makeup, the theatrics and the way they were promoted definitely made them superstars - their music from the 70's has with stood the test of time. Despite the fact that you never hear anything but Rock N Roll All Nite and Detroit Rock City on classic rock radio the bulk of their material from that era still holds up today. They weren't great musicians, we all know that but the songs were good. Similar to The Ramones in simplicity. The number of musicians who first picked up an instrument and decided to get into rock n roll because of Kiss is astonishing. Almost every band from 80's hair bands and metal acts to 90's alternative and grunge site them as an influence. Whether it be Bret Michaels, Kirk Hammett, Sabastian Bach, Kurt Kobain, Billy Corgan or J Macias. They sell out venues to this day on reputation - not airplay because radio and critics will never give them their props.
  5. justcoz

    Future Potential Raw Booking Plans

    I'd rather see HHH go face and align himself with Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. Maybe give Scott Hall another chance and let them have a final run together. Flair should lead a new Horsemen group for them to feud with Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Christian and Sean O'Haire. Randy Orton's young group should consist of Orton, Batista, Maven and Mark Jindrak.
  6. justcoz

    The Announcing Situation

    I think the problem with Jim Ross is that Jerry Lawler drags him down. For Raw to move forward they really have to realize that these two together offer nothing to the product they are calling. They give the impression to the viewer at home that nothing has changed all that much since 1998 and their act is tired making the show all the more tired. If someone in the truck would tell Lawler to tone down the shtick a bit, go back to being a heel, stop drolling over puppies and come across like he does in shoot interviews rather than the squealing voice pre pubescent moron he's become - maybe there would be hope. Lawler and Ross have run their course however and it's time to move on. I say they run an angle where Lawler gets injured. Experiment a bit with a color commentator for Ross. Bring in DDP for a week. Dusty Rhodes. Kevin Nash. Teddy Long. Coach. See if there is a chemistry with any of them. Maybe consider a three man team. When Lawler returns he can get a King's Court segment on Raw and the color gig for Heat.
  7. justcoz

    Let's list all the reasons...

    The show needs a new look... New theme music... Announcers should be Ross/Austin/Bischoff... Or bring in DDP maybe. Let Jerry Lawler be a roving backstage Diva interviewer or have a King's Court segment... End the Gerwitz experiment. Give Heyman Raw. Or try Bischoff for all I care. I know some of you may be frightened by giving Bischoff any creative power but if anyone knows how to restore live wrestling on Monday night - it may be him. Push Chrish Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Booker if he can return to the ring. Goldberg is nothing more than the special attraction until he works house shows. Bring in wasted Smackdown talent like Sean O'Haire, Spanky, Jamie Noble, Nathan Jones (to feed to Goldberg if nothing else) and a repackaged Orlando Jones w/ Teddy Long. Possibly Chavo Guerrerro so there is some sort of Latino demographic draw on Raw since it works so well on Smackdown. If Booker doesn't return, I say bring in Edge as a top face when he's able to return. Build a Super Power Alliance with Hurricane, Shark Boy and Nova to battle the evil forces of Mortis, Papa Shango (yes, you read that right) and Evil Doink. This can give Gerwitz something to do. Scott Steiner is a heel. C'mon already... No more dueling GM shit. Bring in Foley as the Commissioner because Linda is tired of babysitting Austin and Bischoff and instead demotes them to the broadcast booth. Kane is a big baldheaded monster and he no longer plays with gasoline. Bring in Raven maybe to play mind games with him. Bottom line is end the HHH total dominance. I like him actually. It's just so overbearing right now. Let him be what Hollywood was to Nitro but don't bury the undercard in the process. End the unbelievable storylines and the corny comedy segments which go nowhere. End the non wrestlers dominating the show. For instance, for storyline sense, wouldn't it have been better for long term business if RVD kicked Kane in the dumpster fire? If you are doing a chessy unbelievable angle - do it in a way which may get talent over. Not the owner's son who doesn't work shows. None of this will happen. Especially when Kevin Dunn and Vince's yes men use the 4.9 overrun rating for the Kane/Shane segment to show "what the fans want to see."
  8. justcoz

    Orlando Jordan

    I say just move him to Raw and stick him with Teddy Long as his mouthpiece. I'd like to see them do a mini Nation of Domination with Long. Long makes it where Coach has to do the play by play on any of his group's matches.
  9. justcoz

    Hurricane and S.H.I.T.

    I would like this very much... but not yet... I've been wanting Helms to get out of this character. I think he's got much more potential long term than a lot of the guys on the roster. There is some unfinished Hurricane business however with wasted opportunities to do something with Hurricane and guys like Shark Boy, Nova and Mortis (Mortis as the villain). Perhaps throw Evil Doink in there as well as a nemeis along with S.H.I.T and maybe revitalize bad 80's/90's gimmicks like Papa Shango, etc. Gerwitz could virtually have a comic series on Raw? How has someone on creative not come up with this when they are comic book geeks supposedly? It's some great undercard potential and they could even produce animated promotional videos. It doesn't have to just be campy - it could be cool, innovative and campy... In the future I do see Shane Helms in an arrogant heel role. Perhaps have him turn on the Super Force Team he creates to become Evolution's fourth setting up a new feud (Triple h vs. Shark Boy, yeah right). Helms will become a star with an eventual heel turn however and the dropping of the Hurricane gimmick. I seriously see him and Randy Orton as the future of Raw in five years... PITTSBURGH NET RADIO - it's music from Pittsburgh - and isn't that bad - give it a listen!
  10. justcoz

    I just cannot make myself care for Raw anymore

    I will continue to watch Raw with hopes that it will improve. They still have their occassional "on" week but most of the time it's a miss. I don't think we should tell someone to just stop watching if they don't like it. We all come on here and bitch about the product in some way. That's what makes it fun. For the most part, I agree with this guy - I'm in the same boat. I have a difficult time caring about Raw anymore. With no head to head aspect with Nitro anymore - they don't seem to care to give the show any special feeling anymore and quite honestly it's a waste of a live satellite feed. They aren't interesting in pushing new talent to main event status (Orton being the exception) and while I'm all for longer title reigns, Triple H's has been worked incorrectly since day one because they give the viewer no reason whatsoever to believe that the person challenging for the title will beat him. That takes the edge off of having a heel champion. The announcing is horrendous, with or without JR. I've made my feelings on Lawler quite clear. In my opinion, the show just looks and sounds very stale compared to Smackdown where you have a fresher look, good commentating team and the guys who can work for the most part get some decent time to work. Raw is 1998 and just comes across tired, cheesy and almost as if it's an intentional thumb to the nose of anyone who is crying for a change and some spontenanity.
  11. justcoz

    I just cannot make myself care for Raw anymore

    On this one... why in the hell haven't they used the fact that Shane bought WCW away from Bischoff as a way for people to understand the animosity between the two? I'm not saying the feud has to be centered on WCW but it's a storyline base to build from and they just refuse to go there.
  12. justcoz

    I just cannot make myself care for Raw anymore

    While I agree with you to an extent, I was not liking Coach at all. For some reason, I can tolerate his banter on Heat because I think they've given him color guys who work "with him". Raven, D Lo, Lita and now Al Snow didn't go out there and pretty much bury Coach like Lawler did. When Kane first set JR on fire - I was thinking it would at least give the show a fresh feel with someone new on play by play. When it was obvious that Coach and Lawler weren't going to work after week one, I would have stuck either Bischoff on there or had Bischoff bring in Tony Schiavonne - even for a trial run. Instead they left Coach out there to die and he will never go anywhere from here. The thing that is increasingly obvious to me right now is that Jerry Lawler has to go. I feel that Ross still has his strong points of selling PPV's and angles but is watered down by Lawler's presentation. Lawler was good when he started on color but is a bad parody which holds the product down. I would have never brought him back after the Stacy Carter ordeal. Tell Lawler to go home or host a King's Court segment on Heat or something. Diamond Dallas Page should be called in as the new color guy - instead Slamball is using his presence to sell their product while WWE runs with 1998. I'd even consider putting Austin and Bischoff up there with Ross as an option. When Monday Night Football is in a slump - the first thing they look at is their commentating team. Too bad Raw doesn't do that.