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    *OFFICIAL* TSM Owner bashing thread

    I'm hoping zacalex wins so he can try and get his revenge against APO.
  2. Sandman9000

    Things I Hold Alfdogg Personally Responsible For

    Killer Instinct
  3. Sandman9000


    That's not even a sentence.
  4. Sandman9000

    IP Board v2.2 Upgrade Issues

    Ahhh, you can't ignore me. Don't I fucking know it. This is horseshit.
  5. Sandman9000

    *OFFICIAL* TSM Owner bashing thread

    I declare this to be the board's new slogan.
  6. Sandman9000

    What political party do I choose?

    You're a commie.
  7. Sandman9000

    Digging a hole.

    C'mon Dave. Back when you were 12, they hadn't invented shovels.
  8. Sandman9000

    Fridge's Whereabouts

    Thank god.
  9. Sandman9000

    RE: Hey Mike

    I demand a word filter changing "asshole" to "corn silo".
  10. Sandman9000

    RE: Hey Mike

  11. Sandman9000

    Special Thanks

    Nah, people still don't like me. You got that right.
  12. Sandman9000

    Guitar Hero.

    Buckethead wrote the song for the game specifically.
  13. Sandman9000

    Guitar Hero.

    Hidden songs aren't so hidden anymore: http://forum.guitarherogame.com/Default.as...osts&t=7713 For you dial-up warriors, I punish my keyboard and type them out. The Last Vegas - "Raw Dog" (Winners of the Be A Guitar Hero Contest) Drist - "Arterial Black" (Me 'n' Slayer's worries are for naught now) Anarchy Club - "Collide" The Handsome Devil - "Elephant Bones" Valient Thorr - "Fall of Pangea" Vagiant - "FTK" Brian Kahanek - "Gemini" Bang Camaro - "Bang Bang (Lady Lightning)" The Acrobats - "Laughtrack" Freezepop - "Less Talk More Rock" Buckethead - "Jordan" (Written exclusively for the game) The Amazing Royal Crowns - "Mr. Fix It" Every Time I Die - "The New Black" Artillery - "One For The Road" The Neighborhoods - "Parasite" Count Zero - "Radium Eyes" Megasus - "Red Lottery" All That Remains - "Six" Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives - "Soy Bomb" Shadows Fall - "The Light That Binds" DETHKLOK - "Thunderhorse" Strong Bad - "Trogdor" Voivod - "X-Treme" Made In Mexico - "Yes We Can" Little Boston heavy for my tastes, but that's because I hate Boston with a passion. Trogdor is tits, though.
  14. Sandman9000


    Don't you drag me into this faggotry.
  15. Sandman9000


    Called it.
  16. Sandman9000

    Reverse Racism

  17. Sandman9000

    OK, be straight.

    Me 'n Tack got suspended once. It was awesome.
  18. Sandman9000

    Guitar Hero.

    MTV may be ran by boobs, but this means profit for you! http://www.joystiq.com/2006/10/05/guitar-h...h-danzig-et-al/ An unofficial song list, since artists haven't been confirmed, but as close to one as we're gonna get before we drop the "un" part there. Opening Licks: Strutter - Kiss Mother - Danzig Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - Spinal Tap Amp-Warmers: Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana Message In A Bottle - Police Woman - ?Wolfmother* You Really Got Me - Van Halan (Kinks) Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas String Snappers: Surrender - Cheap Trick Them Bones - Alice in Chains Search and Destroy - ?The Stooges* Tatooed Love Boys - The Pretenders War Pigs - Sabbath Thrash and Burn: Cherry Pie - Warrant Who Was In My Room Last Night - Butthole Surfers Girlfriend - ?Darkness, maybe Mathew Sweet* Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Rolling Stones Sweet Child of Mine - Guns N' Roses Return of the Shred: Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine John The Fisherman - Primus Freya - ?Sword* Bad Reputation - ?Thin Lizzy, maybe Joan Jett* Jessica - Allman Brothers Relentless Riffs: Crazy On You - Heart Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart - Stone Temple Pilots Rock This Town - Stray Cays Last Child - Aerosmith Stop - ?Janes Addiction* Furious Fretwork: Madhouse - Antrhax Already confirmed songs: Hangar 18 - Megadeath Laid to Rest - Lamb of God Misirlou - Dick Dale Beast and the Harlet - Avenged Sevenfold Freebird - Lynrd Skynrd YYZ - Rush. Psychobilly Freakout - Rev. Horton Heat As me and Slayer might be the only ones who care, there is no Arterial Black in this list. I would garner that they're out of the game due to Marcus Henderson leaving. However, I'd have no problem being wrong in this case. EDIT: I just C'n'P the list. Obviously I know how to spell Anthrax, but Joystiq doesn't.
  19. Who would wear sandals with camo?
  20. Sandman9000


    I'm not ready to claim victory yet. Cancer always pops up somewhere else.
  21. Sandman9000

    Hey, Andy O.

    He'd get through "dessert" and become distracted.
  22. Sandman9000

    This can't be legitimate.

    Old address? Jeez, you're still at hotmail? I figured you would have upgraded to Gmail or something of the like by now.
  23. Sandman9000

    This can't be legitimate.

    I think the only people who know mine are Kotz and you. Hell, Kotz's old hotmail address is still listed as the primary one for this name.
  24. Sandman9000

    I'm officially a radio DJ.

    Malibu is a corporate sellout. For shame, for shame.
  25. Sandman9000

    Why do I have...

    Even the messaging system here realizes how much Mole blows. Hopefully other forms of technology will start to rebel against this douchebag.