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    Guitar Hero.

    Last I checked, the full song's on their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/drist
  2. Sandman9000

    Guitar Hero.

    Something I just noticed: Drist's "Arterial Black", one of the first songs announced, isn't on the list. If that isn't a typo, I'm wondering if Marcus Henderson's (who did guitar work for the first and second game) leaving the band lead to the song getting pulled, or something along those lines.
  3. Sandman9000

    New Moderators

    Ah fuck.
  4. Sandman9000

    Guitar Hero.

    Along with "Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebird". Minus a couple "e's". From a post at the Guitar Hero forums, "Killing In The Name" is in there as well, beaten on expert by a tester who played with his back to the screen. Either way, I'm still fucking pumped for this game.
  5. Sandman9000

    My tooth hurts...

    Guns remove teeth. Use the biggest one you can find.
  6. Sandman9000

    I want to be reinstated back into the WWE Folder

    And then don't let him leave.
  7. Sandman9000

    We never hear about the OAOAST anymore.

    ::blah blah blah blah lighttube blah blah blah::
  8. Sandman9000

    Me vs Sandman9000

    But yet if we go by my "nickname"... Suck it Hoosier.
  9. Sandman9000


    Slight derail here; I think Sevendust could crush a cover of "Kiss by a Rose". I demand this.
  10. Sandman9000

    I Called My Ex-GF A Cunt

    Since when did I start posting as CC here?
  11. Sandman9000

    Bring Back the WCW Folder

  12. Sandman9000

    Ask Al: Part Two!

    1: Based off of Pujols' start this season, if he can remain relatively healthy (150+ games) during a course of a season as he reaches his prime, does he have a chance at breaking Bonds' single season HR record? 2: Short of more teams putting hills in center field, will we ever see a change in the basic dynamics of the field again? (i.e. raising/lowering the mound) 3: I've been compared in my sports PBP to Mike Tirico. Is that is a good thing or a bad thing, and if it's a good thing, how many sexual harassment cases can I get away with? 4: What's higher right now: Sidney Ponson's ERA, BAC, or cholesterol?
  13. Other then that he's a faggot, of course.
  14. Sandman9000

    Mods, I need a new user-name

  15. Sandman9000

    For you Castlevania fans....

    Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend...
  16. Sandman9000

    Rant's Favorite Acitivty

  17. Further proof that bears love driving.
  18. I shall not have the good name of Mugsy Bogues savaged in this thread. While you're at it Agent, hit me.
  19. Sandman9000

    Passing On Wisdom

  20. Sandman9000

    Fridge's Whereabouts

    The beach is open from today until Thursday. Enjoy!
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  22. Sandman9000

    Sports Announcers You Don't Want To Stab

    I'll start, you follow. Other than myself, Gary Thorne. Just wasn't the same for this year's NHL Finals without Thorne speaking 100MPH. He also refuses to use one of those headsets when calling baseball, for whatever reason, but I've called baseball like that before and it works fairly well. Now you add. ADD! EDIT: Forget to add this in earlier. Explain your choices. I haven't heard of some of these people, and I want to know as to why their good. No LISTMANIA~! in my thread.
  23. Sandman9000

    Fridge's Whereabouts

    So we're talking about the junk in Hoff's trunk. Awesome.
  24. Sandman9000

    Sports Announcers You Don't Want To Stab

    How about a little college football? Eli Gold - Alabama Todd Ellis - South Carolina Both have fairly distinctive voices (though I'd like Ellis to turn the bass down in his just a bit), and do a good job with giving the action along with the highlight reel calls. I particularly enjoy the team of Gold and Kenny Stabler. Kenny knows his shit. I've heard more of Chuck Katton then the other two. Katton's not bad, but I think he mangled the Cup winning call by rambling on too much. Let the crowd and the moment make the call for you.
  25. Sandman9000

    Fridge's Whereabouts

    That reminds me. It's probably time I drop the numbers from my name. They were passe god knows how many years ago.