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    CZW Redifined

    Dumb, dumb ending. I knew Zandig/Messiah wasn't going to be a match, that HIV was gonna run-in, and slaughter Zandig somehow. With the Philly DM ban, either there was going to be somekind of "cop-out" ending, or CZW was going to get kicked out of Philly. From what it sounds like, based on inital reactions, CZW crossed the line with the Zandig hanging, and the bait-and-switch of a match. People aren't happy with it, long time CZW fans, not just casual fans. The promoting of the match couldn't have been worse (no it won't be on tape, yes it will, won't be on TV, won't be shown at all), people were all confused over that. Finals of the ending were screwy, of course, anything with Acid's going to be, especially when it involves a belt. He'll go over Rave next month, though, no doubt about that. Everything, save the last match and ending angle, sounded decent. However, what the fans saw last is what will stick in their minds and will affect their decisions on whether they want to go to another CZW show. 600 is the guestimated attendance for this show, I'm pretty sure it won't be that high for October, which is a shame. Almost two years in VH, and CZW can't get the place to half-capacity. Eh, calmer heads will prevail tomorrow morning and once the show is out on tape later this week. But from what it sounds like right now, CZW managed to take what could have been a great show and turn it into what could become a fatal wound. That and it's two shows until COD5, and the hype hasn't begun for that, and angles really haven't become set up for that. I don't know.
  2. Sandman9000

    Waht the fcuk?

    .ever.poster.gimmick.Worst LMAO, no fuckin' way. That's genius. Would have been smarter to spell the name backwards too.
  3. Sandman9000

    CZW Redifined

    Also, Zandig/Messiah will be taped for home release, but not shown on Fake You TV. At least that's the impression that we all now have.
  4. Sandman9000

    So is anyone brave enough??

    It's also got peppers and mushrooms.
  5. Sandman9000

    west coast tapes

    SMV has the debut PWG show. This is the debut show for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla which occurred in City of Industry, CA on July 26, 2003. This card features AJ Styles, Super Dragon, Frankie Kazarian, M-Dogg 20, Adam Pearce, Joey Ryan, Team Chismo and more of the top west coast wrestlers. 1. Charles Mercury, Sara Del Ray & Supa Badd vs. Topgun Talwar, Zokre & Ryan Drago 2. Excalibur vs. Chris Bosh 3. Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver vs. The Ballard Brothers 4. Super Dragon vs. M-Dogg 20 5. TARO vs. Babi Slymm 6. Disco Machine & Mr. Excitement vs. Hook Bomberry & Apollo Khan 7. X-Foundation (Joey Ryan, Scott Lost & Funky Billy Kim) vs. Hardkore Inc. (Adam Pearce, Al Katrazz & Hardkore Kidd) 8. AJ Styles vs. Frankie Kazarian I don't know how good the video quality will be, since SMV didn't tape it themselves, but you know you'll get it within a week, max.
  6. Sandman9000

    The One and Only...

    5 is teh perfection. 4 is just regular overachieving.
  7. Sandman9000

    west coast tapes

    There really isn't a West Coast version of SMV, and most promotions sell their own tapes through their websites and at the shows at whatnot, as far as I know. A West Coast RFVideo or SMV would clean up, though, especially if they did a good enough job and struck deals with good enough promotions.
  8. Sandman9000

    Lets make the biggest quote ever

    This concept intrigues me. What the hell is the GC...Game Cube? GameCube > Ice Cube Iced Tea > Ice-T Where's that old thread where we did this in? I have no clue Wasn't that more by mistake though. Or in the middle of a flame war or something. It was purdy. Huss.
  9. Sandman9000

    I love TNA

    Hypothetical question for ya Tim: Take everything about ROH, bookers, talent, etc... Toss it into a two hour MAX timeslot every week. Would it be as good as ROH is now?
  10. Sandman9000

    CZW Redifined

    I'm still thinking whomever wins drop the belt to B-Boy next month. Kashin won't job, probably because of AJPW politics, hence the finals stip where he can be involved and "not lose," technically. Which means the other people in his bracket (Rave, Berk, Ruckus) won't be in the finals. That's 3 people down, 4 if you count Kashin, since I doubt he'll become a full timer and get the belt. That leaves Flash, Gage, Sonjay, Kashmere, Mafia, Hatred, Acid, & Mamaluke. If my theory of B-Boy getting the belt next month holds true, that eliminated HIV members Acid, Kashmere, and Hatred. Flash, Gage, Sonjay, Mafia, & Mamaluke. The only way Sonjay's gonna get past Gage is if the Hatred/Gage feud continues and those two cost each other their matches, which is a possibility. In fact, I'd put money on it, if I had money.... Mamaluke won't defeat Acid either. That leaves Flash, Sonjay, and Mafia. Sonjay has the IWA-MS LightHeavy belt right now, so I doubt he'll get the Iron Man belt too. Flash & Mafia. Those two plus Kashin in the finals. Since Mafia's retiring/committed to ROH over CZW depending on who you ask, why put a belt on him. Flash. He's the only logical choice left.
  11. Sandman9000

    Getting high on prescription drugs

    Snort pixie sticks.
  12. Sandman9000

    Family Guy: The Movie!

    ::Shoots Ripper before realizing the intent of the post:: ::Shoots Ripper again anyway::
  13. Sandman9000

    OAO Tape Recommendations Thread

    Of course, there will also be the PCN review of Best of the Best 3, as soon as I get around to doing it. Don't hold ye breath. My tapes, more or less in order of recommendation. Don't be afraid to skip around, though. IWA-MS King of the Deathmatches 2003 IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational/Sweet Science 16 2002 CZW Tournament of Death CZW Tournament of Death 2 CZW Best of the Best 2 CZW Cage of Death 4 CZW Best of the Best 3 IWA-MS 300th Show MAW Hardcore Cup 2003 IWS Know Your Enemies 2003
  14. Sandman9000

    CZW's Death Match Locale in Jeopardy

    Mmmmmmmmm, censorship. As I said before, I doubt CZW could hold TOD3 at Racks, due to the size of the crowd (TOD2 was more or less a sellout, since I doubt they did run out of chairs, and I doubt they could have safely crammed anymore people into that parking lot), however this prevents CZW from running in the city of Dover ever again, meaning an alternative location need to be found. This is only for Dover; the rest of Delaware is still good, provided whomever initiated this bill in Dover doesn't go after the legislature wherever else CZW decides to run.
  15. Sandman9000

    What do you look like...

    Yeah, to be honest Max, I kinda look like you. ::Creepy music begins to play::
  16. Sandman9000

    What do you look like...

    You mean like this then:
  17. Sandman9000

    What do you look like...

    I know, everyone expects me to look like this:
  18. Sandman9000

    McHero from McDonalds

    What is it? I'm guessing some form of hamburger.
  19. Sandman9000

    What do you look like...

    Fine, I'll get this back on track.
  20. Sandman9000

    Baseball Talk

    Well, you've got four major players slumping, a shaky starting rotation with ONE (Mussina) pitcher that I trust to make a key start, a bullpen that's even more fragile then Boston's, pretty much the entire roster banged up, and a closer that's a lot closer to mortal then invincible these days. Christ, you look at it like that, they should be fighting Toronto for second, not leading the division.
  21. Sandman9000

    CZW Redifined

    Like I said, I figure whomever gets the belt drops it to B-Boy next month. Flash works as he's a former champ, belt loses no credibility, and I can buy Flash winning this tourny and losing to B-Boy. Either Flash or Sonjay, though Sonjay jobbing twice to B-Boy in big matches hurt him.
  22. Sandman9000

    Baseball Talk

    I think the most important stat here is that Bob was born in 1991 and is attending college, which makes him what, 12? 13? As for the playoffs, I'm a Yanks fan, and the way they're playing right now, they don't deserve to make it into the playoffs. Boston, Chi Sox, Oakland, Seattle Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, San Fran Bos d. Sea, Oak d. Chi Atl d. Chi, SF d. Hou Bos d. Oak, SF d. Atl SF d. Bos
  23. Sandman9000

    MOTY for 2003

    Gotta add CM Punk/Chris Hero 2/3 Falls, 92 Minutes and some change in there.
  24. Sandman9000

    Most Disgusting Personality

    ::Wishes immediate and painful death upon UYI::
  25. Sandman9000

    Most Disgusting Personality

    I hate the next person to post in this thread with a violent passion.