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  1. Sandman9000

    Photoshop Hoff

    Soon as Piss finds me some more base photos of Hoff to use (other then his profile one), we can use Photoshop to place him in awkward and unrealistic situations, making them therefore hilarious. Okay? Okay! Attachment is one either Piss or Dutch made. I can't remember who, and it might not even be them. It's anyone but CWM, far as I know. So hurry up Piss.
  2. Sandman9000

    Forums Tweak/Upgrades

  3. Sandman9000

    PS2 God of War 2: Divine Retribution confirmed

    The trailer. Enjoy it for however long it's up.
  4. Sandman9000

    Photoshop Hoff

    Less bitching and more Photoshopping from you.
  5. Sandman9000

    Photoshop Hoff

    Good ol' Sir Piss sent me a buncha H00f pics. Have at it, peoples.
  6. Sandman9000

    Hey BITCH

    Fair enough.
  7. Sandman9000

    Hey BITCH

    He pitching or catching?
  8. Sandman9000

    Hey BITCH

    Needs more shifty eyes. Most things do.
  9. Sandman9000

    Hey BITCH

    He wasn't much good at showing up either. I can't tell if that's a poorly written sentence by human standards, or a well written one by CWM standards.
  10. Sandman9000

    Hey BITCH

    doing that is never offensive. Well having to look at TSA in any capacity is.
  11. Sandman9000


    I know you're a pedophile.
  12. Sandman9000

    The Shield, season 5, official thread

    Jesus Fucking Christ.
  13. Sandman9000

    TSM Poster Tournament IV: SEMI-FINALS

    Moving on up from lumberjacking, I see.
  14. Sandman9000

    Make me mod of Hardcore Discussion

    Be sure to toss in a random smiley face and question mark every couple of sentences. You'll be speaking his language.
  15. Sandman9000

    TSM Rankings

    Carnival: Living to see another day: -1,000,000 points for humanity.
  16. Sandman9000

    FUCK Zack Malibu, FUCK Czech Republic...

    I bet Rant didn't even read the thread before posting that.
  17. Sandman9000


    If this is anyone but Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit.
  18. Sandman9000

    Black Hoff Down

    I'd pay to see Hoff fight Bryant Reeves in anything.
  19. Sandman9000

    Ben Stein on the Oscars

    Looks like the oil companies are the ones who will win Ben Stein's Money. Ugh.
  20. Sandman9000

    Malibu vs Carnival vs Chave

    You thought about that waaay too much. I want some goddamn eggs.
  21. Sandman9000

    TSM Poster Tournament IV

    So you can lose to a dude with 56 posts? Fine by me.
  22. Sandman9000

    Malibu vs Carnival vs Chave

    I'd fuck Malibu. Carnival would be too busy bragging to all of his online friends that he actually got some, whereas Chave wouldn't appreciate it. Malibu looks like he's been pussified enough that he'd at least make breakfast before he left, though I'm sure he'd try to remain friends.
  23. Sandman9000

    Someone stole 20 bucks from me...

    It's more of a demand.
  24. Sandman9000

    Fix this folder

    Right there I know you're lying in your post. Don't overexaggerate your abilities. Go ahead and ask someone as to what the big word means.