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  1. Sandman9000

    Someone stole 20 bucks from me...

    Next time someone steals twenty bucks from Mole, I hope they stab him as well. In the goddamn throat.
  2. Sandman9000

    Matt Young and Leena's Road Trip

    I wonder if Matt will ever get his kidney back?
  3. Sandman9000

    Zack Malibu is really gayin' up the joint.

    Outcasted by outcasts. Go see if Hot Topic has a shirt about that.
  4. Sandman9000

    Czech Republic MP3 Player Crisis 2006

    The radio.
  5. Sandman9000


    And I conquered my mortal enemy. Now nothing can stop me.
  6. Sandman9000

    Okay, let's right this ship.

    I really don't like Zack Malibu anymore.
  7. Sandman9000

    Its beginning...

    And of course that leaves the baby with no say in the matter. That "logic" is flawed. If I want to die than that's my choice. I don't want that decision taken away from me when I'm in the first real 9 months of my life. Do you have a fake 9 months of life in there somewhere? He has a whole fake life somewhere Two to one says his fake life is better then his real life.
  8. Sandman9000


    It's always the quiet ones who appear harmless.
  9. Sandman9000

    Iconic video game music.

    Storm Eagle. End thread.
  10. Sandman9000

    I'm a dad...again.

  11. Sandman9000

    "These flowers were sent to harass me."

    I'm pretty sure that if you walked past Thompson playing a GBA he'd either sue you or take a swing at you, claiming some kind of moral self-defense. If not both. Someone test out this theory.
  12. Sandman9000

    TSM Arcade *** Poll *** & Feedback

    H00f's just mad there's no Price is Right game for him to play. And lose to old people.
  13. Sandman9000

    I do not masturbate;

    As long as Barber doesn't breed, I could care less what he does.
  14. Sandman9000

    I need a name for my death metal band pt 2

    A Basket Full of Puppies.
  15. Sandman9000

    The World's Greatest Classmate

    Ban him from the classroom.
  16. Sandman9000

    My New Sig

    I'd say the watch is out of place, but I know Kimbo didn't buy it.
  17. Sandman9000

    Happy Birthday

    Scott Keith is fat.
  18. Sandman9000

    Movies with MMA related people in them

    Don Frye's in Godzilla: Final Wars. They give him a sword. He also looks far too much like Mike Haggar for my tastes. I kept screaming for him to piledrive someone, but he wouldn't listen.
  19. Sandman9000

    Canadian Chick

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard. USS Enterprise.
  20. Sandman9000

    Happy Birthday Hoff~!

    Ban Hoff.
  21. Sandman9000

    I'm Back.

    TTIG doesn't count, right?
  22. Sandman9000