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  1. First thought: Sweet jesus this is the greatest thing ever...


    Second thought: This is gonna be the most expensive game ever...


    Third thought: No keyboard? How the hell am I gonna play Journey now?

  2. http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patr...?p1=MEWell_Pos1


    A Brazilian website reported yesterday that Tom Brady's girlfriend Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant and, if so, the Pats QB is the father. According to the popular celebrity website Glamurama.com.br , Bundchen would be no more than two months pregnant, but may already have told select friends and family. The brief item was written by Joyce Pascowitch , who's the Brazilian equivalent of the New York Post's Richard Johnson . Brady's agent Don Yee did not return a phone call yesterday, and Bundchen's rep at IMG denied the report. Two weeks ago, Brady's ex-girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan revealed she's pregnant, and Brady is the father.



    ::Standing ovation::

  3. I traded Clemens (who I signed, obviously and will probably retire at the end of the season) Timlin and Youks for Howard and Cole Hamels.


    How can anyone take pride in these kind of trades?




    "Trading Iverson for thirty cents on the dollar was so good, I get to run the Phillies now!"

  4. The numbers next to the teams are their positions in the Hollinger daily rankings.


    Dunk contest participants

    Nate Robinson, NY

    Gerald Green, BOS

    Dwight Howard, ORL

    Tyrus Thomas, CHI



    No Ryan Hollins or James White can kiss my ass.


    Why the fuck isn't James White in this? His stuff in the college dunk last year was ridiculous. Hell, the only reason he's in the league is because he can jump out of the gym.

  5. And we know that people in Wisconsin go along with their jokes- that's why Favre is coming back.

    OH, SNAP!

    Sorry that Wisconsin doesn't eat its own when it comes to sports stars. Now when it comes to Milwaukee-area homosexuals, yes, Wisconsin has been known to eat its own, but at least they're not so damn fickle about sports. Favre earned the right to keep his job as long as he wants it, and they have a better chance to make the playoffs with him than without.

    Yeah, they should just ignore the 1:1 TD:INT ratio. Brett Favre can cure heartburn for nine straight days, so slap some cheddar on your dome and go team!


    Would you want to be the one who has to break the news that Favre has been relieved of his duties?



  6. And where does he come off saying I'm a good writer anyway?!


    Most of my posts are only two sentences long, if that.

    Most of your posts are two sentences too long, if that.

    I can't help it... I have a short attention span and I


    I anxiously await the other sentence and the conclusion to this post.

  7. Reminds me again why I hate Melo. That was the sorriest bitch move by a player since Jamal Tinsley brought a dustpan to the Palace Brawl


    Jamaal Tinsley's ninja dustpan sword was awesome. I don't blame him, either. If I get into a fight in Detroit, I'm grabbing whatever weapon I can find as well.



    At least Carmelo's punch sounded good.


    Still only like .4 DET/IND.


    The old Celtics/Sixers fights blow this one out of the water. Still, it's the first major hootenanny since Det/Ind, so comparisons are going to be made (and blown out of context).


    When Carmelo ends up taking January off here, he can take a couple classes in any martial art and learn to throw a decent strike.

  8. Camby should get suspended. He tripped up Jeffries.


    I couldn't even see Camby do anything, though I was watching on the tiny ESPN Motion box that never shuts up when I'm on the front page. I think he'll stay at five.


    Najera, Lee, Frye, and Miller aren't going to get games. They didn't do anything.
    They got tossed, so they'll get more than just a fine. Anywhere from three to five at this point.


    Remember, the suspensions are as much PR as they are discipline for the players. I can easily see Stern giving everyone harsh suspensions, the players union filing an appeal (which they'll do anyway once the suspensions are announced) and Stern lowering the number for those five.


    Artest will be out till the all-star break.


    Gotta promote that follow-up album sometime.

  9. How it'll break down:


    15-20: Carmelo. His punch will be the one focused upon the most by ESPN and the like; Stern will crack down hard on him to show the league is tough on these events, with Detroit/Indiana still reasonably fresh on everyone's minds.


    10: Nate Robinson/J.R. Smith/Mardy Collins: Collins for the flagrant that ultimately started everything, Robinson and Smith for flying into the crowd and sending the event into national coverage.


    8: Jared Jeffries: Going after Carmelo. He was sticking up for a teammate, but that won't matter.


    5: Marcus Camby/Andre Miller/Eduardo Najera/Channing Frye/David Lee: Being involved in the whole deal; I could see theirs being lower.


    30: Ron Artest: This is just out of pure habit by Stern.

  10. Why is Mole getting raked over the coals for getting stoned when I talked about nothing but drugs my first two or three years here?


    Because you actually know your shit.


    Mole just popped a pill or twenty. He's an addict just because it's trendy.


    The reason why is pretty irrelevant. I'd also venture to say I've done worse stuff and more stuff than Mole. Well, cooler stuff anyway; I'm sure Mole never got coked out of his gourd and shot the shit out of his roommate's car with a paintball gun in an ill-conceived Tony Montana impersonation.


    See, now Agent has me intrigued to exactly how this last part happened. I now want to hear this story. When Agent writes a post, drugs the subject or not, I read it.


    By "know your shit," I mean you can actually write a couple of sentences and keep an audience's attention. You might be the only person on this board I can say this for.



    that completely demonstrates your irrational & blind hatred for mole.


    Not exactly news.


    agents drug use is exceptable because "he knows his shit"?
    Explained above.


    but mole's is NOT because he is attempting to be "trendy"? you sound so unbelievably ignorant. but i've heard your life stories of social ineptitude. so i can understand how such moronic drivel can be actually be believed.


    I got over my shit, and I did so privately. If you don't want people using information against you, don't make it public. A person's life doesn't have to be an open book.


    instead of putting mole down, i don't know, we can actually be supportive if dude actually has a serious problem?


    Context is key here. He wasn't looking for support. He was looking for an excuse for his behavior.


    If a person has a serious drug problem, the last place they need to do is to an Internet forum that isn't designed for such.


    Mole wasn't looking for help in his post. He was looking for sympathy. He'll get neither from me.