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    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    Good, I really hate when I see so many nice dressed up people at the Hall of fme then I see some fat fuck wearing a HHH shirt acting like he's 7. Well, that is their target demograph.
  2. cbacon

    South Park: Season 12

    Pretty awful.
  3. cbacon

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Getting the disc read error cause my brother modded the Wii
  4. cbacon

    Canadian Politics

    which Humber campus?
  5. cbacon

    Campaign 2008

    holy shit missed this the first time XD
  6. cbacon

    MLB 2K8 and MLB: The Show

    Can you update rosters on the ps2 version? edit: online that is
  7. cbacon

    4,000 dead Americans

    Something that always gets overlooked with regards to Iran:
  8. cbacon


    Nah, Locke has been a real douche this season.
  9. cbacon

    Canadian Politics

    Man, they make they make themselves too easy to hate.
  10. cbacon

    Campaign 2008

    How is that "bailing out" the Middle East?
  11. cbacon

    2008: The Year in Music

    This Zooey and M. Ward album is one of my early favorites so far.
  12. cbacon

    Godspeed, William Buckley.

    Classic Buckley vs. Classic Chomsky
  13. cbacon

    Campaign 2008

    Invader is a freedom fighter
  14. cbacon

    Canadian Politics

    Actually yeah, looks like the Liberals are abstaining. The other potential election issue was the crime bill, but that seems to have passed today.
  15. cbacon

    Campaign 2008

    Comparing public opinion to policies and actions taken by modern Democrats illustrates this quite well. Labeling any Democratic in the presidential campaign as "too liberal" is a bit silly. Yeah, there's some important differences between the two parties but at the end of the day the Democrats are still slightly to the right of the political spectrum.
  16. cbacon

    Campaign 2008

    Absoultely. Even better would be Gravel, but he pretty much alienated himself with his scathing attacks on most of the candidates during the early debates (and rightly so) I don't think there's such thing as being "too liberal" when dealing with the narrow spectrum between the Democrats and Republicans.
  17. Yeah, at least some good would have come from it.
  18. cbacon

    Castro not to return to Cuban presidency

    Oh, that I agree on. I was mostly referring to Helms-Burton and the embargo, which requires that nationalized property be returned to Americans.
  19. cbacon

    Castro not to return to Cuban presidency

    Gallup polls suggest half of the population believe the problems facing Cuba relate to the embargo. And the embargo continues today because of Cuba's successful defiance, and this has always been the case despite the misleading pretexts of Soviet intervention or concerns over democracy. It amazes me how a country that has installed and supported some of the worst dictatorships in this hemisphere could be so obsessed with overthrowing Castro. America must really, really care about the Cuban people. I wish it had shown the same concern for Haitians, Guatemalans, Chileans, Brazilians, Argentinians, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, Dominicans.. If "democracy in Cuba" means allowing the people of Cuba to control their own destiny then I completely support it. If "democracy in Cuba" means giving everything of value in Cuba away to foreigners then I don't see it being any better than what they've got now.
  20. cbacon


    the marshall died + someone else
  21. cbacon

    Castro not to return to Cuban presidency

    Jesus, can you order a Big Mac without lecturing the fat chick with frightening fingernails who's working the drive-thru about foreign policy and how much America sucks? Furthermore, what exactly are these war crimes? I mean I want specific details of when, where, and how they violated which exact rulings from the revised Geneva Conventions of 1949. Well, the war itself was in violation of Article 51 of the UN Charter (relation to wars of aggression). Furthermore: - The 1945 Nuremberg Charter defines war crimes and the "shock and awe" campaign in Baghdad violated this provision. - The Geneva Convention states: "fixed establishments and mobile medical units of the Medical Service may in no circumstances be attacked, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict." The US targetered hospitals during the attack on Fallujah including forcing patients and hosptial employees on the floor and tying their hands behind their backs. - The treatment of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo violate the Third Geneva Convention and the War Crimes Act. The government still regards waterboarding as fair game because, as history has shown on numerous occasions, international law is irrelevant when convenient. There's more, but I really don't feel like I should have to be explaining all of this. Especially since it's veering off topic :/ Maybe give the Nuremberg Trial a read?
  22. cbacon

    Castro not to return to Cuban presidency

    It's written into law that the embargo can't end unless all nationalized properties taken from Americans are returned to them. This has been extended to include native Cubans who have since immigrated to the United States. Congress could, of course, repeal Helms-Burton, but the odds of that happening are about as good as the odds of Bush or Cheney ever being charged for the war crimes they've committed
  23. Cho mailed an entire manifesto to NBC, in a bid to pursue fame. The guy in Omaha left a note indicationg he wanted to 'go out with a bang'. These men knew what they were doing.and what the consqeunces would be (outcry, grief, worldwide attention). The obvious pre meditation in cases like this leads me to beleive these guys ere at least partially aware of what they were doing. That why the perpetrator almost always kills himself: he knows what the consequnces are. You're missing the point. People with a clean bill of mental health don't think to seek fame in this manner in the first place. Planning to open fire in a lecture hall doesn't mean you're thinking rationally, and thus fit to be judged against other wrongdoing rational thinkers. I'm certainly not excusing anyone's actions, but there's more to it than "they just want attention." They're not healthy. ^quotin' dis How would this act as a deterrent? This guy would have still gone his rampage regardless.