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  1. cbacon

    Indys in the GTA

    UWA used to run shows in Mississauga then they moved to Milton. Not sure if they still are
  2. cbacon

    Futurama is back...

    Movie leak: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3900174/Futura...D.DVDRiP-ANiVCD
  3. cbacon

    Christmas music

    Always enjoy the Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole Christmas songs. In addition to Sufjan Stevens and Hawksley Workman's christmas records. And Jimmy Eat World's cover of Last Christmas
  4. cbacon

    Austin's missed feuds

    A proper Austin/Pillman fued would have been awesome
  5. cbacon

    House: Season 4

    holy shit was that BIFF from Back to the Future playing the father?
  6. cbacon

    The X-Files Movie

    I was hoping they'd pick up where they left off after the finale. The alien invasion is supposedly 5 years away.
  7. cbacon

    24 -- Season 7

    Tony no D:
  8. cbacon

    Best Song of 2007

    I'd go with Fake Empire
  9. cbacon

    Thom Yorke - The Eraser

    I've warmed up to this album a lot more than i did back in June of '06. Harrowdown Hill is ace. If anyone is interested, here is Thom's Splitting Feathers EP: http://www.sendspace.com/file/br2ny2 Haven't listened to it myself yet, but i hear its decent.
  10. cbacon

    In Rainbows

    and its pretty amazing so far
  11. cbacon

    In Rainbows

    check your emails, its up now
  12. I'd also shove a cop if I was trying to resist something like aggravated assault. It's up to the individual being arrested to make the decision whether to resist arrest or not. And it's up to any onlookers to make the decision whether to intervene to protect someone from police violence or not. There's no reason a few hundred people should be intimidated by a few fucking badges. Besides, resisting arrest shouldn't even be a crime. Whatever they're arresting a person for is enough, and things like assaulting an officer are already covered - the reason resisting arrest is a crime is to remove a person's legal right to defend him or herself from violence.
  13. Guy, I haven't posted here in months. Also fairly certain you read my posts anyways
  14. Police brutality is standard procedure, eh? I think it's pretty chilling to watch the police assault somebody (for asking the Senator an embarrassing question) and an entire auditorium of people basically just sit and watch. The shit these fascist goons get away with just blows me away. Someone on youtube posted these supreme court rulings: In the video the cop says he's being arrested for "inciting a riot," not public disturbance or assaulting an officer or anything. Since he was plainly not inciting a riot, that's unlawful arrest and he's within his rights to resist and anyone else is within their rights to assist him. You do not have to defer to the cops' authority if their actions are unlawful. Also, does anyone think he'd have been tazed if the guy on stage was some nobody? Would the cops have even been carrying tazers? They were acting in the service of power.
  15. cbacon

    Rilo Kiley

    Don't get all the hate for this album. It's a fun record.
  16. cbacon


    Man, what the hell is this Decemberists remix
  17. So my dad bought one of those new iMacs and when he went to transfer his music from his external hard drive the new mac said it wasn't recognized. Apparently needs to be reformatted. Tried it on the old PC and it won't recognize on there either now. Any way to salvage the files somehow? If so how do i reformat the damn thing without wiping everything off so he can transfer it to the mac?
  18. cbacon

    The Simpsons Movie

    Eh, it was a bit better than i was expecting More like an extended version of one of the better episodes from recent seasons.
  19. cbacon

    Canadian Teachers Concerned About Online Bullying

    I do wonder what kind of society we live in when students are suspended for expressing an opinion on Facebook. That's total thought police bullshit. Teachers should have no authority over students, especially outside the classroom setting.
  20. cbacon

    2 year old on Ecstacy

    milliondollarchamp sure likes to keep tabs on these tabloid stories
  21. cbacon

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Geez, do you guys buy every PPV on DVD, no matter how bad it is?
  22. Can you give the Cliff notes version? It was slow, painful and likely that Benoit intended it to be that way. He would have been very aware of what was happening. He'd have been pulled up and not dropped down, the chances are he would have died from the blood pressure in his brain causing an embollism/aneurysm than a "clean" death by hanging involving the separation of the spinal cord/vertebrae. I'm guessing they found him with his eyes completely blood shot with bruising from the haemmorages. He'd have likely taken at least 2-3 minutes to pass from complete consciousness, another 5 to have his vital functions shut down and cause bowel release. This thread is getting beyond depressing >:
  23. cbacon

    New Touring Schedule Proposal

    This is probably the biggest problem.
  24. Guess you should change the whole "rest in peace" line in your sig then.
  25. cbacon

    Go skateboarding day

    I'm perplexed as to why you guys believe that these kids were in any way threatening. The cop was holding a thirteen your old kid on the ground by his fucking throat! Even despite the fact they were trying to reason with him in a calm and rational manner. This kind of police brutality is in no way justifiable and I hope legal action is taken against this cop.